c ++ – A beginner should use a library?

I am a beginner programmer and learning C ++. I'm curious if I'm using a library (Boost Library, OpenGL, etc.). Does not limit my programming skills? I mean, this library has prepared functions, declarations … I want to deepen the language. For example, if I want to do a game, I want to do it from scratch, so that I can learn all the subtleties of the language.

for example

  • Create your own console window for playing the game
  • Make your own camera and sound system
  • etc.

Am I wrong ?

Use of the library in Frankfurt as a short-term visitor

What options do I have if I want to spend a few hours in a reading room at a Frankfurt library? I'm not in town for long, and I do not have an address that is not a hotel. Therefore I can not apply for a card or similar.

I would prefer an open library with international press, large, bright rooms, non-crowded, long office hours (outside normal office hours) and free entry. I remember that in Berlin I had to pay a small fee to enter (the State Library). That would be acceptable if there is no other option.

Online, I found a number of municipal libraries, the National Library and the Central University Library (apparently open to the public).

What would a good game be?

Windows 7 – Working with the Python Pyautogui Library

My name is Anita Kenchannavar and I am currently working on a hand movement control project with Python and Arduino. I've connected the ultrasound sensor to Arduino and can detect the gesture. I installed Pyautogui on Pyhton 2.7 on my PC and tried to control the VLC Media Player with these gestures. I use the shortcuts to control the VLC player in my Python code, but the commands do not work. Have many such projects in the network reported. I have used similar coding. but not working please help. Operating System – Windows 7 Ultimate. The simple typewriter command works, but pressing hotkeys and shorcut buttons does not work through the Pyhton module or the shell.

Hang Steam library

I bought an Easystore hard drive and tried to select it as the new library folder, but when I did, I said it must be on a file system mounted with execute permissions, the file is in "var-host" media -ovable ". Please help me. Many thanks!!

Permissions – If the library is not visible to you, why is the automatic link displayed in the current navigation?

I used to remember that the users who were removed should NOT see the library link if you stop inheriting permissions from above and display the automatic link in the current navigation of a library. Now you can see the library link, but if you click on it, you will see an empty library. I expected the page to have no access, but no, only the library with no content (but it can see all the metadata columns).

Do I remember wrong or has something changed? The only way to "hide" the URL is to use audience targeting in Settings – Navigation ?.

I use a classic page.

I need a good graphics library for C

I try to develop games in C I do not want anything super-complex like a game engine. I just want something that creates a window, and I can display shapes or pictures (in the form of textures). What is the simplest and most cross-platform way to do this? (I do not want to rewrite my code for Windows after I've created a Linux.) Which library works best for what I'm describing? Is openGL good? How about SDL? Maybe GTK?

I'm not ready to use a game engine like Unity3D or change language.

Does one of these features support playing sound effects and drawing textures?

I know that this is not a site where you can ask for recommendations, but I spent hours researching and no results.

How can I use the Quick Chart web part with data from a document library?

I want to use the Quick Chart web part with data from a document library, not a list.

When I try to place a Quick Chart web part on my page, it seems only possible to connect to a LIST or enter values ​​manually.

I want the content to come from specific documents, be marked as process maps in my library, and use column values ​​from a column called FPMO

I use Sharepoint Online.

The document library contains all text values