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Mezu – $5 from them, $2 from me(This is all immediately available to withdraw)

(US only) Mezu is an app that allows you to send money to others. It is the most private, secure P2P payment method.

1. Comment/DM Me and download the Mezu app here: https://apps.mezu.com/install?invite=LUIS422 to redeem.
2. Create an account.
3. Send $5 to anyone (you can send it to me and I will send $7 back, PM me for my Mezu address)

That’s it. You’ll already have the $2 bonus attached to your original $5 that I send back, and you’ll also immediately get a $5 bonus from Mezu. This is all immediately available to withdraw. PM me with any questions.

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Beauty Rewards is a get paid to play games app for Android. The app is developed by Influence Mobile, Inc., the same developers who created Rewarded Play.

This app is UNITED STATES ONLY. Do not use a VPN or you will be banned. You will be asked to provide and confirm a US address and phone number (non-VOIP) when you cashout so there’s no way around this.

To earn on Beauty Rewards, you simply download their offer apps and play games. For each game, there are achievements you can do. For example, one achievement may be “play the game for 4 minutes to get 100 points”. Another may be “get to level 3 to get 500 points”. Each game has their own unique achievement, but there’s usually a daily “play the game for 4 minutes to get points” offer so even if you are not good at playing games, you are guaranteed some points just for keeping the app on your phone.

The minimum to cashout is 45000 points which is worth $5. Only giftcards are available at the time of this review. Rewards are processed within 5-7 business days.

This app is basically the same as Rewarded Play and the accounts will sync up so your points will be added up together.

❌SCAM – Moneyguru.co Review: SCAM or LEGIT? | Proxies-free

This program pays $10 for signing up, $0.20 for every click on your link and $5 for every signup.
In a nutshell you will get paid for small tasks like reviews, install app and for bringing in referrals.
The minimum withdraw is $100 either to PayPal or BTC wallet.

By the looks of the earnings here it takes no time at all in getting to $100;
In the few short minutes I have been a member I have earned $34.80 and going up with every click.

It’s basically an Influencer program where you assist them to advertise their sponsors.

The payouts showing on the site are amazingly high with members cashing out thousands of dollars.Another too good to be true site? lets find out.
You get paid for people just clicking on your link.
See screenshots below:

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>>For anyone who can share their link it is easy money<<

Just minutes in:

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Who wants to give Moneyguru.co a spin and see if it’s a SCAM or LEGIT??

Steroid – Steroid.one : scam or legit bot ? – HYIPs

👉As you know already cryptocurrency trading is an industry that make a lot of money for me a lot of people everyday,

👉Since the begining of this technology many lives around the world have changed, including my life, since it has improved our financial situation

👉The other thing that has changed the world today is the power of artificial intelligence and the thinking of this machine learnings like humans

👉If we combine cryptocurrency with artificial intelligence we will get The powerful Bot of Steriod

👉Steroid is a bot that trade for you cryptocurrency automatically on Binance and Bitmex, This bot has not made any unsuccessful trade since its creation in the beginning of 2019, All its trades were positif,In addition to that you have just to combine the epic of penance or bitmex with the bot on the steroid platform, what means that you are in the control of your capital since your capital will be on binance an bitmex

👉You can stop the bot at any time you want and withdraw your money on binance or bitmex, since the only the authorisation that the bot get from binance and bitmex is trading for you on this 2 platform, he can’t withdraw your money.

👉You can check by yourself the results of the bot from my own deposit of 300 USDT on Binance Futures

👉If you are interested inbox me to follow you and insist you step by step to setup the bot and start earning money on an automatic mode .🔥🔥🔥💸💸💸

👉 To join Steriod please click on this link :

👉 To join binance please click on this link :

👉 To join bitmex please click on this link :

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You will get 0.001$ from each ad and there are 10 ads available on this website…You can earn 0.01$ daily from the ads…You can earn more by referrals…
Currently i am facing a problem on the website…ads are not loading on the page…i tried many times but ads are still loading and loading again… they are not clickable…


is anyone else facing the same problem?

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darkptc.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?

darkptc.com is a pay to click website from where we can make money by

*** Viewing Advertisements

We can earn up to $0.01 per click ( 10 Fixed Advertisements)

*** Contests

*** Referrals

We can earn up to 5% per referral purchase

To get paid we need a minimum $0.01 and can get paid Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Airtm, Skrill & Payeer.