ivy – Angular – How to use local library inside of another local library

I’m creating some libraries in order to use on my projects. To do so I created two fundamental library named core and shared

 - core
 - shared

I’m able to build my core library into dist/core which in a path that defined as @base/core in root tsconfig.json (which is inherited in tsconfig.lib.prod.json)

In my project files I’m able to use CoreModule imported from @base/core. But I cant access my CoreModule inside of projects/shared. When I build the shared it throws errors about it cant find my models, services, pipes inside of the CoreModule.

How can I make it my shared library to resolved CoreModule in dist folder. My current angular is 10.2.0

sharepoint server – Creating a new document in a Modern library doesn’t work properly

I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction on a strange problem. In our SharePoint 2019 system we recently installed when you go to a library and click New Document and select a content type with an associated Word template we named “Blank Document”, Word is not launched. Instead a new item called “Document” is automatically created in the Modern library called “Document” but with no extension. When you open the “document” you see what looks like binary but there is a enough readable text to indicate that it is the “blank Document” template. After downloading the item and adding .the docx extension I was able to confirm that it was indeed the “blank document” template.

Here’s the funny part if in the library you switch to Classic mode, everything works fine. So I was wondering whether Modern actually supports the ability to create a document from a template. If does support it what issue could be stopping if from working given it works in Classic? I should point out the above behavior described above is not localized to one just library but happens in every library in our system.

SharePoint 2013 designer workflow created documents inside library shows blank word document

I have one list and one library. The requirement is when any list item gets created automatically the 2013 designer workflow will create a corresponding record inside the library. The library uses one docuemnt template over the content type “Documents” and the document template consumes some of the field value or metadata inside it from the library fields.

When we manually create a item inside the document library by filling out the mandatory fields , the created record corresponding document gets created and if I open the document , then it opens successfully with the content. When the Workflow creates the new item inside the same library by filling out the required metadata , the corresponding document opens with blank content.

Note: I am using create item action in workflow to create new record inside the library.

Kindly guide me on this.

Thanks in advance!

sharepoint online – How to delete document library with ghost file

I have an empty document library that is unable to be deleted with error “list cannot be deleted while on hold or retention policy” which hints that there are still files inside.

error message

I have even created a new view with no filters but there are no files visible.

empty library

In the Site Contents, the total shows there is 2 documents inside. I also synced the file to my PC and enable “Show hidden files” but still showing empty. I also checked in the library settings at the “Manage files with no checked in version” and yet no files are listed.

Site content showing 2 file count

I also tried to delete the library using PowerShell PnP with -force parameter but it shows the same error message.

Remove-PnPList -Identity $LibraryName -Force -recycle

P.S: If not mistaken the library was migrated from another platform using a migration tool. Not sure if it has anything to do with this

sharepoint online – How to deploy multiple SPFx Library components in a tenant?

I am building for SPFx for SP Online. I want to re-use code so a SPFx Library component makes sense. However according to this


It says:

You can only host one library component version at the time in a tenant.

In my case, I am going to be deploying to the tenant app catalogue but not deploy tenant wide. I will then be manually adding the Library extension app to each of my site collections.

But there will be other teams who may do the same or deploy as tenant wide in the same tenant app catalogue (our team doesn’t work with other teams), as we all share the same tenant, but they manage their own site collections.

Just wanted to know would this approach work for my team? I just want to avoid conflicts with other teams SPFx Library components.

applications – Looking for an horizontal slider library for Android

I’m creating a native app based on a web app I wrote some time ago.

In the web app I used a library called Swiper.js, it allows you to scroll through items in a horizontal slider, the feature I’m looking for is this (it scrolls the items but not like a “free” way a recycler view or list view does it, it locks the images without cutting them off the screen).

Is there an android library that can do that? I’ve searched a lot and cant seem to find one (I really don’t want to implement it)

sharepoint rest api – how to add value in document library look up column when button is clicked

function UpdateDocsDetails() {
  var def = jQuery.Deferred();
  var itemPayload = "";
  var restSource = _spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl + "/_api/Web/Lists/getByTitle('DMSDocs')/Items(" + lastItem + ")";
  itemPayload = { "__metadata": { "type": "SP.Data.DMSDocsItem" }, "RequestID": _reqID};
  var dfd = jQuery.Deferred();
      url: restSource,
      method: "POST",
      contentType: "application/json;odata=verbose",
      data: JSON.stringify(itemPayload),
        "Accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",
        "X-RequestDigest": jQuery('#__REQUESTDIGEST').val(),
        "X-HTTP-Method": "MERGE",
        "If-Match": "*"
      success: function (data) {
        // alert("Success");
      error: function (err) {
        // alert("Error:");
  return dfd.promise();

this function is need to update the lookup column RequestID

function SaveDeferred(action) {
    var dialog = bootbox.dialog({
      title: 'Saving.......',
      message: '<p>Saving... <i class="fa fa-spin fa-spinner"></i></p>',
      closeButton: false
    var c = CheckForAttachment();
    if (c == true) {
      var p = createItem(action);
      p.done(function (res) {
        if (UpdateFlag == 0) {
          _reqID = res.get_id();
        var d = UpdateDocsDetails();
        d.done(function (_reqID) {
          console.log('Item created successfully!');
          if (UpdateFlag == 0) {
            var _nextNo = GetNextNumber();
            _nextNo.done(function (result___nextNo) {
              var Series = result___nextNo.d.results(0).Series;
              var StartingValue = result___nextNo.d.results(0).StartingValue;
              var LastUsedValue = parseInt(result___nextNo.d.results(0).LastUsedValue);
              if (LastUsedValue == 0) {
                LastUsedValue = LastUsedValue + 1;
              } else {
                LastUsedValue = LastUsedValue + 1;
              var _update_Title = UpdateTitle(_reqID, Series, LastUsedValue);
              _update_Title.done(function (result__updated) {
                var _udp_NoSeries = UpdateNextNumber(Series, LastUsedValue);
                _udp_NoSeries.done(function (result___udp_NoSeries) {
                  var msg = "Your request Submitted successfully!!";
                  bootbox.alert(msg + " Your request No is " + result__updated, function () {
                    window.location.replace("/sites/" + siteName + "/SitePages/DMSApprovedRequests.aspx");
                _udp_NoSeries.fail(function (result__udp_NoSeries) {
                console.log("Your request sent successfully!! Your request No is " + result__updated);
              _update_Title.fail(function (result__updated) {
            _nextNo.fail(function (result___nextNo) {
          else {
            bootbox.alert("Your request sent successfully!!", function () {
              window.location.replace("/sites/" + siteName + "/SitePages/DMSApprovedRequests.aspx");
      p.fail(function (ex, error) {
        console.log(ex + " " + error);
    else {
      return false;

this function when item saved in SharePoint list but my Page is stuck on saving dialog after UpdateDocs Details() called but not going further to next number update in function

sharepoint online – Access Denied when moving Folder from a document library (which have content approval on) to another list (which does not have content approval on)

We have 2 Document Libraries inside our classic online team site, as follow:-

  1. Lib A which have content approval on.
  2. Lib B which have content approval off.

Now if a user with contribute permission on both libraries tried to move a folder from LibA to LibB using the modern “Move to” feature, the user will get this error “Access denied.You Do not have Permission to perform this action or access this resource”:-

enter image description here

While using the site admin user, i am able to Move the folder.. any advice on this weird behavior?

sharepoint online – Library Drag and Drop no working for all users

Need help in troubleshooting possible causes for why a user is unable to drag and drop documents into a SharePoint Online library. They have contribute rights to the site and contribute rights to the library. They can manually upload items, edit items and delete items but are unable to drag and drop files. When they attempt to do so, the curser changes into a circle with a line through it. I’m able to drag and drop files to the library, but I’m also a System Admin. The user is accessing SharePoint via Chrome and has M365 suite installed and updated. Suggestions for troubleshooting much appreciated. Thanks

document library – OneDrive Sync with SharePoint is showing the files in Read-Only mode

We have a document library inside our online classic team site, and it has a custom content type which mimic the built-in Document content type:-

enter image description here

Also we have the following versioning settings:-

enter image description here

Now users are able to sync the SharePoint library with OneDrvie, but the synced files will be in Read-Only mode. can anyone advice on this?