Spell – Does astral projection make a vampire more vulnerable or harder to kill?

As far as I know, a vampire in 3.5 still has a soul (spirit) because the astral projection says: ¸

If the cord is broken, you will be killed, astrally and physically

The physical death or destruction of his body only forces the vampire to go into the form of a fog and go to his resting place.

Being killed astrally only means that your new form has "died" and you normally return to your physical body. If the silver cord is cut, even your material body dies, however that doesn't affect the vampire. (I could be wrong here)

As far as I know, it would be wise for a vampire to be even more careful and only go out in its astral form (which is not only true for the astral plane, even if you are transported there you can return with your astral form in the material plane if I remember a post I saw correctly). His material body would not be too far from his resting place, in an extremely safe area. So if he dies, he would only be in his coffin and regenerate. (A fortress with lots of adamantium doors to break etc., before it reaches one of its many resting places in a half-plane, so good luck reaching it in 1 hour;))

dnd 5e – Kill a vampire without sunlight, running water, or a wooden post

In the adventure module

"White Plume Mountain" by Stories from the yawn portal.

In the same room where his coffin is located, you meet a vampire guarding treasures. I am preparing for this encounter and the group is unlikely to have wooden posts or access to running water or sunlight.

A vampire's Misty Escape trait is:

If it drops to 0 hit points outside of its resting place, the vampire is
instead turns into a cloud of fog (as in the shapechanger feature)
to pass out, provided it is not in the sunlight or running
Water. If it cannot change, it will be destroyed.

While it has 0 fog-shaped hit points, it cannot return to its vampire
Shape, and it must reach or rest within 2 hours
destroyed. As soon as it is at its resting place, it returns to its vampire shape.
It is then paralyzed until it regains at least 1 hit point. To
If he spends 1 hour in his resting place with 0 hit points, he gets 1 back
Hit point.

When the group drops the vampire to 0 HP, the vampire turns into a cloud of fog, flies across the room to his coffin, and returns to his vampire shape, where he lies paralyzed. Note that the regeneration feature does not work at 0 HP.

At this point, can the group simply kill the vampire by hitting him with one or more attacks while he has 0 HP? Or if not, what am I missing?

I know that

magical darkness

in the room this will make it difficult but not impossible.

Why do Democrats like to kill babies? ?

Elected Democrats like to kill babies because abortion is a great source of campaign contributions for the Democratic Party.

According to liberal logic, it is okay if the mother wants to kill the unborn baby. Because the baby is not human until it leaves the womb. Unless the baby is killed in the womb, it is human.

Just ask Scott Peterson after killing his pregnant wife.

According to the U.S. Constitution, everyone has a right to life.

The government should therefore be obliged to protect the unborn child.

On the contrary, the government promotes abortion and funds it indirectly.

Now I know that abortion will never stop, but the government shouldn't support abortion and abortion shouldn't be used as a contraceptive.

C # – Should developers do things that destroy strong typing, kill Intellisense, and make it difficult for other developers to follow?

Just to make it clear: this is not a joke. I am genuinely curious and it is a real question of our curiosity. I want to be a better developer and count small details like this myself.

So don't get me wrong, that's not a technical question about what a Dictionary does. It's a question of when to use it as a developer on a team.

The reason for this is something that happened at work today. I started working on a project from another developer. He's still on the team so I can ask for information etc. BUT:

He uses dictionaries in C # for EVERYTHING. We make payments and he receives a known response from a payment gateway API.

The fields are known. So if I were, I would create an entity / model, whatever you want to call it, and assign the values ​​there and then save it in the database (that was the short story). Remember that this is data that we need to store, but only for historical reasons. We don't actually do any operations on it.

It is a large unit (as in many areas). So I tried to work on the project and of course it was impossible to get an insight into the project. I needed a single key to return the value to the frontend. Of course I couldn't find it. It was nowhere in the projects (we have a monolith).

I had to spend about half an hour working through projects, commits, history, then the database, and finally I asked him what happened to it because I couldn't find it.

It was very simple object.VariableInObject.Data("theKeyIwantFromTheDb") but actually it was a nightmare to look for it. I was frustrated but asked a very polite question about "Why do you use dictionaries so often? Especially if the data is known. & # 39;

His answer was "because I don't think we should use objects for data that we will only keep for historical reasons" (in this case, a person's payment history).

I don't know if that is valid. Is it? Because it was a nightmare to track down the data of a huge solution that I hadn't worked on before. If it were in the project and not a dictionary, I would have found it immediately.

So the question is in the title. If other people in a team have to use your solution and work on it, should you use something similar that is difficult to find?

I ask because I personally try to make it easier for other developers and it seems like he's experienced (senior while I'm in the middle) and just not … you know. He just does what he likes (at least it looks like this).

P.S. If that matters, the db is nosql.

6.0 Marshmallow – how to * really * kill adware app

A well-known adware app is displayed as on the BLU Dash X2, Android 6.0 Preinstall Data2 by doing Settings | Apps List, and I finally found out that this is the same as com.android.packages.oseasapps shown in pm list packages -d by deactivating and reactivating. The problem I have with it is that I killed it recently Force stop and Disable doesn't seem to do anything anymore. Ads are still showing in other apps, the use of which I can observe adb logcatand is still displayed in the process list adb shell ps,

How can I really kill it without rooting the phone?

Firewall – Wannacry is not running – due to kill switch

I've added rule sets to the firewall to block ports 80 and 53 for the killswitch domain, but I still see the malware reaching the sinkhole domain iuqerfsodp9ifjaposdfjhgosurijfaewrwergwea.com on wireshark, which means it didn't work. Somehow an HTTP / GET is still possible to reach the domain. How can I block this kill switch to run Wannacry?

dnd 5e – What happens when a creature with Swallow does not kill a creature (knocking it out)

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boot – dual boot from Ubuntu, kernel panic – do not synchronize: try to kill init! exitcode = 0x00000009

I know that question has already been asked. But I'm installing Ubuntu for the first time and I don't have a "Grub" to turn it into another kernel or whatever.
I am trying to install 18.4.3 Windows 10 alone.

I'm getting a kernel panic error. I cannot access anything in this state. Keyboard doesn't work or nothing.

I have heard that I have a problem with the ACPI because when I try to boot the same ISO on a virtual machine, it works fine and no problem is installed.
Please help. I'm a noob on Linux and I'm just getting started on the scene.

Image of the bug

Why did Hitler kill / hate Jews?

I will not google it because it is useless. It does not give me a good answer. Just summarize his life.

I watched a documentary series about Demanjuk and wondered why Hitler hated Jews and tortured, killed and sent them to gas chambers. What did you do with him? Was it a war against Christians?

For me, I do not believe in war, I think we should all help each other in this world, no matter where we come from. That makes this world a better place.

I can not imagine a reason to kill 6 million Jews. I've heard stories of pregnant women being pricked into the gut with their breasts cut off.

How brutal and terrible can you be? You do not deserve to live if you've done any of that, and those Nazis enjoyed it for a moment

Even seeing and reading 12-year-old children crying for their mothers and then being sent back to the gas chamber.