Convert a numeric number to a letter PostgreSQL

i have this function :

this function retrieve only integer part, i want to retrieve also decimal part.

i tried : select concat(en_function(2053), ‘ point’, en_function(21))
but it is not the good approch.
i want to make : select en_function(2053.21) and function return : two thousand fifty-four point twenty-one

how can i do that?

bookings – Airline abbreviated infant’s first name to single letter. Problem?

There are already a lot of questions on this site regarding ticket/passport name mismatches, but here is one with an extra twist:

We just booked a flight from Berlin to Boston (including return flight) for my wife, our infant child, and me, with Lufthansa (on their website). In the booking form, we entered all our names exactly as in the passports. We also had to specify whom our child was travelling with (we chose my wife). There was some weird popup saying that a name had been shortened. Now, in the “booking details” e-mail, my wife and our child are grouped together as follows:

<my wife's last name>/<my wife's first name> MRS with <first letter of our child's first given name> <complete double barrelled last name of our child with hyphen replaced by space>

Is it common practice to shorten an infant’s given names to a single letter? I’m a bit worried that when they print our tickets/boarding passes and there is only the first letter on it, they won’t accept that at the various airport security checks.

software – Regex to match dot periodically between each letter C#

I want a regular expression that will match a dot between each letter of string and must have a dot at the end of the string.
For example:
the following would be valid: H.E.L.L.O.
the following would be invalid: HE.L.L.O. OR H.E.L.L.O

I have tried with this one:


but it did not work for every letter!

Thanks in advance!

contacts – Avatar on hangouts flashes a circle with a letter

When I log into my hangouts to message my boyfriend, sometimes the picture flashes a green circle with a letter and then loads the picture again. It doesn’t happen all the time, just occasionally.

Does this mean they are using more than one Google account at the same time or just logging into other accounts and logging out to log back into the account we use?

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How to explain the unsolvability of S5 group by using the three letter cycle substitution?

We know that S5 is an unsolvable group in abstract algebra. This is a very basic and important conclusion. I want to know how to explain this theory with the help of the three letter cycle.

$$gamma=(j l i)(m k j)(i l i)(j k m)=(i j k) in S_{s}, text { For all } i, j, k .$$

Taking group S5 as an example, we need to prove that for any i,j,k, there exists the following relation:

   γ = Cycles({{j, l, i}}) Cycles({{m, k, j}}) Cycles({{i, l, 
        i}}) Cycles({{j, k, m}})

γ belongs to S5. But I don’t know how to use MMA to verify this conclusion. How can I achieve this requirement concisely?

Page 408 of this book mentions the three letter cycle:

enter image description here

javascript – Update textField to first letter capital and rest lower case

Is there an option via JavaScript to say: if the FirstName textfield is not null then update the text so that it is 1st letter being capital and the remaining lower case?

For example somebody types in the FistName textfield: jOHN (accidently).
This is how then the data is stored in SharePoint list, and I would like so that a java script updates the written text into the correct format before it is stored wrongly in the SP list.

I am trying something like this:

    NWF$(document).ready(function () {
    NWF$("#" + txtFirstName).change(function () {
        // get the text value from the FirstNname textfield
        var textContent = NWF$('#' + txtFirstName).text();

        // check to see if the value is not null
        if (textContent.length > 0) {

            // format the first letter to UpperCase and the rest to LowerCase
            textContent = NWF$("#" + txtFirstName).toUpperCase() + txtFirstName.substr(1).toLowerCase();
            this.value = txtFirstName;

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visas – Does the United States Department of State issue any US record clearance letter?

I am a French citizen, US permanent resident, California resident, and currently located in California, US. I am applying for a visa: the visa application requires a letter of verification stating that the applicant has no criminal record. In my case, the embassy of the country I am the kind the visa for is telling me that they accept the following two options to obtain the US record clearance letter:

  1. From the FBI
  2. From the State Department (a.k.a. United States Department of State)

I know how to do it for the FBI, but I couldn’t find information on how to get such a letter directly from the United States Department of State.