dnd 5e – Hobgoblin Leadership action

All non-hostile creatures can benefit

This ability isn’t worded particularly well so your confusion is understandable. But the relevant text is:

Leadership (Recharges after a Short or Long Rest). For 1 minute, the hobgoblin can utter a special command or warning whenever a nonhostile creature that it can see within 30 feet of it makes an attack roll or a saving throw. The creature can add a d4 to its roll provided it can hear and understand the hobgoblin. A creature can benefit from only one Leadership die at a time. This effect ends if the hobgoblin is incapacitated.

The main reason I understand this to be all creatures that aren’t hostile to the Hobgoblin, apart from the text in bold, is simply because if it didn’t affect more than 1 ally it isn’t much of an ability.

So, once the Captain has used his action to activate the effect, the d4 can be applied to any creature that meets the rest of the requirements.

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Remember when Trump attacked Obama relentlessly during H1N1 and Ebola where only 12k died? Don’t you miss his leadership right about now?

Not even a little bit. I also remember Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS targets conservative organizations, NSA mass surveillance, Bowie Bergdahl swap, Secret Service scandal, DOJ seizes journalist records, Solyndra, The Iran deal, Uranium One, Clinton email scandal, AP wiretaps, Trump Tower wiretaps, FISAGATE and of course Obamacare.

Joe Biden say he wants to “restore real leadership to the white house”. Who does he have in mind?

It’s going to be Hillary – – and there are two ways it could happen

1) Biden has some kind of “episode” before the Convention, Hillary to the rescue!

2) If (by some bizarre miracle) Biden wins in November, he could quickly be declared batsh!t looney; his VP then takes over and nominates Hillary to be her VP; after she’s confirmed by the Senate, the new President resigns to make way for Her Majesty

Questions and answers with Dustin B. Cisneros, CEO of RackNerd, about leadership, learning, help and execution – low-end box

LowEndBox had the opportunity to host Dustin B. Cisneros from RackNerd (www.racknerd.com).

Dustin, a 12-year-old industry veteran, is currently the founder and CEO of RackNerd. His company serves customers at 8 global data center locations.

What can you tell us about yourself, how you got to your current location and what role you played at RackNerd?

I first entered the web hosting industry 12 years ago and focused on three product lines: dedicated servers, shared hosting and reseller hosting. In the earlier phases of my start-up, I essentially managed each department myself. In this way, I learned how the hosting industry works and the importance of customer communication, fast support and the prerequisites for an excellent hosting experience. Years later, the company grew to over 4,000 active customers with almost a dozen remote employees under my leadership.

In 2011, I started working for a data center service provider with three facilities located in the United States. During my tenure, I expanded the company's presence to 9 global data center locations and sold millions of dollars in sales due to my individual sales efforts. I have had the opportunity to delve deeply into complex business problems and solve them with elegant and modern technology solutions. Not too long after I started, I quickly worked my way up the organization and eventually led the entire pack in every department you can imagine!

After almost eight years of employment, I wanted to drive my personal and professional growth. I gave up my leadership position and started RackNerd. Today I am CEO of the company where I can use what I know and learn to run a customer-oriented and service-oriented company. As of March 2020, we will be operating in Los Angeles, Utah, Dallas, New York, New Jersey, Montreal, London and Amsterdam and serving customers from every continent in the world (except Antarctica!). RackNerd plans to further expand its global footprint while providing the best possible service to individuals and businesses.

What advice would you give business owners today or to those who want to become one?

My best advice is to run your business and have every aspect of the ship under control. Personally, I am not a fan of the word "delegate" because this is a measure that many managers today take under the false belief that things are "done" or "under control". No, I want to see for myself that my business is going in the right direction and be sure that my customers are satisfied.

It is important to ensure that all the important (components) of your company are managed as if your life depended on it. Know every detail of your company. In reality, as a company owner, you always have a certain eye for things that other employees simply cannot see.

After all, active communication with your team and your customers is an important part of aligning your company to success and satisfied customers. Good business is all about communication – put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Design and articulate your communication so that people can actually hear it – and keep the promises and expectations you set too high.

What is the most important feature that makes RackNerd as respected and competitive as it is in the industry today?

RackNerd remains competitive in the industry by facing the challenges that every company faces. We use our industry experience with market information to minimize and eliminate growing pain as we scale. Our trained and competent staff takes great care of our customers and the general sustainable well-being of RackNerd. We face the competition with a great passion for the industry, not only in terms of price, but also in terms of service.

What do you like best about your role and the room you are in?

I manage the ship of a company with global data center locations and I am very proud to communicate with customers and companies from all over the world and to develop solutions for them. It's really a unique experience to interact with customers from different cultures and find ways to create and share added value. Also the fact that while I'm in total control, I'm still learning. I enjoy this industry because you can constantly develop, learn, teach and help others.

What is a guiding principle from both a personal and professional perspective that you live by – maybe one that prospective business owners or managers should consider?

Be the solution, not the problem. I take responsibility for everything that happens in life – and that includes my business. I firmly believe that if you give up responsibility, you give up control.

Suppose you run a company and are constantly complaining that your employees are not productive. Why not take responsibility and do something about it to change the state? At the beginning of my professional career, I started thinking about how to solve the problem (to be the solution instead of passing the problem on) and this is a very important guiding principle that I still practice religiously to this day.

What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced in the industry and what are you doing to deal with them differently?

I see the biggest challenge in the cloud and hosting industry today is that providers are not committed to their customers. In addition, a lack of specialist knowledge in relation to the solutions supplied. Not only are we very clear about our mission, but our entire team is on the same page of tradition and ensures that we exchange information with our customers in terms of service and added value.

Are there new developments in the factories that continue to meet the needs of the hosting industry worldwide and would contribute to your commitment to global expansion?

As a globally diversified provider of hosting solutions, we have put together a portfolio of customers who have location-related (latency) requirements. In order to achieve our roadmap goal for the third quarter of 2020 and to require our customers to have a stronger global presence, we are actively negotiating contracts to expand our range of services to other data center locations.

Dustin, thank you for giving us a comprehensive insight into yourself, your way of working and your company: RackNerd. This is great content that encourages both consumers and business owners to surf our website. It is clear that with your attention and unique approach to customer care, providing a tremendous value is the key to success that entrepreneurs should live to survive and grow as a company.

Absolutely, I've been part of the LEB community personally for over a decade, and I'm still looking for ways to help others and share knowledge wherever possible. I am very passionate about meeting like-minded people and hearing new (and different) perspectives. I greet everyone and everyone who connects with me LinkedInor by email to Dustin (AT) Racknerd (Dot) com. Thank you for having me in the spotlight today!

To learn more about RackNerd, please visit https://www.racknerd.com/ or click on the thumbnail below.

dnd 3.5e – What is so broken about leadership?

You get a second character.

To be honest, I just wanted to stop there – that's broken, right there. Stack Exchange, however, makes me write more.

Cohorts are almost as strong as PCs, and you get all this performance for the price of a lousy performance. Tricks are powerful and valuable, but if you have a different character, you get at least three, so you get +2 net for heroic deeds, and that literally ignores everything else about the character. Sure, the cohort is mushier and the division of performance between two characters limits the synergy literally the same as +2 tricks, but you get so much more. What are the most valuable things in the game? Feats? You get more of it. Spell known? You can get more of it. Magic slots? More of that. Actions in battle? You get more of it.

Leadership is so powerful that it is probably the strongest choice for 6th level tricks, even for druids who would otherwise consider Natural Spell a foregone conclusion at this level.

It is also a headache to decide. Technically, the feat requires a lot of DM input – which is a big question, since DMs are already pretty busy. And since the DM creates the cohort – the PC can only roughly describe the desired attributes such as race and class – there is one ton from the judgment on the line here. Exceptionally bad decisions on the part of the DM can massively reduce the performance of the feat, but that is also problematic. And if you're tough enough, you could turn the cohort into a liability that is just miserable.

After all, it's just … some kind of nonsense in the game. The cohort is not a servant like an animal companion, a familiar or special mount that has a magical connection to the PC and is expressly subject to the PC. The cohort is said to have a completely independent character. As such, you shouldn't be able to get one by spending just one achievement – you should have to play the role-playing game, and it should be handled accordingly, with the character making truly independent decisions and possibly the PC on some of them not accompanying activities. It may seem like an achievement, but it would make up for it, but it means that the PC "paid" for it and is therefore owed. It's a really problematic dynamic.

Scout 1e – How does leadership work for a vigilante?

I'm interested in playing a vigilante character who specializes in leadership. The Vigilante class has the exceptional Dual Identity ability, which gives them a social identity (Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Clark Kent or Oliver Queen) and a Vigilante identity (Batman, Spiderman, Superman or Green Arrow). Amazingly, these two identities can have different (but not opposite) orientations and are often treated as completely different people. But how would that work with leadership?

Would a vigilante have a single lead score (as implied by RAW by the lack of a rule), or would the vigilante have two separate Leadership results (as thematically implied): one for vigilante justice and one for social identity?

IF has the identity of the vigilante separate Leadership results …:

  • … How would this depend on services / characteristics that affect the management value, such as For example, do certain variants of the Noble Scion feat, the characteristic "race ties (human)" and / or the characteristic "naturally born leader"? Do these only affect social identity, the identity of the vigilante group, or could they affect both?
  • … Could the factors that influence the leadership point level for characters (e.g. PCs, cohorts, followers) who know the secret of the Vigilante? In other words, if the social identity were a person of "great prestige" (+2 to leadership points) and the Vigilante had a stronghold (+2 to leadership points), the vigilantes would have an effective leadership score of +4 for people who knew that both identities were the same person?

Of course a lot of that is up to my GM, but as a GM, I'm excited to see how others would handle it.

Leadership Training Tips from the Shearin Group: 6 Tips for Effective Leadership – Newbies Lounge

Is anyone confused about the overthrow of so many leaders? Is anyone confused about the decisions that some leaders make, as if nobody is watching? Is anyone fascinated by the confused word? OK, maybe the last one is just me.

Let's be very clear. Part of the challenge for leaders is that they are all human beings. And as humans, we are all flawed. What is effective leadership? Is it a title? Does it reach goals? Does it inspire others? Is it a unique vision?

Leadership is a combination of practical skills and personal values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are shared. create an atmosphere in which people feel valued and motivated to pursue a clear vision. It's like meeting Kung Fu Feng Shui (phonetically much better than writing).

I spent a lot of time thinking about leadership last year as I just finished my term as President of the National Speakers Association, the association of professional speakers, trainers and consultants. Ironically, our acronym is NSA – but we're not the ones listening, we're the ones talking!

In my role as President, I chaired the Board of Directors, appointed and oversaw nearly 40 volunteer executives, and was ambassador of 38 chapters here in the US and nine international federations around the world. So I've got a good deal of leadership experience.

The following are some concepts that I rediscovered last year.

1. Leadership is not always what you do, but how you do it. I've seen people in leadership roles who have a great vision of where their organization needs to go, but the way they manage the process and how they deal with people becomes an obstacle to their success. Leaders who feel humility, kindness and attention to their employees will not only achieve more but also have more support on their way. (Note, this was not for Steve Jobs, just to say.)

2. Effective leaders know their limits. Most leaders have specific skills and abilities. They can not be good at everything. An effective leader recognizes limitations and attracts others to complement his / her abilities.

3. Great leaders have a sense of humor. There are many examples of executives who use humor to engage with others, disarm conflict and improve mood. President Ronald Reagan, Tony Hsieh of Zappos and First Lady Michelle Obama have effectively used humor in their leadership roles. A leader with a sense of humor, especially for himself, is more self-confident and attracts the trust of others.

4. Managers do what needs to be done. An effective leader is ready to do what needs to be done to move the organization forward. Whether this requires difficult discussions with an employee who cares for a sick colleague or makes the right decision, rather than making the simple decision, a leader who does what needs to be done is a leader to follow.

5. Leadership is a service, not a goal. Sometimes people seek a leadership position for the position themselves. They may wish for the power or recognition that comes with the position. However, a leader who wants to serve rather than be served will always be more effective.

6. With great power comes great responsibility. This classic line from Spiderman affirms the idea that leaders need to be responsible in good times and bad. Executives who give up responsibility so as not to blame usually dig a much deeper hole. Leaders who shoulder their responsibilities create more trust and respect.

There are many guides on the market today. But one of the best signs of effective leadership is not only what is achieved, but also how the people who are led to these achievements see the leader and the process.

(tagsToTranslate) the leadership of the shearing group

Books about the development of communication, interpersonal and leadership qualities

The power of words and language sparked the desire to use his power. Think about it, when was the last time you thought about the words you used in your daily conversation?

Words have the power to motivate, inspire, imprison, hurt, and the list goes on. As a student, I understand more than many of my colleagues that effective communication brings me further than any other skill developed in college.

A leader can not be a leader unless he inspires and motivates his followers through the use of his words. A speaker can not sustainably influence his audience if his words subside to achieve what he / she wants. The power of words is not only developed for work, but also for building relationships and interpersonal skills.

I want to be able to communicate my ideas and thoughts effectively and unhindered. These barriers cause what I want to say to come to a standstill.

I thought, it's not just the words you say. So you say it when you say it and who you say it.

The power of language is so amazing, and yet in today's world the rapid communication takes over the effective use of language. I want to change that for myself, because more than ever I realize that some of the key skills are not taught in college.

Does anyone have suggestions for the effective development of language use in communication? I am looking for interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.

Please suggest books that you think fall into these categories. If you already have experience in developing communication, please let me know. I would be curious to know how words can change a person or an event, or do almost anything.

Will America become better or worse under Donald Trump's leadership?

You must ask?

Trump's talent is to bring out the worst in people and make them proud to be at worst.
He is practically the Antichrist.
And when people are at their worst, they give them room to steal and lie because they allow them to feel good about the sheer adoration of mammon.
In my entire life, I've never seen a single man degenerate culture.