Get the Empty columns from the SharePoint Online document library using Graph API?

I’m trying to fetch all the columns of the list using graph api but unable to get the empty item.

Code Snipped below:

GraphServiceClient graphClient = new GraphServiceClient( authProvider );

var queryOptions = new List<QueryOption>()
    new QueryOption("expand", "fields(select=Subject,Tags)")

var listItem = await graphClient.Sites("****").Lists("a9d77810-fd52-49d5-a057-eafd89d62f0f").Items("1")
    .Request( queryOptions )

Response :

    "fields": {
        "@odata.etag": ""27d5b44b-1bbe-4d85-b246-b13280541577,2"",
        "Subject": "aaaa"

Here, I’m only getting the Subject but not the Tags column. The Tags column is present in library only, but it is empty.

Overwrite / Delete to SP Library

I have a Library.

The Library contains existing (inheited) files, and new files are added. Some of the new files will have the same name as the existing files.

I have a basic ‘New Document’ Flow, connected to a PowerApps buttons, that uploads the attachment to the Library.

Trigger: PowerApps
Create File: Site: Site; Path: Library; File Name: PowerApps CreateFile_Name…; File Content: Expresssion: base64…;
Respond to PowerApps: SharePointFileLink Site/Path

Everything works fine, if it’s a ‘New’ document.

If the document already exists and I am trying to update the existing, as formatted, the Flow creates a new version with no file extension.

How do I add a ‘Delete File’ action in the Flow language above that will take the ‘CQTitleUnqID’ availabel to me from the PowerApps Gallery (and used in the Library as the documents UniqueID), to delete the existing version – and ONLY that document, and then flow through with the ‘Create File’ piece of the flow?

migration – what is the best way to migrate data from one sharepoint online library to another sharepoint online library within the same site collection. Any tool

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workflow – Using My Own UnqID in List and Library

I created the following flow. It almost gets me what I want.

It updates the FMSSID that I want to the new document posted to the Library. 

However, the flow is updating the document FMSSID based on the ‘ID’ created by SharePoint.

My desires is to have my own ‘UnqID’ used to tie a List Item to a Library Document. I’ve already created the auto-generating field in PowerApps. The UnqID is uploaded to the List anytime a new document is created. I need that same ‘UnqID’ referenced in the Patch or Flow so that is also populates along side the new document posted in the Library and acts as its UnqID.

enter image description here

sharepoint enterprise – Flow Updates Library Column with ID from PowerApps

I am still in desparate need of resolution.

I have a Gallery in which I enter data – including a User created ‘JobUnqID’. I am Patching the ‘JobUnqID’ to the List. I am uploading a document the an attachment control to a ‘JobDocsLibrary’. The Flow is below. Where do I add the language the will Patch (as this is a new document) the appropriate and specific ‘JobCQUnqID’ along side the document in the Library as a result of the Patch / Flow action. I’ve gotten it to kinda work; but its overwritting the wrong item (or multiple wrong items) in the Library.


When and item is created


List Name: JobsLibrary

Get Files (properties only)

Site (same as above)

Library Name: JobsDocLibrary

(Both of the above have a column for ‘JobCQUnqID’; the ‘JobCQUnqID’ is being created in the PowerApps Gallery and Patched to the ‘JobsList’)

Apply to each


Update file properties


Library Name: ‘JobDocsLibrary’

Id: SpID (items(‘Apply_to_each_2’)?(ID)

JobCQUnqID: (items((‘Apply_to_each_2’)?(‘JobCQUnqID’)

c# – Unity 2D animated tiles library: IsSelected variable not working or not present within RuleTileEditor.cs

I have just tried downloading a library which will allow me to add animated tiles to unity. I have been following this tutorial:

It told me to download this library in order to work the animated tiles:

After this the tutorial told me to unzip the library and place it into my assets folder. It loaded into my assets folder and then got the following error:

Assets2d-extras-master2d-extras-masterEditorTilesRuleTileRuleTileEditor.cs(277,26): error 
CS1061: 'ReorderableList' does not contain a definition for 'IsSelected' and no accessible extension 
method 'IsSelected' accepting a first argument of type 'ReorderableList' could be found (are you 
missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Does anyone perhaps know why this error is occuring.

document library – Apply New Default Column Value to PreExisting List Items

I am creating a calculated date column that adds a year to the end date column. I have a document library and I created a default column value for that column. Once I implemented it, the column populates to all the list/library items, but there is no value populating to it? Do I have to manually enter it into each item? I tried this in another list and it automatically populated to the single document that was in the library, I do not want to have to manually populate to hundreds of documents if I do not have to.

Python 3 IRCbot (library) – Code Review Stack Exchange

Just want you guys to review my python 3 IRC bot code, it is actually a fork of

You can see the source code at github

I also have questions:

  1. I really can’t find out how to change the ident for the bot, can I change the ident?
  2. Can I change the ident by modifying the user authentication code?

In addition to answering my question, you can submit a pr at GitHub if you want yourself to be in the contributions list.

The file is as below:

Copyright (c) 2016 Linux Academy
Copyright (c) 2021 BK IRCbot team and contributors

Licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1
See the LICENSE file distributed with the source code
OR Visit

This project is a fork of

NOTE      This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful - WITHOUT
           ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or

# socket for irc socket
import socket
# os for file handling, currently not required
# import os

# conf
from conf import server, port, channel, botnick, adminnick, password, exitcode, filename

# Create a socket
ircsock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)

if adminnick == "" or botnick == "":
    print("Notice: BK_IRCbot: adminnick or botnick is empty!")

ircsock.connect((server, port))  # Here we connect to the server
# We need to send some info to the server to let the server identify us.
# USER <username> <hostname> <servername> :<realname>
    "USER " + botnick + " " + botnick + " " + botnick +
    " :IRCbot by Linux Academy and Puneet Gopinath.n",
))  # user information
    "NICK " + botnick + "n",
))  # assign the nick to the bot
    "NickServ identify " + password + "n",
))  # login to the botnick's IRC account

def joinchan(chan):
    """Join channel(s)

    chan (string): Channel(s) to join. Seperate a channel using a comma, e.g. #chan,#chan2

    null: Returns null.
    # The ‘bytes’ part and "UTF-8” says to send the message to IRC as UTF-8 encoded bytes.
    # You will see this on all the lines where we send data to the IRC server.
    ircsock.send(bytes("JOIN " + chan + "n", "UTF-8"))
    # The "n” at the end of the line denotes to send a new line character.
    # It tells the server that we’re finished that command.
    # After sending the join command, we start a loop
    # To continuously check and receive new info from server
    # UNTIL we get a message from the server ‘End of /NAMES list.’.
    # This will indicate we have successfully joined the channel.
    # The details of how each function works is described in the main function section below.
    # This is necessary so we don't process the joining message as commands.
    ircmsg = ""
    while ircmsg.find("End of /NAMES list.") == -1:
        ircmsg = ircsock.recv(2048).decode("UTF-8")
        ircmsg = ircmsg.strip("nr")

def ping():
    """If the server send a ping to us, respond with a pong.

    null: Returns null.
    ircsock.send(bytes("PONG :pingisn", "UTF-8"))

def sendmsg(msg, target):
    """Send a message to a channel or some nick

    msg (string): The message.
    target (string): Send message to which channel/nick?

    null: Returns null.
    # Here we are sending a PRIVMSG to the server.
    # The " :" lets the server separate the target and the message.
    ircsock.send(bytes("PRIVMSG " + target + " :" + msg + "n", "UTF-8"))

def logger(name, msg):
    """Log message

    name (string): Name to person who sent the message
    msg (string): The message.

    null: Returns null.
    irclog = open(filename, "r")
    content = irclog.readlines()
    # loop through the content of the chat log and reduce to 100 lines, starting with oldest.
    # Definitely a better way to do this, needs improvement.
    irclog = open(filename, "w")
    while len(content) > 100:
    if len(content) > 0:
        for i in content:
            irclog.write(i.strip("nr") + "n")
    # write newest message to log.
    irclog.write(name + ":" + msg.strip("nr") + "n")

def start():
    """Start the bot

    null: Returns null.
    # start by joining the channel(s) we defined.
    chan = ""
    for x in channel:
        chan += x + ","
    # Start infinite loop to keep checking and receive new info from server.
    # This ensures our connection stays open.
    # An infinite while loop works better in this case.
    while 1:
        # Here we are receiving information from the IRC server.
        # IRC will send out information encoded in UTF-8 characters
        # We’re telling our socket to receive up to 2048 bytes and decode it as UTF-8 characters.
        # We then assign it to the ircmsg variable for processing.
        ircmsg = ircsock.recv(2048).decode("UTF-8")
        # This part will remove any line break characters from the string.
        ircmsg = ircmsg.strip("nr")
        # This will print the received information to your terminal.
        # Useful for debugging purposes
        # Here we check if the information we received was a PRIVMSG.
        # PRIVMSG is standard messages sent to the channel or direct messages sent to the bot.
        # Most of the processing of messages will be in this section.
        if ircmsg.find("PRIVMSG") != -1:
            # Messages come from IRC in the format of
            # ":(Nick)!~(hostname)@(IP Address) PRIVMSG (channel) :(message)"
            name = ircmsg.split("!", 1)(0)(1:)
            # message.
            message = ircmsg.split("PRIVMSG", 1)(1).split(" :", 1)(1)
            # To whom (or to which channel) it was sent.
            sentTo = ircmsg.split("PRIVMSG", 1)(1).split(" :", 1)(0).lstrip()
            if (sentTo.lower() == botnick.lower()):
                sendTo = name
                sendTo = sendTo
            # Log the message
            logger(name, "(Sent To: " + sentTo + ") :" + message)
            # We check if the name is less than 17 characters.
            # Nicks (at least for Freenode) are limited to 16 characters.
            admin = name.lower() == adminnick.lower()
            if len(name) < 17:
                if message.find("Hi " + botnick) != -1 or message.find("Who is " + botnick) != -1:
                    sendmsg("Hello " + name + "!", sendTo)
                        "I am a bot created by PuneetGopinath, " +
                        "initialy developed by Linux Academy. " +
                        "Credits to Linux Academy and PuneetGopinath. " +
                        "Please report any issues at " +
                if admin and message.rstrip() == "Clear the file, " + botnick:
                    sendmsg("Ok, will clear the file.", sendTo)
                    irclog = open(filename, "w")
                # Here we add in some code to help us get the bot to stop.
                # Check whether the name of the person sending the message matches the admin nick.
                # We make sure the message EXACTLY matches the exit code above.
                # The only adjustment here is to trim at the right end of the message.
                if admin and message.rstrip() == exitcode:
                        "Bye... 😭 Waiting to see you again!!",
                    # Send the quit command to the IRC server so it knows we’re leaving.
                    ircsock.send(bytes("QUIT n", "UTF-8"))
                    # The return command ends the function here
                    # So the bot stops
        # If the message is not a PRIVMSG it still might need some response.
            # Check if the info we received was a PING request.
            # If yes, we call the ping() function so we respond with a PONG to the server.
            if ircmsg.find("PING :") != -1:

# The main function is defined, we need to start it.

sharepoint online – Selecting Document Library through PropertyPane in SPFX

Here is the description about webpart

Both webpart are same and only one ,only changed the heading and labels and their input’s ID through property pane

One Webpart is working fine on a page ,but when uploading multiple webpart getting issues

But on the click of first webpart input fields , getting the value on the second Webpart

Selecting Different Input id for both webpart through propertyPane

enter image description here

Here is the property pane of my webpart which is same for both webpart but selected different value for property pane of both webpart

Getting Folders on the basis of DocumentLibrary selected in the property pane as well as documentType’s value is also getting from property pane

I am getting value of folder as well as documentType on the double click on the folder’s input as well as documentType input respectively

enter image description here

How to create an event handler to throw a javascript alert() when a document is uploaded to 2016 Sharepoint document library?

How to create an event handler to throw a JavaScript alert() when a document is uploaded to 2016 SharePoint document library? I would like the alert message to state the file name. This seems like it should be simple enough, but every where I look I need visual studio and need to know .NET.