Why is the Postfix version in this exploit database entry higher than the latest Postfix version?

I searched Exploit Database to learn more about the types of exploits of a mail server. And I came across one that I do not completely understand:


Why does the exploit say that it applies to Postfix Version 4.2.x <4.2.8? As I understand from the official Postfix website, the latest version is only 3.4.6.

If I understand this correctly, this exploit must also be executed on a user with login privileges, right? Because shellshock exploits are privilege escalation exploits.

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What is the latest update with Boris and Brexit?

To get a deal, Boris has to show that he is ready to go without one. If not, what incentive would the EU have to negotiate? If you look at the negotiations, the EU has nothing else to do. A second referendum is an opportunity when work comes to power, but with conservatives respecting democracy, you are not on the map.

I think the EU will make concessions at the last minute and they will be able to complete the deal. You must remember that the EU wants this agreement far more than the UK, it was agreed in the EU Parliament in about 20 minutes. The United Kingdom has basically given everything, it's just too good for the EU to do without.

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What are the latest updates in the Google search algorithm?

What are the latest updates in the Google search algorithm?

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Statistics – Google Analytics gives you a pie chart of the latest custom variables (software version) from each user

I'm trying to use custom variables to track the version number of the client-side software. So far, it worked very well: the value of the user-defined variable with user range is sent to GA, and the result is displayed on my dashboard.

The only problem is that I can not find how to get just the last value submitted by a user and have a pie chart listing the proportions of users running each version.

Is that even possible?

By the way, I still use ga.js on the Pyga Python module, so using Dimensions is out of the question.

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updates – Fatel error after updating from WordPress to the latest version

I've updated my project to the latest WordPress release and fixed a problem. However, when I try to refresh the page content, my website crashes and this error occurs.
Fatal PHP error: uncaught error: maximum nesting level of the function of & # 39; 256 & # 39; reached, break! in C: wamp64 www capitalsmartlatest wp-includes class-wp-hook.php: 271
Stack trace:


I tried to fix this problem, but I could not. It works fine on older WordPress version, but not after the update I get this error.

Javascript – Use the Dropbox API to retrieve the latest file from the Github Pages site

I am currently trying to use the Dropbox API in a Github Web site to retrieve the most recent file in Dropbox and use its title to change the CSS background color. However, I can not figure out how to write the js to use the Dropbox API. I have the access token that I replaced in the code I specified with Insert_Access_Token_Here. The following is a test that should print my files in the console, but not. Can anyone tell me from scratch how to use the Dropbox API to at least get the name of the latest file? Many thanks

The error message I keep getting in the console is

net :: ERR_ABORTED 404