finder – Change File Picker Dialog folder location (avoid latest visited folder)

Whenever a File picker dialog (MacOs Catalina) is being open by a website or in general within the operating system, the UI shows as a default folder the latest used/visited one.

Let’s consider this typical workflow:

  1. I’m saving a file in Word using the Save button, which brings up a File Picker Dialog and I save my document in let say ~/Desktop/myfolder
  2. After some time (even hours later) a website prompts me for a file Upload, which opens the same File Picker Dialog
  3. Here’s the issue: File Picker Dialog opens – by default- into the latest used folder from the Picker Dialog, so the file Picker UI will show files in ~/Desktop/myfolder.

This is pretty inconvenient as it can expose privacy files when screen-sharing or having someone next on me when using the MacOS.

Is it possible to use a Default folder for the file picker that opens up always for example in ~/Desktop or just ~ ?

sharepoint designer – Collect the latest Modified and Modified By info for each user that has contributed to a list. Javascript?

A customer has asked me to display a table that shows everyone who has modified a list and the most recent modification they each made.

It would look like:
Sally Modified 3 hours ago

Jack Modified 4 days ago

Amy Modified 12 days ago

I don’t know how to pull only the latest modified item out of a list using JS. Can anyone help?? If there’s some way to do this OOTB or with a workflow, I’ll take that too. I haven’t been able to find anything online so far.

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banks – How does Shutterstock keep getting my latest debit card number?

I’ve made a single photo purchase from Shutterstock back in 2012. I created an account and gave them my debit card #. I haven’t made a single purchase from them since.

Silently in 2018, they activated auto-renew without my consent, without notifying me via e-mail and without sending a receipt. They just started charging my new debit card. One that I hadn’t even given them. This went on for 3 years without me noticing.

Then in July 2020 I lost my wallet, so I requested a new card. Somehow, Shutterstock had my updated debit card number and was able to withdraw from my checking account again in 2021, without me giving them my new debit card info.

I’ve never given them any of the newer card numbers since 2012. How is it possible for them to always have it? Is my banking information available somewhere for them to look up?

enter image description here

bitcoincore development – what are the latest in-progress bitcoin dev tech trend

I want to know what are the new dev trend in bitcoin development progress, I know about lightning networks but what are the others progress if any

Any place/site to watch it? Nothing in, maybe the github?

boot – GoDaily || stomach related routineness [Latest Updates 2021] – Shocking Result?

GoDaily makes enormous cases about its advantages, professing to settle different stomach related problems. Be that as it may, how about we investigate the fixings in GoDaily to check how it functions. GoDaily contains 6 fixings that can purportedly help your stomach related framework, empower stomach related routineness, and assist you with appreciating the advantages recorded previously: Jerusalem Artichoke: GoDaily contains Jerusalem Artichoke that purportedly assists break with bringing down food and supports great intestinal wellbeing and customary solid discharges, among different advantages. The creators of GoDaily likewise guarantee that Jerusalem artichokes can help the quantity of good microbes in your whole stomach related framework, increment fiber consumption, and give different advantages. Fructooligosaccharides (FOS): GoDaily contains fructooligosaccharides, or FOS, which are found in numerous stomach related enhancements accessible today. Fructooligosaccharides are famous for diminishing stoppage. Studies have indicated that taking FOS can help empower stomach related routineness. The fixing works in a basic manner: it goes through your stomach related framework without being processed, pushing waste out of your stomach related parcel. Tears of Chios Masticum: Most of the fixings in GoDaily can be found in other stomach related enhancements. Notwithstanding, we don’t see this fixing, tears of chios masticum, in numerous other stomach related enhancements. The producers of GoDaily guarantee this fixing has antimicrobial, antifungal, cell reinforcement, and calming properties, among different advantages. They additionally guarantee it’s been utilized for centuries – since the hour of Hippocrates – to settle stomach related problems. You can only buy GoDaily supplement from its official website here:

How to embed my latest WordPress post into an external page

We needed to create three different blogs for the type of website we wanted to make, so we are putting each individual blog on its own subdomain and are building a homepage (which will be the only page on the main website) that connects to all three.

I would like to include an excerpt of the latest post of each blog on the homepage. Only the latest post, switching out each time a new post is made. How could I go about doing this?

Unable to install Steam on latest 64bit desktop version of ubuntu for PI4

I’m using the desktop 64bit version of Ubuntu Linux for raspberry pi 4 (8G) (Latest version as of the 26th of December 2020) i can’t download Steam, the Linux version from their website, and the one from Ubuntu’s software store. I’ll be talking about both. for the website download, it says i don’t have, and for the Ubuntu software store, it says that it’s “missing the following dependencies:” but it doesn’t list any dependencies, it just ends the message. any suggestions, I barely know anything about the terminal and almost all “fixes” for these issues don’t seem to work. any ideas?