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How safe is your KYC data ?

A lot of cryptocurrencies reward programs use KYC also exchanges and some other cases KYC is essential.

But do you ever think deeply that taking lots of authentic data can be easily used illegally? For example 2000 verified user documents can be used to set up 2000 fake users to get huge reward from another website. this is dangerous thing information leaking. May be time has come to replace KYC with something better implementation.

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Decentralization – Is there a way to exchange my 10 BTC for a European currency (for me a local Fiat) without KYC / AML?

The only way I know to get Bitcoin since I don't have a photo ID to send to central offices or a phone of any kind is the decentralized Bisq program. So far I've only bought bitcoins for fiat money – never the other way around (bitcoin for fiat sold).

My living situation is not looking good, so I could soon be forced to throw my slowly accumulating Bitcoin fortune of 10 BTC (my only safety net at all) onto a very small house / apartment in which I want to live.

Let's say the Bitcoin value soon doubles from its current value and I decide to buy the property. Since they don't accept Bitcoin payments, I have to find a way to convert the 10 BTC, which are only available as private keys in a wallet.dat file on a backup hard drive, to fiat money in my bank account.

If I chose the Bisq route, it would take one very It takes a long time for me to individually accept the few offers to buy BTC for euros in a bank account, usually with extremely strict restrictions. Each offer lasts for days, which means that I have to accept all (bad) offers that exist on Bisq and exist. Basically, I accept every offer for months in the entire Bisq system for my payment method and currency. It could even take a while Years.

I'm also concerned that tons of incoming transactions to my bank account could trigger a kind of "flag" and cause even more problems if my account is "put on hold" or "frozen" or something. Banks have tons of such strange things.

It's not that there is a trustworthy man offering to buy 10 BTC at a time, and even if it did, it would be extremely scary to trust them not to do a "chargeback trick", which I mean Lose 10 BTC forever and don't get the amount in euros / whatever on my bank account.

Not to mention that by the time I fully sold all of my 10 BTC, the price may have changed so much that I received a fraction of the amount I originally thought I was going to be through Would look at the market price the moment I started.

I have to admit that I've never really thought about it. I mentally blocked it. Do you think a broker would laugh if I asked him to accept direct Bitcoin payment? Or maybe that's really a thing now?

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