scripting – Appropriate language to write a Script that Kills Long running query MongoDB

I want to create a script that kills queries when they reach specific time threshold, I will be using db.currentOp() method to get information about currently running queries, and use db.killOp to kill the query, My organization mostly uses shell scripts but I find them confusing and not good enough to handle exceptions and errors, Is shell script good enough to get this done? or should I be using python which I am much more comfortable with

MongoDB 3.6.13

restore – ORA-7445 kills PMON instance

I restored an Oracle database using RMAN full backup from a RAC+ASM enviroment to single instance enviroment with less memory and cpu (for test purposes) using this document Doc ID 1338193.1.
After restore, I open the database and all pdbs (5 pdbs) are READ & WRITE. After 5-10 min, alert log show this errors and the database is shuting down.

Exception (type: SIGSERV, SI_KERNEL(general_protection)) (ADDR:0x0) (PC:0x2A22942, kgscDump()+150) (flags: 0x0, count: 1)
Errors in file /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/test/test/trace/test_smon_5233.trc (incident=1424259) (PDBNAME=TEST)
ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump (joxdmp_()+80) (SIGSEGV) (ADDR:0x0) (PC:0x3EE3EB0)(SI_KERNEL(general_protection))()
ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump (rpisplu_internal()+290) (SIGSEGV) (ADDR:0x0) (PC:0x2A22942) (SI_KERNEL(general_protection))()

After this errors comes the hard one.

Process 0x0x1049570b70 appears to be hung while dumping 
Attempting to kill process 0x1049570b70 with OS pid = 5233 
OSD kill succeeded for process 0x1049570b70 
Instance Critical Process died unexpectedly PMON: terminating the instance due to error 474 
Instance terminated by PMON

As you can see the error comes from (PDBNAME=TEST). If I start the database and I stop the TEST pdb, I have no error and the database is up and running except this pdb. Do you have any idea how can I resolve this errors? I validated all database from corruption using rman validation (and logically).

networking – System resume kills wpa_supplicant

Using debian distros for a few years. All distros from the last few years seem to share a wierd wpa_supplicant issue. Has anyone else attempted to solve/understand this issue during sleep/resume?

When system goes to sleep, upon resuming wpa_supplicant stops working. Tried the following to get wpa_supplicant to allow connection to networks….

# service wicd stop
# wpa_action wlan0 reload
sudo dhcpcd --release wlan0
sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid off
#sudo iwconfig wlan0 ap off
#service network-manager stop
#service networking stop
# ifconfig wlan0 down
#ip link set wlan0 down
#rfkill unblock all
service network-manager status | grep 'active'

no network connections active

Then restart EVERYTHING -> still wpa_supplicant reports “error bad password” via nmcli and/or wicd

restart computer -> everything works again !

What causes this wpa_supplicant error? What else interacts with wpa_supplicant establishing connections – that was not listed above?

man in the middle – (kali linux) arp poisoning kills all network activity

I have tried to perform a man in the middle attack on my own smartphone in my home network. Whether i use Ettercap, arpspoof with dsniff. none of them work. i am using kali linux as a virtual machine guest in my windows 7 host.
note that i have bridged network on, ”’ip_forward=1”’, and network interface eth0 since i have a bridged network. also when I run the chk_poison plugin in ettercap it says “no poisoning at all :(“é
Am I doing something wrong? Did I miss something?
thanks 🙂

If heart disease kills more people than corona virus every day, why doesn't anyone complain?

Millions of dollars flow into heart research every month. But it's the silent killer and not an infectious disease like COVID-19.

"In recent years, public funding for cardiovascular research has exceeded $ 2 billion annually, more than for other diseases on the country's top killers list, according to the NIH. Jan 28, 2014"

Heart disease kills 650,000 a year. Cancer kills 600,000. Stroke 140,000. Regular pneumonia 50,000 Are we doing too much with Corona?

Can you catch any of the diseases you mentioned?

If your relative has heart disease or cancer, you will get them if they cough in your direction.

Hospitals cannot cope with the influx of patients who urgently need respiratory care due to this disease. If nothing is done to slow the spread, ALL hospitals across the country (and in every country) are overcrowded with patients they cannot treat because they do not have the space, equipment, or staff to care for them Anyone who would catch it and who would be sick enough to need urgent help.

It's not really about the number of deaths. It is about the number of people who catch it and who need urgent medical help to recover.

GET INFORMED and don't become part of the problem.

The U.S. government never had to send military medical vessels to a location to help with an excess of patients with heart disease or cancer.

Iranian missile kills everyone … What is the probability that the rocket will be paid for by Obama dollars in cash pallets?

None because the cash pallets had no Obama dollars. They had Mohammad Reza Pahlavi dollars. The money wasn't America's. It was money that Iran used to try to pay planes from the United States, but it was returned to them. That was a good decision because the planes could have killed more than 150 people.