Targeted 20 Quora Answer with URL and Keyword for $10

Targeted 20 Quora Answer with URL and Keyword


I’m Arafat. Sincere thanks for coming to me. I am a Digital marketer. I service buyers with Quora answers, keyword research, SEO, SMM, etc. In this gig, I will talk about an important thing that is Quora. Quora is a worldwide question and answering site. Quora is one of the most valuable social media of this period. Quora is most valuable for backlinks. I answering Quora’s question regularly. I increase the traffic of the website through backlinks with Quora answers.

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I will do 50 longtail SEO keyword research and competitor analysis for your website rank in google for $100

I will do 50 longtail SEO keyword research and competitor analysis for your website rank in google

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What is Keyword Tracker for?

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Query Another List for All Data Containing Keyword

I have two lists, one is an asset tracer that contains computer names (table1). The other is a log that contains a description of all the work done on the asset (table2). It contains pc names, an ID, Date and a description. Is there a way to setup a key in table1, that queries table 2, matches the computer names in both tables and either displays the description from table 2 or counts the log entries, with a link. When the user clicks on the link, it takes them to table2.

ID, PC#, etc…


I believe this is an inner join.

I will do Long-tail keyword research and Competitor Analysis for $5

I will do Long-tail keyword research and Competitor Analysis

Are you looking for excellent Keyword research ( Low Competitors and High search volume with Long tail keyword )The keyword is the most important part of SEO is the backbone of digital marketing? Without keyword research, your business is a flop. If you have not done any research about your topic and niche, then you will never get any good ranking from Google.KW Research Analysis Services

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formulas – Google Sheets: How to add data in a specific row after searching a column for a specific keyword?

So I’m trying to figure out how to have sheets look in the username column for a specific username and then find the sum of the numbers in the “kills” column that are in the same row as that specific username.
For Example: I want it to Look for the username “Sinz_y” and for every row that has the name Sinz_y, I was it to find the sum of the “kills” in those rows.