Welp libs, 207 Catholics in Sri Lanka are dead in several bombing raids during the Easter Mass … …?

Sri Lanka is 70 percent Buddhist, 5 percent Christian, 5 percent Jewish, 10 percent Hindu and 10 percent Islamic.

Who do you think would be behind these attacks?

Would it be other Christians?

Could it be the Jews?

Would it be the Buddhists?

Would it be the Hindus?

Or would that be the Muslims that you so passionately defend AGAIN?


Travel to Sri Lanka with criminal convictions

I will be married in Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka in July.

I've had criminal graffiti convictions in New Zealand over ten years ago.

These convictions are governed by New Zealand law but are internationally visible.

I realize that the Sri Lankan travel visa requires that I apply for the visa within 90 days of arrival, so I could not apply for a visa yet.

It would be very inconvenient if I were denied entry for my wedding.

How can I find my eligibility or improve my chances of getting a visa?

US refugee travel document from JFK to Sri Lanka

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I am writing this now and after 8 hours I have flown via Dubai to Sri Lanka. My situation is: I recently got asylum, got FTE and now drive from New York via Dubai to Sri Lanka. My question is
1) Do I need a visa?
2) Is there any customs / border issues in Dubai? Sri Lanka?
3) Should I only use RTD for the entire journey? (I still have a valid citizen from my home country) or do I have to use my passport?
Please help me?