How to raise kids in a world with gays in kids tv shows?

…who cares

There are gays and transsexuals. Your children will be fine, if you know that.

But to answer your question, ideally, you should disclose it, and it's okay that they are who they are, rather than indoctrinating them into homophobic views, as you probably planned. It is not a "choice" to become gay. So if your child becomes gay after growing up with a homophobic attitude, it will be miserable with self-hatred and doubt. Even in the probable case that your child turns out to be heterosexual, why would you want them to be fanatics themselves?

If you really want to love your children, you basically stop being homophobic.


Sandra Bullock is 54, but in the movie Bird Box she has two little kids, is not that unrealistic?

Many people told me to look at Bird Box.

In the film, Sandra Bullock has two small children, but she looks too old.

I googled her age, and it does not surprise her that she is 54.

I know it's a movie, but even movies should have some realism.

Is not it unrealistic that Sandra Bullocks has young children?


Do your kids enjoy playing computer games? – Everything else

Yes, of course I can hardly imagine modern kids who do not like gadgets and computer games ๐Ÿ™‚ Our daughter is now 13 years old and she prefers different MMOR kids, especially World Of Warcraft and Cabal Online, as I know GTA and Half Life Series are also their favorites. In her teenage years, she began to play more than in childhood, but we checked that she did not become addicted to them either. Besides, she has many other interests and such games are not on her list.
She started playing in different games in 4 years, we usually gave her our tablet during that time. In the beginning it was just for entertainment, there are now many simple games, even for very small children. In our case she especially loved different drawing games ๐Ÿ™‚ Later she also played in special educational games like Sesame Street, Zebrainy ABC Wonderland's, Alphabet Antics , Cool4MathKids, etc. Such games are now really good quality and are suitable for interesting lessons and cool quests for teaching were a nice additional method to teach mathematics and alphabet.
I think that such dependencies only occur when parents are not interested in their child at all and buy small things from their old age that replace all other activities. It is very bad, but with such an attitude as in our family, it is fine, apart from the fact that we live in the technical age, so it is also important to gain computer literacy from an early age.