Why should my taxpayers' money finance planned parental leave? If you want an abortion, you pay for it yourself. Why not?

If you want to know what the left proposes next, think of something immoral. It will be on the list. Democrats will want to legalize, promote, tolerate and finance it without exception. You can use the following sentence to predict all left thoughts, guidelines, values ​​and beliefs.

Set: Given 2 arbitrary "realizable" options. (The two options must be reasonable.) The left will always try to promote, tolerate, legalize, and fund the option that brings the greatest immoral result in the long term

What the government pays for it produces more and more. Example? Here's one of many: if the government pays for fatherless children, the end result is more fatherless children.

Why did Cuomo allow sick New Yorkers to leave the state to infect the United States?

This is the United States. You are free to move from one place to another unless there is a specific reason not to do so. The government can then quarantine you, but must determine that you have the conditions that meet the quarantine requirements.


In the case of the virus, the governor does not have the resources to identify people infected with the virus who may be trying to leave the state or city. He asked people to isolate themselves on site, but not all citizens listen to the request.

The Florida governor has just ordered a stay at home. Does this mean that we can still leave our homes as it is a recommendation, not an order?

Yes … for now … but the more people put the "recommendation" on display, the more likely it will be enforced more strictly, from nightly curfews to direct instructions to stay away from the street unless , You are in healthcare. Law enforcement or government …

Just yesterday I read about the situation in Australia and how the government can order a complete ban by ordering all companies to close and ordering all citizens to stay in their homes.

A main reason that this step may be necessary is that any previous order was generally followed in the first few days, but ignored more afterwards. This is said to be the reason why the numbers have decreased every few weeks and then increased again.

Customs and Immigration – Is it possible to leave a country with one passport and re-enter the country with another passport?

A friend of mine left Egypt with the American passport. However, due to the current situation, she will not be able to return to Egypt with the American passport. You can only return if you have an Egyptian passport.

If she manages to issue an Egyptian passport, would it be possible to use it to enter Egypt?
She is Egyptian and has an Egyptian identity card but no passport.

Spells – How are ghostly guards allowed to enter and leave their maga's home?


We have a magician with a ghostly guard who is founding a new covenant. One of the first tasks is to occupy the aegis of the hearth (AM5, p.161). Since the ghostly guardian has a power score, we understand that they would be excluded if they weren't given a token or part of the casting.

What is the mechanism to admit a guard?

The two options that were clear to us but that included a follow-up question were:

  • Do you get a token? If so, how can you carry a token at all?
  • Are you part of the casting? If so, how can you participate in casting a spell?

international travel – in which countries are foreigners not allowed to leave during a pandemic?

Luzon island (where Manila is located) in the Philippines decided to ban outbound international flights, but the decision was reversed a few days later:


The airline will announce the status of its international flights at a later date from March 20 to April 12, as it coordinates with the authorities.


The Ministry of Tourism (DOT) has vowed to lift the travel ban on outgoing passengers except for Filipino tourists, in line with the Luzon-wide extended quarantine.

Peru also has a lock: https://www.tennessean.com/in-depth/news/health/2020/03/20/americans-stranded-peru-coronavirus-lockdown/2873582001/

Some found out when a hotel employee knocked on their door late Sunday night and said they had 24 hours to leave the country

List: https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2020/mar/20/coronavirus-travel-ban-advice-updates-uk-countries-restrictions-fco-warnings:

  • Albania and Slovenia: All flights suspended.
  • Jordan: No commercial flights to or from Jordan and all land and sea borders closed.
  • Luxembourg: All passenger flights will be suspended from March 23.
  • Pakistan: All flights suspended until April 4th
  • Tajikistan: All flights suspended from March 20
  • Etc.

What do you think when you leave the well-known host for LiquidWeb?

Hello everybody,

I need your unbiased opinion, please. I've been a Knownhost customer for almost 3 years. I am currently working on their MVPS-1 package and so far I would say that I was satisfied with the service they offered. My website is pretty fast (with litespeed) and downtime was extremely rare.

I left your annual contract a few months ago and have had a rolling monthly contract ever since. The annual renewal was too expensive for me ($ 420), so I chose a monthly price of $ 42 a month so I could look for other providers that I had just started with.

I see LiquidWeb currently offering the same specs for $ 360 for its VPS package for two years. Is it too good to be true? What do you think honestly?

Do you also know whether there is a kind of refund policy at LiquidWeb, for example within the first 30 days?

Many thanks

Indian citizens – 19 hours in Frankfurt. Do you have a valid visa for the US and Canada. Can leave the airport without a transit visa

Do I need a transit visa during my 19-hour stay in Frankfurt? Family travel to Toronto. We also have a valid U.S. visa. We are an Indian family. Can we leave the airport during a long stay and if so do I need a transit visa or not? Or simply booking a hotel helps us to get a land pass like the one in Japan.

Second, if you are not going out what are airport options for a 19 hour stay