Sharepoint 2013 – Add the "Expand / Collapse" button for two grouping levels

I am not a programmer. I have a FAQ page that is a newsletter style list view. Two grouping levels are used: 1st category 2nd question.

I want to add a shift key or 2 expand all and collapse all buttons.
I've tried using some codes from the web, but it looks like they either only work with a grouping level or don't expand or collapse a partially open list.

If anyone has a solution, please help!

Ease of use – How to manage navigation at many levels before the main operation

I am designing a web application that needs 4 levels to manage the flowcharts, which is the main purpose of the application.
The structure is something like this:

Company name – folder

Component names – subfolders

Group name – sub – subfolders

List of flowcharts

The problem is that the user has to click 4 times to accomplish his main task. How should the levels be grouped or restructured to make the process more efficient?

Different authorization levels when sharing documents or folders in SharePoint 2013

I have two SharePoint sites. I am the administrator of the site collection and have assigned a user the Manage level for a folder. The user can share this folder with others via the "Share" button. On a site, during approval, they are given the option to select the permission level from the "View Options" link, and there are 5-6 permission levels (approve, edit, contribute, etc.).
While he has the same permission on a folder on the other site and while sharing the folder, he is only given the "Edit" and "View" options on the right, and there is no option to select permission levels.
How does that happen? Can someone please tell me the details of this behavior? I need the behavior of the second page everywhere. The user should not see 10 different authorization levels, but only edit and display them. but it doesn't happen on every page.

Please help and suggest how I can achieve this.

GUI design – what kind of colors should I use for 3 levels of message bars to improve the user experience?

We have developed a mobile application for assessment tests. Where we need to display 3 levels of information after the header. Here are the screenshots:

Enter the image description here

Enter the image description here

As shown in the screenshots above, we show 3 types of information bars (competence, question & subquery / instruction).

What colors should I use for a better user experience? I tried to create different palettes of materials, but I'm not sure if they are eye-catching or pleasant to look at.

This is important because an assessment test contains around 100 questions.

Format math formulas in Google Docs – nest multiple superscript and subscript levels

Does anyone know if Google Docs supports nested superscripts and subscripts like the following?



When I try the Format-> Text menu options, everything is formatted relative to the main line. If the same formatting is applied to text that already has this attribute, this option is disabled instead of allowing embedding in text.

Unreal crashes when changing levels

Can someone help me? I'm trying to switch levels in Unreal Engine. The card I have is just the standard card, a cube with activated collisions and a trigger ball with a single "Open Level" node connected to the "ActorBeginOverlap" node. Every time there is overlap, it crashes unreally and I get the following message:

Fatal error: (File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Editor/UnrealEd/Private/EditorEngine.cpp) (Line: 6986) Previously active world /Game/UEDPIE_0_NewMap.NewMap not cleaned up by garbage collection! Referenced by: (root) UnrealEdEngine /Engine/Transient.UnrealEdEngine_0->Trans TransBuffer /Engine/Transient.TransBuffer_0::AddReferencedObjects() (PendingKill) World /Game/UEDPIE_0_NewMap.NewMap

dnd 3.5e – I play a Marilith demon who is the leader of an evil campaign. How should I hold the party together after I've reached very high levels?

During a while of playing a 2e session with multiple 3.5e conversions, I've recently (over the past 7 years) been experimenting with how to play bad campaigns and monster characters like Mind Flayers (with whom I really do well bin), A Gloom (part of an epic level opening game), Baatezu, trolls, fairies, sprites, Hunefers (another epic level launch campaign), bugbears and a small hand full of other monsters.
In this campaign we played for 2 years and reached levels between 64 and 76

Current party

  • Nuetral Evil Medusa (Level 72 Wizard / Archmage 5)
  • Chaotic evil Marilith Tanar & # 39; ri (Level 77 warrior)
  • Chaotic evil Vrock Tanar & # 39; ri (Lvl 38 Barbarian / Lvl 34 Legendary Dreadnought)
  • Chaotic evil Succubus Tanar & # 39; ri (Level 66 Bard / Level 2 Rouge)
  • Legal Evil Noble Efreeti (Level 20 fighter / Level 48 fire elementalist)
  • Neutral evil Greater Barghest Chameleon (Lvl 56 Assassin / Lvl 20 Perfect Wight)
  • Chaotic evil Vampire drow (Level 32 Black Guardian / Level 20 Cleric / Level 24 Divine Emissary)
  • Neutral evil Corpse Tear Linnorm (Lvl 60 Necromancer / Lvl 18 Dread Necromancer)

I have a little problem figuring out how to keep this diverse group together. The blood war, the personal problems and the ambitions in the group make us a little nervous. Each of us struggles with personal goals. During our time we fought the armies of heaven, slaughtered many Baatezu / Devils, looted villages, fought against the forces of good, fought against the Harper, including fights against the selected Mystras, and basically devastated most of the planes. Now, after a while, as our power grows, some of us are a little further away from others and others have become a little suspicious, which has caused many to create secondary plans and safeguards just in case. I don't want this to get out of hand because this campaign is too amazing to end. I need a solution that does not involve a common enemy (for certain reasons) or money. So how am I going to string this happy band together?

Dungeons and Dragons – What is the priority for what happens to a warlock's character levels when his patron saint dies?

Let's say my multi-level Warlock 3 / Sorcerer 17 and his group have just killed his patron saint and fulfilled a lifelong dream of being free of an ancestral pact with the evil devil. He has zero Interest in becoming "sworn in and committed" to a new entity.

Well, according to this somewhat related question, "What happens if the entity that a warlock makes a pact with is killed?" Is basically the accepted answer "No patron, no power". This makes sense from the point of view of losing the ability to work pact magic, as well as access to the various class skills acquired by the devil's patron saint.

However, there are still 3 levels of characters with which it is not clear what to do. These levels were reached through adventure. So what happens to them? Does the experience just evaporate? Will it be transferred to the assistant levels?

Obviously, the easy way out is "It's because of the DM". What I am indeed Search is whether priority has ever been given to what happens when a character basically loses access to a class. For example, 5e Oathbreaker Paladin shows what happens to a paladin who breaks his oath.

I am interested in finding a priority in the history of D&D that will help a DM decide how to deal with it.

What is the priority for what happens to a warlock's character levels when his patron dies?

unit – Unity3D: Create and share levels with players without updating the game

I use Unity. I am new to Unity but I have a strong C ++ Opengl background in game creation and I have also written my game engine. I want to share levels with players without updating the game. I want all levels to be part of a scene. There are two problems here …

  1. Create levels for once Scene 2. Share levels with players

For the first problem, I would have created a layer editor without a unit and placed some objects there and generated a JSON file that contains things like transform and asset that the object uses.

For the second problem, I looked at Firebase, which has a so-called real-time database that solves the problem

Can anyone give me an idea of ​​how I can have a solid, comfortable structure to create and share layers in the UNITY engine?

Thank you very much.