Contest – Thai Letters Tattoo Design – $ 25

I need a tattoo design that consists of Thai words for "now or never".

Google translate say it is
นี้ หรือ ไม่
but I can not be sure. Extra points when someone speaks Thai and can prove that this means "now or never" or can provide the correct translation.

The tattoo is vertical, as it runs along the neck, and I want two versions. In one case, the letters are aligned normally (but the sentence is rotated 90 degrees to the right so that it begins at the ear and ends at the shoulder), and the other is where each letter is horizontal and the letters are superimposed. Like this:

patience-neck tattoo-for-men.jpg

This is what both designs should look like, the difference being the rotation of each letter. As in the picture above or 90 degrees to the right.

The letters should be designed either with a Moldr Thai Black font (or a similar font) or similar:
Muay Thai letter-450w-492872065.jpg

The design is supposed to be black and white, but I'll allow some shades and cool serifs and whatever you want, if the design gets better.

It is crucial that in this design as well as on the pictures the letters must look as if they had mixed together. No place.

They have 48 hours, ie until the end of February 20 in the time zone CET.

I think this is a simple design that will not cause you any problems if you have access to Thai fonts. The details, however, decide on the winner.

The winning design is to be delivered in vector format. The winner gets $ 25 and knows that his design is permanent on my skin :)

Beginners – counting lowercase and uppercase letters in a string in Python

Your code is mostly good. I would suggest more meaningful names for variables, e.g. I is usually a name for integer / index variables; As you iterate over letters / characters, you can choose c, char, To let, or letter, To the stri'You could just call it phrase (That's what you asked the user for). You have the idea. Make the names self-documenting.

You could make it look "prettier" by doing a single pass per test and replacing:

stri_up = 0
stri_lo = 0
for me in stri:
if i.isupper ():
stri_up + = 1
if i.islower ():
stri_lo + = 1


stri_up = sum (1 for let in stri if let.isupper ())
stri_lo = sum (1 for let in stri if let.islower ())

This is less efficient in theory because it has to move stri twice, while the original code does this only once, but in practice it is probably faster; on the CPython reference interpreter, total is highly optimized for this case and avoids the construction of a number of intermediates int Objects when summing.

respond – Good people, how do I create a code for translating binary files for letters?

Salve, I've been trying for almost a day to apply everything I know, and even what I do not know, to a simple site that translates sentences or words into binary numbers (which I've already achieved through this site) and binary numbers translated into letters or phrases, I searched everywhere for more than 5 hours and found nothing I found, has C and some other languages, but I've tried everything to convert JSX and nothing, everyone has an idea how this works out ? I have already used 30 lines of code and 5 to solve this problem. I have not found a way, but my current code for this problem is:

binary1 = document.getElementById ("input1"). value
Values ​​= binario1.split ("")
for (i = 0; i <values.length; i ++) {
c = values[i].charCodeAt (0);
document.getElementById ("input2"). innerHTML = c;