amazing tales – How do I handle kids’ conflicting goals?

I’m playing Amazing Tales with my two daughters (an even simpler version, actually– we don’t really make characters with specific skills, I just let them be whoever and we make up a story while occasionally rolling dice). The problem is, they’re trying to go in conflicting directions. The “campaign” currently involves being on a pirate ship, and while my 3-year-old wants to rescue their space alien friend who’s been captured by the mean ol’ pirates, my 4-year-old wants to join the pirates and keep their friend prisoner.

I know the #1 rule when gaming with little kids is “always say yes,” because the more they’re allowed to let their imaginations run wild the more they’ll love the game. But I don’t know how to do that with two kids who keep coming into conflict. (We’ve been with the pirates for several sessions now, and this is not a new problem.) It’s not that my 4-year-old likes being mean– I’ve tried to explain how badly their alien friend wants to be free, and how sad her husband back home will be if they don’t free her– she just likes the idea of being one of the “bad pirates” and is willing to help them do whatever they’re trying to do. Last night I decided to let my 3-year-old have her way, and she rescued their friend over my 4-year-old’s objections. In a previous session when the girls themselves got captured, I let my 4-year-old talk her way into the crew and stand guard over her sister’s cage (I was hoping she would use the opportunity to free both of them, but she dutifully kept her sister locked up).

How can I let both of them have the story they want if their goals are mutually exclusive?

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If “black lives matter” then why not outlaw blacks from aborting their kids?

Now, I think abortion is always a horrible crime regardless of the mother’s race .. however since only black lives matter then why not outlaw blacks from aborting their kids? Currently , blacks’ abortion rate is very high . If I remember correctly, each day, 1,000 black kids are aborted in the United States.

Kids Fun Zone

Hello FP gang!

I wanted to put this here and get some feedback. I started an online business dedicated to kids’ toys and baby collections.

Looking for some feedback on ways to improve & feedback in general on how it looks currently.

Being a single woman at 26 and seeing everyone my age married with kids makes me feel super lonely and sad?

I know the feeling, I’m 27, single, still living with my mother, can’t work too much right now anyway because I’m on the autism spectrum and have severe anxiety and depression but once this lockdown is over I am hoping to do some voluntary work to get some confidence in me and moving up to part time paid work and eventually one day achieve my dream of working with horses and becoming a riding instructor, but that won’t be for a hell of a long time yet if it ever does happen lol. I feel like a failure sometimes too, especially since I’ve just had my birthday. It’s so nice to see people in the same boat as me, everyone goes at their own pace and I’ve met women who are much older than me and still at home, no job etc, so try not to feel too down about it. You have lots of other people in the same boat as you :]

Do you think it’s right for parents to slap their kids in the face if they say something highly disrespectful?

I do not believe in hitting a child, I know it does nothing but hurt the child and is done out of anger. My daughter was 11/2 years old, when she called me a *****, I  had my back to her and almost lost it…. I told her we use the word grouch. If my daughter called me a f…..b……, I  would ask her why am I  a f b? If one knows their child they see the frustration and addresses it. I tried it on a 17 year old son of my boyfriend in 2003. It worked for me.