Isn’t it ironic that a white BLM protestor was run over and killed by a black man while they were blocking a freeway?

It’s very SAD to see this happened….but if we don’t clamp down on the leftwing agitators like BLM/ Antifa, then it will come a time these murderous acts ( in many different ways) explode 1000 times, very soon, after November 4th, 2020.

But the BLM crowd should not call the cop since the already called for defund cop.

I feel Civil war coming…to the entire western world.


The 2 victims seems to be leftists transwommen.

python – How Do I draw My Particles When Enemy is Killed? pygmae

so I have enemys that move left and right
I was wonder how I could make my particles load up when the enemy is killed?

here is my particle class

    class explode:
        def __init__(self,x,y,height,width,color):
            self.x = x
            self.y = y
            self.height = height
            self.width = width
            self.explode = (

            self.explode = (pygame.transform.scale(image,(image.get_width()//7,image.get_height()//7)) for image in self.explode)

            self.rect = pygame.Rect(x,y,height,width)
            self.direction = "blobright"
            self.anim_index = 0
        def draw(self):
            self.rect.topleft = (self.x,self.y)
            if self.direction == "blobright":
                window.blit(self.explode(self.anim_index), self.rect)
                self.anim_index += 1
                if self.anim_index == len(self.explode):
                    self.anim_index = 0

    black = (0,0,0)
    explode1 = explode(400,450,50,50,black)
    explodes = (explode1)

this is where I delete my enemys when its killed how can I add my particles after its deleted and remove the particles after?

        #--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- enemys

                # enemys 2
            for enemys in enemying:
                for bullet in bullets:
                    if bullet.rect.colliderect(enemys.hitbox):
                        if > -4:
                   -= 1
                            enemyscore += 1
                            del enemying(one)
                            enemyors = font.render("" + str(enemyscore), True, (0,0,0))
                   = ((130,125))

Why do people say police brutality is a huge issue when a total of TEN unarmed black men have been killed by the police this year?

Probably because killing unarmed black men is not the only kind of police brutality.

Just the most publicized.

Also, claiming “no one cares” about other violence just make you look like an idiot.


Incidentally, the number you quote is a rate that’s on pace to increase last year’s total by 50%.  And that’s with three months of lockdown where people haven’t been outside much, and crime of all kinds is down dramatically.

Why did all black men killed by cops have criminal background?

If they had criminal backgrounds, it might’ve increased their desperation to avoid being detained by police in the fatal encounter…and thus left them believing they had nothing to lose by resisting arrest.

Or it could’ve been that they were treated more harshly by the police officer because that officer had a grudge against them.

The point ultimately is you have to examine every fatal encounter to determine why it happened the way that it did.

dnd 5e – Does a size large or larger creature killed by Negative Energy Flood rise as a medium sized zombie?

The spell Negative Energy Flood (XGtE pg. 163) states:

A target killed by this damage rises up as a zombie at the start of your next turn.

And also,

Statistics for the zombie are in the Monster Manual.

This seems to imply that the creature killed rises as a zombie with exactly the statistics stated in the Monster Manual.

If I kill a gargantuan (or anything larger than medium) creature with Negative Energy Flood, does it rise as a size medium zombie?

If black lives matter then why do black people not give a rats *** about the dozens of blacks who get killed by blacks every day of the year?

Oh too can play this racial generalization game 

Why don’t white peoples seem to give a rats *** about their little boys being f@cked by Christian priest🤔

Why do white people LOVE meth🤔

Do you see the problem here? When I assume based on ones race how you think? Probably not, too stupid for logic I’m guessing 

But that’s all beside the point because I see right through you and know what you’re doing. You are trying to JUSTFY murder by police. Putting aside your racist generalization, that alone makes you an evil and immoral person 

Is it true that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton had Jeffrey Epstein killed cover up their involvement in child rape & sex slave trafficking?

Bill Gates met with him six times after he was charged with sex crimes and registered as a sex offender. Did you see that New York Times article about it? My guess was he was bartering for some names to black mail to get his new world order agenda through, as well as to sleep with that Swedish woman and her daughter. 

Is it true? Well do pedophiles exist? Yes, for sure. On another level they used to celebrate becoming a man or woman in Judaism at 14, the Bah Misvah. I saw good evidence of a cover up, the Podesta brothers, a whole list of famous people who liked to sleep with girls, or boys. The darker part of that isn’t the sex for me, it’s that there’s this real Satanic group who kidnaps kids, breeds them and sells them at auction. It’s a worldwide trade. 

The real dangerous ones are the adrenochrome junkies. That is sick, and that is who you have to find the most. Don’t assume it doesn’t exist. The Catholic church used brutal torture for hundreds of years on millions, the Satanic rituals go back to before the old testament was written. The Vatican allowed a statue of Moloch to be displayed outside the gates of the colosseum, where they fed Christians to the lions. These people are real, you have to investigate, especially the people at the top. 

[ Politics ] Open Question : I’m black and I’m going to rob and kill all you whites because you killed my homeboy. Know what I’m saying?

I can speed it up for you, too. Ko htImsyn? nwwa ‘ aig Or I can slow it down. Kknnooww  wwhhaatt  II’’mm  ssaayyiinngg??  Kkknnnooowww.  wwwhhhaaattt  
 III’’’mmm sssaaayyyiiinnnggg???   Kkkknnnnoooowwww    wwwwhhhhaaaatttt    IIII’’’’mmmm    ssssaaaayyyyiiiinnnngggg???? @Anonymous I eat mo fo @Anonymous Bring that honkey *** over here. I knock ya damn teeth out.