How to search for new destination URLs for keys + search engines + language?

How can I get the program to collect new links (site lists) for my key queries + engines? For example: all engines "phpbb" in English.
It is also necessary that the program only (only) selects English sites, but at the same time has not tried to create a post for them, but only to search for and select a character of the language on the site. Tell me, is that possible? If so, how? Many Thanks.

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14.04 – Remap keys that are not used by the language profile

I use the German layout on a Japanese keyboard. Everything works unless the character is greater / less than can not be entered (the key is missing).

A Japanese keyboard contains many more buttons that are not used. I'd like to reconfigure one of these buttons to get the ability to reenter these characters again.

No tool / remapping tool that I know can recognize these buttons. (Some actually do, but they interpret them as random keys on the keyboard.)

Algorithms – Unusually Turing machine that uses the language `A = {0 ^ (2 ^ n) | determines n> = 0} `

I was asked at a homework assignment to give a Turing machine that determines the language:

$ A = {0 ^ {2 ^ n} mid n ge0 } $

The known letters are 0,1, _ (space)

The working method should look like this:

Write at the beginning on the zeros of the input x, then write xx, then xxxx then xxxxxxxx and so on. Continue this process until we find out that the number of zeros is the same $ 2 ^ k $ for some $ k $and then we get the input, or until we figure out inequality, and reject the input.

I have seen the following solution that uses such a method because it could not understand if it was correct:

Enter the image description here

However, if I run with the input 0000, I come to the following configuration:

_xxx$ q_1 $ and does not know if it really solves the problem.

turing machines – Do I have to consider instance constraints when displaying a language in P?

I've already shown that 3-colorable is an unrestricted graph in NP, but I've been thinking about the similar language, which is defined as the set of all acyclics $ G $, from where $ G $ so that $ G $ is 3-colored. In my suggestion of an algorithm in P, I was not sure if my algorithm needs to check this $ G $ in fact, does not contain a cycle, or assuming that all inputs are instances of that language (assuming that all inputs are acyclic diagrams). In general, I've wondered if my algorithm has to decide whether the input of the desired instance on TOP OF is actually true, and the language's properties can be executed in polynomial time. I'm still learning, so I'm confused about this part, and that bothered me for a while.

If this question is too confusing, you should consider 3SAT. Do I have to show that the validation of the input is actually a 3CNF in P, or can I assume that we only consider input within an instance?