ESAX $ 100 airdrop, no KYC | Proxies-free

ESAX Airdrop $ 100. No KYC needed : p4000 ESAX Tokens for participants. :Greedy

What to do to get $ 100?
1.Member: ESAX AIRDROP 100 $ <-
2.Click on Claim Airdrop
3. Fill out the required tasks, add e-mails and enter your ETH address.
4. Have more friends with your link to get +200 ESAX.

ESAX is already listed on the stock exchanges:

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Felixo Round 2-free 5 $ without KYC

Felixo Round 1 was distributed. This is airdrop NO FRAUD,

Round 2 has begun.

To earn even more free $.
$ 5 Only for registration via the recommendation link and the activation of the SMS code. (no identity card verification)
$ 15 for ID verification (not required, but if you want, you can do it)
$ 10 + approx. to like things like Twitter, Youtube, Linked In, Facebook etc. (not needed)
– Referral Program (Refer Friends to Make More Money)

You can do anything or just SMS code and still …

Felixo Round 2-free 5 $ without KYC

Airdrop USDC $ 10 +5 (no KYC required, just email) | Proxies-free

Airdrop USDCoin (no KYC needed, only post and ETH wallet !!!)

1USDCOin = 1 $

You will receive: 10USDC + 5USDC for the transfer
Step by step to earn it:
1. Go to this link: to get to the USDC telegram group
2. Join the group by clicking Start at the bottom of the telegram.
3. Pass a simple confirmation (2 + 2 = 4 points) to show that you are not a bot.
4. Send an e-mail.
5. Make your public ERC-20 wallet available (simple: ETH wallet from the Coinomi app, for example)
6. (optional, but recommended) Share your referral link to earn an additional $ 5 per invitation. 100 recommendations = $ 500.


  • The distribution occurs when the number of members who have already joined the campaign reaches 88,000 members. The number at the moment is about 33k. Hurry up.
  • USDC is already listed on CoinMarketCap (so far it's not a scam, you have nothing to lose anyway). More information. Visit the official website

In the telegram group, you can automatically check your Ref-Link, the number of participants, help information, etc. (your e-mail, ETH address, etc.).

More information here:
Normal link:

Thank you and good luck ; )

DE ° OpenDEX Token Airdrop | New Exchange (no KYC) | Proxies-free


OpenDEX Token Airdrop



OpenDEX is the most advanced open source digital asset exchange with multi-blockchain and peer-to-peer trading support (P2P).
We are pleased to announce the Airdrop of OpenDEX tokens (OPDEX) for the first 20000 registrations for community building.

The user must retweet a Airdrop link shared on Twitter by marking at least 5 users

First 5000 users – 100 OPDEX tokens each
Next 5000 users – 80 OPDEX tokens each
Next 10000 users – 50 OPDEX tokens each

OpenDEX tokens will be credited to your account

Ethereum Wallet on or before July 15, 2019

[NEW] Get Free 0.04 ETH ♥ – No KYC Needed! | Proxies-free

♥Get 0.04 ETH Free♥

"New wallet Airdrop"
You just have to download the mobile wallet
(Like Bytehub and CoinNess Wallet Airdrop)
✅For each recommendation you will receive 0.02 ETH
Only for a short time

How to join⏬

➡Download the wallet from the Playstore

➡Select ETH and create a new wallet

➡Backup mnemonics

➡Click Lucky Bag Option and enter the invitation code 487409

(Remember, if you use my invitation code
(487409) then you get 2 lucky bag worth 0.04 ETH)