dnd 5e – Which Level Spell Can a Level 3 Paladin Have?

The paladin table from the basic rules shows the magic fields by grade levels. For a third-level Paladin, they get two 1st level magic places their spells work out.
From the Paladin cast, we have:

You prepare the list of Paladin spells that you can select from the list of Paladin spells. If you do, select a number of Paladin spells that equal your Charisma Modifier + half of your Paladin Level, rounded (at least one spell). The spells must have a level for which you have spell slots.

I would recommend that you read the general spelling rules for issue 5, as your question seems to have some misconceptions about how spelling and grade levels are related.

Adjust the block in several steps according to the level

I have created a multi-level form with the following tutorial. Which is nice!

Can I also change a block based on the step you are in?

In my case I have an activity registration form created according to the example above. Step 1: Select a location, Step 2: Select a time, Step 3: Confirm.

I also have a custom block next to the form, which contains information about the activity a user will register for. (based on the URL variables). Can I change the contents of the block according to the step the user is in?

I would think that this step information must be passed to the block based on the step you are in, but how?


I've just tried something, but that will not be right
I have this hook_block_view:

Function MODULE_block_view ($ delta = & # 39; & # 39;) {
$ block = array ();

Switch ($ delta) {
case & # 39; MODULE_info_block & # 39 ;:
$ block['content'] = MODULE_info_block_view ();

return $ block;

And the block construction:

Function MODULE_info_block_view ($ test = & # 39; testdata & # 39;) {
dpm ($ test);

In the form I can call:

MODULE_info_block_view (this is form data)

But of course I get two dpm messages … Can I call the block construction somewhere in a form?

dnd 5e – Have I just found a new build? 5 weapon attacks in level 6

You yourself mentioned that in one round you used up all your spell points for that day and needed a short break to regain your action boost.

Booming Blade triggering is nearly impossible, the errata requires the movement to be voluntary.


A fifth tier level fighter can use this maul to perform round 2 rounds of rounds that cause 2d6 + 4 damage per hit. That's an average of 11 damage per hit, 22 per turn. In the first round, he also uses hes action surge for 44 damage.

You make 5 attacks in one turn, 3x 2W6 + 3 + 1W8 1 halved for 43.5 on average to the first goal and 2x 2d6 + 3 + 1d82 for 14.5 to the secondary. In the following rounds, you inflict 14.5 damage.

In the first round, you only outperform the fighter at the same level if there is a secondary goal, and fall far behind in the following rounds. Her total damage for the first three rounds is 87, his damage is 88.
This does not even take into account that you have a lower chance to hit because you did not receive an ASI like the Fifth Level Fighter. Also, he can repeat this after a short break while you need a long break.

This is a lot of effort for less than mediocre results.

1) an ASI behind it
2) Attacks on secondary targets are counted at 50%, as accepted in the currently non-existent WotC forums, as they may not exist

Does DSLR (without exposure metering / live preview) + light meter have the same level of difficulty as working with movies?

Your question seems to focus mainly on the exposure. Let me shed some light on the topic.

Ignoring the built-in meter, using a hand-held meter, and full manual settings is a good practice, whether you're taking digital or movie footage.

You will not get a histogram with movie. The best way to learn how to measure a scene and set the exposure right now.

However, this only makes sure that you have properly exposed your movie. You also have to develop it correctly and print it correctly. You can only prepare for these steps as you become familiar with the concepts. It's the basic chemistry, not the rocket science. you'll be fine.

Other things you can do to prepare are:

  • Use small cards. Ridiculously small cards. For a 35mm roll, you'll get 24 or 36 frames, depending on the roll size. Even less at 645. Even less at 6×6. Even less if 6×7. You understand what I mean. Practice now by really taking the time to compose and get the recording you want. Slower.
  • Change your exposure priority. Digital blast the highlights and they're gone – there's no turning back. But movies (black-and-white and color negatives) tolerate overexposure so much better. They want to "illuminate shadows, develop highlights". This is especially true for color negatives that are never underexposed. Do not worry too much about overexposure. It takes a lot to block the highlights.
  • As you progress, you are now practicing loading a reel. Get a few rolls of cheap movies that you can waste in your practice. You want to be able to crack a can and charge a roll in complete darkness with ease.
  • Just hold it. As you can read above, you will find the endless obsessive threads in pushing / pulling / standing development / halfway / etc / etc / etc. Shoot at box speed and develop according to the information on the bottle / film – do what the manufacturer dictates. If you've edited enough movies to predict the look, you can experiment a little.
  • In accordance with the above point, select a single developer and not more than 3 movies (low ISO values) [100 or less ISO]middle area [400 or 800] and a fast movie [1600 or 3200]). You really want to get to know a process, so choose one and stick with it until you know it inside out.

bootcamp – Boot Camp Low audio level with 3.5mm audio port


When you use the 3.5mm audio output when booting in Windows 10, audio is barely audible at maximum volume. Built-in speakers are working properly. That is, the volume is very quiet when my headphones are connected. The Windows partition is installed via the Boot Camp Assistant.

Device: 2018 15 "MacBook Pro, Vega 20 GPU.

Operating system: Tested under Windows 10, 1809 AND 1903 (both fully updated)

Boot Camp Assistant Version: 6.1.0 (6067.230.4)

What I tried:

  • Install Windows 10 1809 and 1903 clean
  • Enable and disable Windows Sonic for headphones
  • Audio enhancements can not be disabled (the tab is missing for some reason)
  • Reinstall Mojave
  • Reinstall the Windows Support Software


The Cirrus audio driver does not seem to be installed, but the Apple audio driver. I assume that this is normal?


Is this a driver problem or a "me" problem? The headphone volume is normal when using macOS Mojave. The installation of Windows 10 went smoothly and was uneventful. I did not have this problem on my 2015 15 "MacBook Pro.

mobile data – S7 slow practically useless at the app level

I know that this is a common complaint, but I have reviewed the forums and can not find a solution to this very specific problem. Symptoms: Since my return from abroad 2 months ago my S7 hardly receives data from the mobile network at the app level, e.g. I was just trying to load Google News, and it took about 20 seconds. The next two attempts ran out.

Strange thing is, if I activate the hotspot and connect a tablet or a laptop, the same page is loaded immediately. Therefore, antannae obv. Alright, data transfer test from the laptop to the hotspot are as follows:

Enter image description here

However, I can not even run this test directly on the phone.
With WLAN it behaves much better, without the data transfer is noticeably slower.

What I have tried:

  • Uninstall all games, unnecessary apps from my kids, etc.

  • clear cache

  • Use a cache cleanup app

  • Factory settings reset

  • Hard reset

  • Delete the APN settings and drag again

None of the above statements has any effect. These days, I've decided to hotspot my 7-inch tablet instead of using the phone directly.

Can someone please free me from my misery – I'm just about to throw this thing together.

sharepoint online – Office UI fabric responds to problems rendering the Commandbar 3rd level menu

I had a similar problem. I use the spfx extension to render the navigation (starting point was the starter kit). My problem was that the floating submenu was no longer clickable if the command bar became smaller while minimizing the browser's width (actually in the mobile view).

I fixed the issue by removing the itemType value (itemType: ContextualMenuItemType) to declare the "IContextualMenuItem" object for command bar elements.

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