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The minimum payout is $ 5 (depending on the payout method)
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Refer a folk and earn 10% of each of your referral prizes
Payments are made via Paypal ($ 5 min)

Payment fees may be deducted from the user's balance.
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Animal / length

0-10 MB 10-100 MB 100 * MB
Level A $ 23 $ 15 $ 7
Level B $ 7 $ 5 $ 4
Stage C $ 5 $ 4 $ 3
Animal D $ 3 $ 2 $ 2

Animal A Greenland, Iceland
Animal B USA, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom
Tier C Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait
Animal D All other countries

The following accounts are suspended: suspicious source (Web site) or non-source downloads, and download IPs are proxy accounts or purposely download large numbers of high-tier accounts. WE may ask for your traffic source. If you do not provide a valid source, we have the right to block your account without payment.
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We have the right to change rewards service at any time with or without notice.
File size should be 1 MB + to be rewarded.
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start date: 08 – 08-19

investment plan: 0.5% daily for 720 days. 2.5% daily for 60 days, 4% daily for 30 days, 12% daily for 18 days, 20% & 25% daily for 10 days.

Principal included: not fixed

minimum deposit : $ 10

Minimal payout : $ 10 for cryptocurrencies and $ 0.1 for others

Payment : Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Payeer and Litecoin

recommendation Commission : 5 – 2 @ 1% … Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

Official start date: 01st September 2019.

Minimum investment: 0.001 Btc
Maximum investment: 2 Btc
Investment plans: 40% for 15 days and 80% for 30 days.
Referral fee: 5% to 20%
Deposit option and payout: Bitcoin only
Warning – I am neither the administrator nor the owner, so invest only what you can afford to lose. Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

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Hello, Today I found a new Bitcoin Faucet app, but like in the Miner design.

The app is called: BitoCash: Fantasy Bitcoin Miner * (

In this app, you can earn bitcoins by clicking on a circle. Wait 5 minutes and you will receive 500 Satoshi. Is that also like miner / faucet.
And you also have 50 energy you can get if you look at a small ad and get +20 energy, or you can wait.

The payout is at: 0.01 BTC (currently about $ 70)
* Success Referrer Comision: 0.00015 BTC + You get something from your referrer.

Every BTC wallet is supported. You can also use Coinbase, Blockchain, Coins.PH and so on.

PS: Be a patent and farm BTC otherwise, if you leave a star with seasonal fraud, it may be that your account is put on the banlist, meaning the team of the app, and use my Ref link for quick confirmation


NEW – Reviews from SCAM or LEGIT? | Proxies-free

Hey guys, how are you? Take a look at this new Dogen cloud mining that just started an hour ago

Min invest 150 Doge / Min remove 100 Doge and Affiliate take off 10 Doge

The good thing is that you can also invest in BTC / LTC

This is a long-term project

Do not miss this great opportunity, please sign up via the link if you are interested

I will provide you an update very soon : D