How many Americans will Trump kill before he admits he screwed up with Coronavirus?

When YOU have the intellectual courage to explain what he should have done differently with the information known at the time! He implemented travel restrictions from China in January when WHO and Congressional Dems simply called him racist for doing so! Dems also signed onto and supported the “China method” of dealing with COVID-19, mean a shut down.

Trump NEVER called COVID-19 Hoax. What he said was Democrat criticism of his handling of COVID-19 was a hoax (albeit an strange thing to say).

What else do the people you listen to for your information not tell you? Well?

shell – Kill child processes of an OpenRC service managed by supervise-daemon

I have a shell script that spawns multiple processes, which run for an indefinite amount of time, however with the following OpenRC init script and the supervise-daemon daemon, upon stopping the service, only the shell script is killed and its child processes (mostly Python scripts) keep running.



depend() {
    use logger dns net
    after network sshd

Is there a way to kill the entire service process tree with supervise-daemon when killing the shell script without resorting to dirty workarounds like trapping the kill signal within the shell script and propagating it to children?

postgresql – At the same time, kill the PID to update the materialized view

That is not true.

       pg_sleep(1) IS NULL AS no
FROM generate_series(1, 10) AS i;



This statement does it Not Complete immediately, but hangs until the materialized view is updated.

Then, while the statement is being executed, in another session:

SELECT pid, state, query FROM pg_stat_activity ;

  pid  | state  |                      query                       
 12618 |        | 
 12620 |        | 
 13032 | active | SELECT pid, state, query FROM pg_stat_activity ;
 12616 |        | 
 12615 |        | 
 12617 |        | 
(7 rows)

SELECT pg_cancel_backend(13049);


Billing will be canceled. In the first session I see:

ERROR:  canceling statement due to user request

Maybe you are confused that the query Column in pg_stat_activity does Not only display the current query, however The last query that was run in this session. So if that state is idleThen the instruction is ready and the materialized view is already updated. Then of course canceling the query has no effect.

If I drink alcohol, would I kill the corona virus if I have it?

There are medical antiseptics (disinfectants) that are used on or in the body, such as iodine, hydroxide peroxide, and even whiskey alcohol, which has been used to treat wounds and amputees since before the Revolutionary War, but it will get right into your stomach and make you very busy sick & dying from overdose.

POTUS asked whether it can be checked by the experts. One made sense with the existing technology, the other fell flat. The POTUS has the habit of joking around at every rally. Viewing the briefing video was LMFAO, but not to be taken literally or seriously, as POTUS stated in the briefing that he was not a doctor. Like Dr. Deborah Birx noticed, spewed POTUS ideas from the cups he had just received and had no time to process them.

Engineers, screenwriters, storyboard crews, problem-solving groups, etc. will brainstorm for four hours throughout the day, for days, weeks, and months. Most ideas are incoherent and ridiculous until they agree on one idea. POTUS was spot on when it came to infusing ultraviolet light with a tool like cystoscopy (a thin sight tube that was inserted into the body). There is already a company working on a thin tube to insert it into the trachea with ultraviolet LED, but a working prototype can take a year or two, if not longer. POTUS has never told the public to take disinfectants.

Don't take everything Trump says about this world seriously. They take out humor in life, it will be very boring.

Mining Reward – Can Miners Kill Bitcoin With Shameful Reasons After Bitcoin Mining By Holding Charges And Eventually Lowering Bitcoin To Zero?

Just hypothetically, as soon as there are no more rewards and we move fully into the transaction fee regime when a miner (or group of miners) with unlimited power, computing resources, and the sole intent to kill Bitcoin decides to mine and stop fees, that they collect and that they never put into circulation again (they have other means to pay their expenses and their main goal is to kill Bitcoin) wouldn't they end up with all that Bitcoin at some point?

Trump says he wants to reopen the economy and essentially kill many Americans by helping corona virus spread. Does he have any guilt feelings?

So would you prefer the closure, which even the US government can't fund, to go on forever? They also leave out what I hope depends on the conditions, the health experts play a big role in this decision, nothing is definitely commented on. All of that is included, and even more when he talks about the reopening. Your own hatred filters what it actually says, or do you only get little things from your honest, straightforward shooting media?

Why does the corona virus kill blacks but not whites?

A good question. Of course, it kills people of all ethnic groups, but it seems to disproportionately kill many colored people. The guess is that it has to do with health, wealth, and living conditions – and another thing, before ethnicity emerged as a statistical risk factor, was found that most of those who died or were hospitalized were obese.