I will do B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation and Build Targeted Email List for $1

I will do B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation and Build Targeted Email List

B2B Lead Generation | Internet Research | B2B Business Leads | Sales Leads
Lead generation is the modern way to increase your sales. You can return on your investment by knocking your targeted clients. In this gig, you will get the database those I collect using professional networking sites, online directories, internet research and Premium LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional.

I will provide you b2b leads in the following format:

☛ First & Last Name
☛ Title
☛ E-mail (verified)
☛ Phone number (company phone number if publicly available)
☛ City
☛ LinkedIn Profile
☛ Company Name
☛ Website
Why should you order this gig?

  • All the information valid and accurate
  • Quick response from my side
  • On-time delivery
  • 24/7 online support
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Please feel free to reach out if you have additional questions or want to chat before placing an order.
Looking forward to working with you!
Best Regards,

Maryam Choudry


Don’t Buy Leads – It’s Easy to Generate Fresh MLM Buy Lead For Free!

You may have heard from somewhere that Buy Lead are the life blood of your MLM business, because without Buy Lead you can’t build a profitable business. Is this true?

Well, let me ask you, do you just want Buy Lead ? My guess is no. You’re not in business to get Buy Lead , you’re in business to make money. It is CASH FLOW that is the life blood of your business, NOT Buy Lead .

However, in order to make cash, you need an active downline that continues to grow and order product on a regular monthly basis.

In order to have an active downline, you must first sponsor good people into your MLM business opportunity who also have a strong desire to build the business. In order to sponsor good people, you first need good prospects.

Therefore, generating Buy Lead really is 3 big steps away from what you really need to keep your business growing.

So don’t fall for the trap and give your hard earned money to Buy Lead brokers and Buy Lead sellers who claim to have targeted fresh MLM leads. It’s simply not true. Most of the Buy Lead they sell you have been sold over and over again – they are worthless.

When you buy Buy Lead , you are actually outsourcing your marketing.

That is NOT something you want to outsource. Why? Because your business IS marketing. Nobody knows more about your business than you do, which is why you never want someone else to do your marketing.

If you learn how to market, which is not very hard, you can generate your own highly targeted Buy Lead for very little cost. And they will be much higher quality.

So let’s go over a few principles on how to do just that…

Your best, most targeted source of fresh Buy Lead, even if you are new to the industry, are people who already participate in network marketing.


usability – OTP Verification – Which approach will lead to better and consistent UX? (Screenshot included)

Keep language consistent: make sure the action is the same as the button. Change ‘Validate’ to ‘Verify’as the system says “”…to verify your account”

Aside from that I see nothing wrong with automatically proceeding the user if a correct verification code has been entered as it saves the user a click.

My bank does this when I enter a verification code to set up a new payment.

But with that scenario, what would the system do if a wrong code was entered? It would have to feedback to the user somehow or other; you need to consider that interaction too.

Either way, test with users whatever you build.

Edit: and remove the button if auto verify; you don’t need it

I will do b2b lead generation and web researches for $5

I will do b2b lead generation and web researches

Welcome here, I am a certified Digital Marketing and Lead Generation expert and have 2 years of experience in these fields. I am a full-time freelancer serving in a different virtual marketplace. I try to deliver fast for satisfying customers with 100% valid leads. Nowadays Business Leads are the most effective and efficient data for increasing sales. In that case, LinkedIn is the most effective social media marketplace to collect valid data. Also, I scrap data from yellow and yelp on both sites. I can provide a location-based email list, country-based b2b, b2c, and other legal information.
My Services:

  • B2B & B2C Leads
  • 100% valid Linkedin Data
  • Email list
  • Company Contact Information
  • 100% valid Information
  • Targeted Audience List
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Moneyback Guarantee


  • Data Entry
  • Web Research and Product Research

Regards,Borhan Uddin Alif


I will do a fast typing job, retype scanned documents for $3

I will do a fast typing job, retype scanned documents

I am a professional typist and quality transcriber providingtranscription and typing services from a variety of sources. I can write from

any text.

My services include:
Fast image-to-word writing.

Fast writing from PDF to Word.

Rewrite the scanned documents

Repeating images contain word text

Fast typing in Word from scanned images.
Why would you choose me?Fast delivery

High quality work

Unlimited number of corrections

100% satisfaction guarantee

Committed to working until completely satisfied

Write according to the specified format Note: I do notwrite from handwritten pages.


Acquire a Crypto exchange software solution and take the lead ahead of your competitors – Cryptocurrencies Corner

With immense experience in banking security systems, we are experts in Exchange development. Our Crypto exchange software solution that works on Android, iOS, and web consists of features like multi-sog enabled hot and cold wallets, acceptance of fiat currencies, end-to-end encryption, geography-specific KYC and AML compliance, and firewall implementation. 


Our services include cryptocurrency development, trading platform creation, wallet integration, payment solutions, margin trading, portfolio management system, and trade reporting. 


The benefits include faster deployment in your operations, time and cost savings, quick scalability, and a cloud deployment facility. 


The process we follow for creating your Digital asset exchange software


  • Discussion of your specific business requirements.

  • Designing a customizable best-fit solution. 

  • Ensuring seamless deployment of the Digital asset exchange software. 

  • Rendering technical support services post-deployment. 


Choose our services wholeheartedly for our supreme technical expertise in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market and implementation of the highest quality standards. Discuss your project needs with our innovative developer team soon.


concurrency – Does a safe state not lead to a starvation state?

7.5.1 Safe State

A state is safe if the system can allocate resources to each process (up to its
maximum) in some order and still avoid a deadlock. More formally, a system
is in a safe state only if there exists a safe sequence. A sequence of processes
<P 1 , P 2 , ..., P n > is a safe sequence for the current allocation state if, for each
P i , the resource requests that P i can still make can be satisfied by the currently
available resources plus the resources held by all P j , with j < i. In this situation,
if the resources that P i needs are not immediately available, then P i can wait
until all P j have finished.


B2B Lead Generation Data Entry Web Research for $5

B2B Lead Generation Data Entry Web Research

Hey there!

I am Shikto, I have valuable experience in Data Entry with expertise in typing and data scraping from the internet. I am here to offer you my services. I would love to provide you the best service, at the best price.

Web Scrapping what will get:

niche and location targeted data

Business Name

Street Address

Contact Number

Zip code



Data Entry

Data Mining

Copy Paste

Data Entry Job

Web Research

Why would you choose me?

100% accurate lead

On-time conveyance Quality guarantee100%

money-back guarantee

I will give you 150 leads in on day.

niche and location targeted data

if you interested then talk to me.


I will do b2b lead generation work with targeted emails for $2

I will do b2b lead generation work with targeted emails

*Are you looking for professional B2b Lead Generator or Email Finder and. I am the right person for this work **

I’ve 2 years’ experience on find business email address and contact info using LinkedIn sales navigator,, Connect Data, And Hunter platform to support you to reach your business goal.

What you will get in my B2b Lead Generator GIG


  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Title
  4. Company Name
  5. Website
  6. Business Email
  7. LinkedIn ID
  8. Location

Which Paid tools I use to find leads


  • LinkedIn sales navigator
  • Get prospect
  • Data connect

Which tools do I use to verify emails?


  1. Mail tester
  2. Never Bounce
  3. Hubuco
  4. Full contact
  5. Reportive
  6. Name2email

Why You Select My B2b Lead Generator GIG?


  • 100% Verified lead
  • Quality first
  • Fasted delivery
  • Do not take more work at a time
  • I trust Long term relationship


Before place an order please contact me. I am happy to reply all your question .



I will do b2b lead generation, web research, data entry for your business for $2

I will do b2b lead generation, web research, data entry for your business

Hello everyone!

I will do b2b lead generation, Web Research, Email Collection, company Details Research? As a data entry freelancer, I am offering you my best quality of services and 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

I will need below information to fill your needs:

1. Targeted Business/Industry

2. Required Fields

3. Targeted Country

I Will provide you the following Leads:

· First & Last Name

· Job Title

· Company Name

· Address

· Phone Number

· Website

· Profile Link

· LinkedIn URL

· Company Email

· Company Size

· As per your requirements
Why me?

1. The provided Leads / Information will be 100% VALID and ACCURATE.

2. Targeted valid and fresh contact lists.

3. Quality assured.

4. Fast work and on-time delivery.

I shall wait for your positive response. If you have any further queries you can inbox me anytime.

Thank You.

I will need below information to fill your needs:1. Targeted Business/Industry2. Required Fields3. Targeted CountryI Will provide you the following Leads:· First & Last Name· Job Title· Company Name· Address· Phone Number· Website· Profile Link· LinkedIn URL· Company Email· Company Size· As per your requirementsWhy me?1. The provided Leads / Information will be 100% VALID and ACCURATE.2. Targeted valid and fresh contact lists.3. Quality assured.4. Fast work and on