Performance and temperature both massively increase while plugged in on my lenovo ideapad gaming laptop but stay extremely low while on battery

Laptop specs: Processor; Intel core i5-10300H 2.50 GHz , 8 gigs ram ideapad gaming laptop lenovo 81Y4 (less than a month old with all drivers updated) Nvidia geforce 1650 and intel uhd graphics which isnt used

Overview: Whilst plugged in, the laptops potential performance, temperature and fans drastically increase, i’m talking from 40-50 fps to 300-400 fps whilst playing low end games such as minecraft and temperatures of up to 70 degrees (and on high end games even apparently 100 degrees!) and obviously the fan roars during such occurrences. The temperature does calm down to around 45-60 with settings lowered but the temperature stays pretty high even when lowered to 30 fps. The major problem with this is that gaming often takes alot of battery power over long terms and it is both distracting and worrying to have the fans roaring at max speed while playing modded minecraft (not very graphically intensive whatsoever) only while plugged in and having to unplug the charger to allow my laptop to cool down. Lastly i’ve noticed that while on desktop, even though charging only increases the 44c to 47-49 the fan noise increases from inaudible to very noticable.

What i’ve tried: To be clear, any research or changes done to my laptops settings have been both minimal and after i have dealt with this problem for a couple of weeks. I was unable to find any performance related tweaks on the basic windows settings and the nvidia cap of 30 fps on battery was still only reaching 40-50 fps when capped at 60 proving that charging was definitely performing much better for some reason.

Sorry if i am a bit unclear in some areas, this is my first time making a post like this; feel free to ask about any areas i have been unclear on, hopefully i can get some insight on how to solve my strange problem.

mint – I want to disable the wifi hardware key on my laptop, it keeps fluctuating on/off on it’s own. I want it to be always on

The keeps on fluctuating on it’s own, and it’s really frustrating because i have to work and it wastes much of my time,for example, the switch is on and all of a sudden it tells me that hardware disabled, then i turn it off and turn it on again and that fixes the problem but it happens every 5 minutes or so.

I use Linux Mint as my primary operating system.

Can I replace a laptop battery with one that has the same voltage but different model/serial numbers?

I have an Acer Aspire E15 E5-576G that uses a battery with this model number: AS16A5K and the rating is 14.8V 2800mAh/41.4Wh. I’m going to replace it with a battery from Acer Aspire E5-473 with the model number AL15A32, rating 14.8V (the same witn mine) 2500mAh 37Wh. The charging current for mine is 1.536A/voltage 17.2V max. For the one I’m buying it’s 1.26A/17.4V.
As far as I know, the batteries need to be of the same voltage which is 14.8V. Is it safe for me to replace it with the one from E5-473?

backup – How to merge most but not all photos from old laptop to new laptop?

In 2019 I did a clean install on my iPhone and continued to take photos and transfer them to my OLD laptop. From 2016 to today I have about 150 GB there.

I just got a new laptop and have transferred all the photos from my phone to it, but there are 100+ GB of photos on my old laptop that I want to move there as well.

I suppose I will have to move them first to a hard drive first (I don’t use iCloud).

Question: I’ve never imported from a drive into Photos much less tried to merge them with existing photos. Is there a way I can do this transfer so that all the pre-2019 and post-2019 end up together again on my NEW laptop just like they are on my OLD laptop? I would like to just specify an ending date when either saving from OLD to the intermediate hard drive or when importing to NEW laptop

note: I ran out of space on OLD so there is a big chunk of photos in my phone that never made it there, otherwise I could just do them all at once.

all my photos

How to connect 2 displays to the laptop X541U?

I have a laptop X541U with WIN10, 64bit.
I have been told that it supports the only external display in spite that it has 2 video outputs (HDMI & VGA). The HDMI & VGA connectors are too close to each other and do not afford to connect the both cables. I tried to use the adapter USB_3_c –> VGA. Unfortunately the lap top does not support it. What to do?

HP Laptop with quad i7 and MS10

Normally at home I use wireless from FIOS router (2.4G) or Booster (2.4 & 5G). Recently use of ZOOM has exposed wireless to be too variable so instead set wired connection from laptop to router. Performance continued to vary indicating wireless priority over wired network. When wireless disconnected also failed to switch to hard wired connection (access died completely). How can I ensure that wired connection will be used?

hard drive – Just received a quote to repair an HDD that went bad on my old laptop 5-6 years ago. Was quoted ~$1750 to retrieve data, really? Is this a rip off?

About 5 or 6 years ago I had a laptop HDD go bad on me (wouldn’t boot anymore). I removed the HDD and have had it stored away since then because it has almost all of our pictures/videos of my son’s very early years. It is very important to my wife and me, obviously.

Recently I tried to connect it to my PC using a SATA cable, but I could not get BIOS to recognize the disk exists. I can hear/feel the HDD spin, but no matter what connections I used I could not get BIOS to see it.

Considering the importance of the data I sent it to and paid a $95 diagnostics fee.

The quote I was provided was $1750, (the cheapest of the time frame options). I asked what the issues were and this is what I was told: “The hard drive is unstable and has System Area issue.”

I’ve done some googling and see a lot of references to programs that allegedly fix unstable sectors, which I’m assuming is what “unstable” means. System Area doesn’t mean much to me.

Ultimately I need the data off of the HDD, but $1750 seems pretty steep, especially if they just run some program I can download for $50 to get the data off.

I could really use some other opinions, ideas, thoughts on this price.

networking – Can I connect a VOIP phone to the internet from a laptop that is connected to the internet wirelessly?

Can I connect a VOIP phone, that does not have wireless capability, to the internet by using an ethernet cable to the phone from a laptop that is connected to the internet wirelessly? My home office is not hard-wired, so both my laptop and printer work off of wifi. There is a more expensive version (Polycom VVX250) of my VOIP phone that does have a USB port allowing a wifi card to be inserted, but my phone (Polycom VVX150) does not have that port. I really don’t want to return the phone I have and spend more money for that functionality if I don’t have to because we will be moving into an office in a few months that will be hard-wired so this won’t be an issue. Thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance.