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What kind of RPG is this?

Thank you for reading. First, I played this RPG on a DS. All the information I could get was old games, since there was a tiger in the graphics that was a sorcerer, a demon girl, a paladin, and a bald-headed assailant that there were three demon brothers who were against another enemy Giants fought, please, it would be nice for such great memories

What kind of hosting should I choose for WooCommerce sites that will sell all over the world?


So I have a customer who was successful on Kickstarter and now wants to sell globally. The problem is the speed of the website in regions other than the EU where the server is located. Of course, the obvious choice would be Cloudflare PRO, but even with PRO Plan, the site is not really fast in other regions. And Custom Studio, for designing a custom bag design, has many problems with Cloudflare.

The site has WPML that slows down the sites. So my idea was to buy a server in the US and Singapore and do separate installations for some key countries to increase global speed. But does one of you believe there is a better way? Is there a cloud hosting service that makes websites around the world fast?

I am very grateful for any suggestions.

Friendly greetings

[ Movies ] Open question: In search of the name of a movie, it was a kind of ghost movie.

I think it was like Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow or someone like that. The main wife went to an old house or an orphanage, which is haunted. In the last minutes of the movie she walked around the house with the ghost kids. It probably came out 10 years ago. I always think it's "The Orphanage," but it's not the movie, though it was a very similar plot.

What kind of Schengen visa should I apply for for a conference in Spain?

I am a recent Turkish-born university graduate (unemployed) and plan to attend Cisco Live Conference in Barcelona. This is how the organizing company defines the event:

Cisco Live offers impressive experiences that enhance your personal and professional growth.

Build the foundation for your digital future with Cisco Live, your destination for year-round technical content and events. Learn, discover, connect and be inspired by the best experts, partners and customers of Cisco. Cisco Live is the destination to immerse yourself in Cisco.

The conference is mainly attended by IT professionals to network, listen to keynote speeches and see cool technology. If I were one of them, I would definitely fall into the business category. However, I am not a professional yet and have recently graduated. I do not want to do business with this trip or find partners. My goal for a visit to Spain is to see a mix of cool technologies at the conference and to learn from the experts there. Of course, I travel around the city to see what Barcelona has to offer.

I think my purpose falls into the "culture" category, but I am not sure that, given that the conference itself is primarily for business people, might sound misleading.

So should I go with "business"? "Cultural"? Or would it be better if I said something like "technology conference and sightseeing" with the "other"? Should I also check the "Tourism" box, as sightseeing is part of my journey? I could make it just as complicated for everyone, but as a graduate without a job, I just want to make the officials aware of my intentions.

Network – What kind of attacks on the home router NAT are there?

NAT on home routers usually allows all outgoing connections initiated by the user over the LAN. NAT is usually paired with UPnP so that users / hosts / services can open the required outgoing ports as needed.

In general, there is no restriction on initiating outbound connections to make the connection as user-friendly as possible.

When you consider the following factors that are common in home router deployments:

  • lack of supervision
  • bad or default configuration (default passwords)
  • Users (also technical users click on
  • bad security of the hosts in the LAN (A / V, patching)

An attack that exploits the workings of NAT on home routers, not a direct attack on NAT itself, is simply a (spear-) phishing attack on a user on the LAN.

For example, a packaged PDF file that the user is likely to click and then execute code to call home may initiate an outbound connection that allows the attacker to use the reverse channel to the LAN host as needed continue to exploit.

Note: This is based on my experience with home routers (Billion, Linksys) running standard firmware. If a home user uses a Cisco 877 or Linksys with custom firmware, additional security controls can be applied.