Heart disease kills 650,000 a year. Cancer kills 600,000. Stroke 140,000. Regular pneumonia 50,000 Are we doing too much with Corona?

Can you catch any of the diseases you mentioned?

If your relative has heart disease or cancer, you will get them if they cough in your direction.

Hospitals cannot cope with the influx of patients who urgently need respiratory care due to this disease. If nothing is done to slow the spread, ALL hospitals across the country (and in every country) are overcrowded with patients they cannot treat because they do not have the space, equipment, or staff to care for them Anyone who would catch it and who would be sick enough to need urgent help.

It's not really about the number of deaths. It is about the number of people who catch it and who need urgent medical help to recover.

GET INFORMED and don't become part of the problem.

The U.S. government never had to send military medical vessels to a location to help with an excess of patients with heart disease or cancer.

Iranian missile kills everyone … What is the probability that the rocket will be paid for by Obama dollars in cash pallets?

None because the cash pallets had no Obama dollars. They had Mohammad Reza Pahlavi dollars. The money wasn't America's. It was money that Iran used to try to pay planes from the United States, but it was returned to them. That was a good decision because the planes could have killed more than 150 people.

Role playing – How can you avoid discontent among players when one player kills the characters of the other?

I recently had an idea for a oneshot game where I work with a player to make things more interesting. My plan is to make it look like an old-fashioned dungeon run. The group, which will consist of already known heroes, is hired by a local nobleman, meets in a tavern and cleans up the dungeon. The enemy they are to eliminate is a powerful necromancer cult.

However, I plan to take the party wizard aside and suggest that he play the wrong character. In fact, he is a powerful and ambitious member of the cult of necromancers. His master proposed to lure well-known heroes to turn them into powerful minions. The magician likes the idea, but sees it as a great opportunity to kill his master to lead the cult.

I intend to give the wizard an item that can be used to revive a killed party member as his servant. I hope this creates a setup where the wizard, while the group is performing a regular dungeon run, will have to balance the weakening and support of the group and cult while planning to murder a group member to win an ally. This ally would know what's really going on and become my second co-worker.

I want to let things play from there, either that the group discovers the plot and kills the wizard or that the wizard kills his master and makes the group his puppets. These are results that are definitely interesting.

However, I have heard many bad stories about PvP in Pen & Paper games. People who make friends because of murdered characters and fierce arguments. While there were PvP in groups with these people, no one ever got killed. How can I prevent the players from annoying each other if it turns out that some want to kill the group? Are my worries unfounded? Or is the whole adventure a bad idea?

Note: I don't know this SE very well, so I would appreciate help with the tags

iphone – What kills my battery?

I have an iPhone XS with iOS 13.2.3 when I took it out of the box running iOS 12, and I registered for iOS 13 on Beta 6 and I kept updating the beta when they came out , My battery is now 90% healthy, which means excessive wear for 7 months. My loading habits are as follows:

  • One hour in the morning via CarPlay (after a night of just over 20%)
  • One hour in the afternoon via CarPlay (usually between 30% and 70% due to daily use)
  • Almost never charged overnight (except once or twice, but definitely nothing repetitive)
  • Battery almost never left completely empty (as above except once or twice)
  • For two or three months I used a cordless charger in the morning, and occasionally when I use the phone a little bit more
  • I hardly play games on the phone (say, once or twice a month, while I charge.) The phone heats up more than usual, but it seems normal to me)
  • I use my phone for navigation, call, social media, photo, and messaging apps. Some apps do background work to upload photos. iOS backup on iCloud is disabled (although I secure on iTunes weekly or more frequently)
  • I do not expose my phone to extreme temperature fluctuations
  • The phone is on for an average of 30 hours a week
  • I'm using the original cable and two other cables I bought from Amazon and supposedly made for the iPhone: one is Amazon Basics and the other is third-party. However, I charge the phone most frequently while using CarPlay. This is done with the original, which is included. These two cables are used almost exclusively on weekends.

I should mention that I had an update to iOS 13.2.2 over a period of about two weeks, when an error occurred that drained the battery faster than normal, dropped by 30% overnight in airplane mode, which in iOS 13.2.3 has been resolved)

I do not think this pattern of wear is normal. Is there anything in the above list (which seems normal to me) that destroys my battery?

dnd 5e – How do I deal with a player who makes bad characters and kills them?

This is a two-part question that deals with the bad character on the one hand and with the table drama on the other hand. For the context, I'm currently DMing D & D 5e Curse from Strahd, with 5 players. Some of you may think that this is too much to agree with, but our group has been established as a social element for friends so that we do not want to exclude anyone. The friendly is also why I tried not to be overwhelmed with authority.

Problem 1: I have a player who treats his characters as available

I have a player in my group that I will call Carl. Carl has a constant problem of building one-pony-pony characters, being bored with them when they are not as good as he thought, and then stopping them alive to build another can. I disagree with this behavior because a) a constant death of the character in a story-driven and knowledge-intensive campaign like Strahd is detrimental and b) he implicates the group in his terrible decisions and also endangers the characters of other players. I understand that the death of a character is part of a campaign, but I also believe that campaigns (especially a published one like Strahd) are based on the general assumption that characters try to survive because he is the only one who does. To prevent the death of a player, I have introduced a rule that requires the second character to be built from the point purchase statistics (all values ​​were initially rolled above average) and the third character must use the default array. This rule came into effect when Carl's character died for the first time (he tried to fight against Vladimir Horngaard alone) and he built his next character from the Point Buy.

Problem 2: The player has decided to be a huge baby (but he's in tough times, so I try to be nice)

In this last session (Amber Temple), Carl's character had many curse errors and his direction changed to evil. At the very end of the session, he announced that he would attack the party shortly before a long break. He also played the card "My Guy". Since his death is almost certain next time, I told him to create a new character with the standard array. The next morning, I wake up with a text stating that he lists the statistics for his new characters. If I do not allow him, he takes the Strahd book and the grid card (which he has previously donated for us) and quits. I managed to talk to him about it and he said that he feels I've wrongfully punished him, that he does not think it's a problem for everyone else, that his character is not that good like the other melee fighters (He is an Eldritch Knight with a Barbarian and a Paladin) and he felt that new characters are being treated badly by the existing characters and he is having no fun. The last thing he said was that he might just stop but leave the materials so we can keep playing.

What, friends?

The basic questions are: How do I deal with a player who does not care if his character dies and the group moves into risky situations, and how do I feel like he's playing again? Honestly, if this was not a group of friends, I would have kicked him for his behavior and bought new materials, but I do not want to do that to him. If someone has dealt with a situation that is comparable to one of these problems, I would like to hear about it.

Mail goes to spam and kills the business

Hi Guys,

We had a serious Wp hacking issue and a lot of spam was sent. Then the IP was blacklisted.
Since then, yahoo, gmail, outlook, and even corporate private email services have been spamming emails from our customers.

We've taken these steps to get the email service back to normal.
1. cleans up the WP account and with the help of the customer the site has been secured.
2. de lists the IP of blacklists except one. The request had asked for more details and seems to stay in the thing.
3. We have changed the e-mail IP to a new IP and set up all records.
4. The new IP address is removed from every blacklist.

Nevertheless, the e-mail in all networks goes to spam. it's frustrating … our fully managed Techsupport says they've done everything on the server side. I am asked to contact Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook even though the email sender forms exist. I filled her but no luck.

What could be the problem guys?

wordpress.com – ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR Kills Me. Please help

I have a strange problem in the last two days that drives me crazy. I have a personal WordPress site and suddenly two days ago, when I try to load it, the layout is broken, CSS styles are missing, etc.

After debugging (clearing cache, deleting cookies, disabling plugins, etc.), the same problem also occurred in igognito mode. I've tried everything.

After I checked the console when the error occurred, I saw that the resource could not load ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR. The resources it mentions are usually the CSS files and Javascript.

Do not forget to mention that after updating the page the bugs will be fixed and the website will load normally. I'm using the latest version of Chrome and WordPress.

What can I do? Many Thanks!

P.S. Disabling the Quic log in the Chrome flags will solve the problem. However, I can not ask the same from everyone who visits my website.

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