What is keyword relevancy? – SEO Help (General Chat)

Using the right techniques in choosing keywords and building ads not only drives user engagement, but it also helps maintain the ROI of the marketplace for all advertisers.

Keywords should be relevant. This means your site should be a satisfactory destination for users, based on a primary user intent of the keyword(s) you select.

Your keywords should relate directly to either:

The specific range of products, services, or content on your landing page.
The general content, purpose, and theme of your site.

embed your youtube video in top web2 websites with the best seo video ranking for $50

embed your youtube video in top web2 websites with the best seo video ranking

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I will do the google SEO and Keyword targeted traffic for $5

I will do the google SEO and Keyword targeted traffic

You want real visits, not bots! I can provide USA keyword target real visitors to your website! Other

sellers may seem to offer a lot, but they are automating their service through

bot – which means their traffic is essentially not real. We will drive only

real visitors to your website: no bots, no software, no traffic exchanges, and

no fake visitors. That’s a guarantee!

This is keyword-targeted USA organic traffic driven to you from Google. The bounce rate will be

low(less than 25-30%), and Long visit duration visitors. Over the course of 30

days, we can drive more than 3,000 daily visitors to your website. We can work with

1-5 keywords or keyphrases (and more if you order the appropriate extra)

What will you get in my services?

* I can provide real genuine visitors your website or blog every day using a unique search engine optimization method.

* Visitors will start within 24 hours from the purchase.

* If you want visitors from a specific country, please order target country SEO.

* I assure you that you will get 24/7 service & on-time delivery.

* 100% money-back guaranteed for unsatisfied clients without question.

Good Stay Time duration
SEO friendly visitors
Targeted Regions: Default should be the USA

No Adult Sites, Drag Sites, Redirect Links, etc.

If you have any questions or choices feel free to contact before order.


I will provide professional keyword research for your website for $5

I will provide professional keyword research for your website

Provide professional keyword research for your site

Keyword research is a pivotal piece of search engine improvement. On the off chance that you are focusing on a negative keyword then you are abusing your cash. Directed keyword brings traffic and guarantees achievement. In what manner may you build up your business or site without solid keyword research? I can help you in providing low SEO difficulty and professional keyword research for your site.


  1. High Search Volume & Low Competition keyword
  2. Easy to rank keywords (depending on your niche or keyword)
  3. More traffic to your website
  4. Google Ads competition level
  5. Show ranking difficulty score (like as SD, PD, KD)
  6. Country base KW research
  7. Get a detailed report in Excel sheet

Don’t hesitate to reach me before placing an order.

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I will provide 100,000 USA keyword target, organic traffic, trackable with google adsense for $20

I will provide 100,000 USA keyword target, organic traffic, trackable with google adsense

200 daily visitors for 30 days 4-5 minute long visit time,very low bounce rate,5 keywords accept,PC or mobile visitors

Regardless of the numbers of orders in queue. I can handle them!

Country target Organic traffic service.you can select any country from the list below. (if you are looking other country visitors except form the list below kindly contact me first)

USA, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia

Real visits – no bots! Beware of other sellers selling similar services thru automated bots.

We don’t use any BOT, SOFTWARE, TOOL OR TRAFFIC EXCHANGE SITE(hitleap, 10khits.. i.e.) to provide fake visitors.100% whit hat technique only

We guarantee keyword targeted organic visitors from google with a low bounce rate and long visit duration.

Within 48 hours order start

Delivery sent at goal completion

  • Key features:
    1. visitors driven from Google Search based on your target keywords
    2. 100% safe with Adsense and with all other updates
    3. Visitors will have unique IPs
    4. Traffic initiated within 48 hours of the order start
    5. Order delivered upon goal completion
    6. Fully trackable with google analytics

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