Libs, pardon me for asking but why don’t we ever see Black lives matter protesting after the black on black killings which happen EVERY day?

Can you stop asking the same question when I already answered it? What’s the point of asking, giving me a thumbs down, and then asking it again? That only looks like you didn’t get the answer you wanted to bolster you own position . . . so just go back in the thread and you’ll see I ANSWERED THE QUESTION!

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why do black libs support Biden when he's the one that puts laws in place that's resulted in them being locked up in masses?

At the same time they hate Trump and call him a racist when he’s the one doing prison reform releasing blacks out. Do they not realise how bad they’re being duped by Democrats?

Libs just added “Aunt Jemima” brand as being racist. Who comes up with all this Boossheit?



Libs didn’t. Quaker Oats proactively decided to change the name and logo themselves, completely of their own accord. So are you saying a company doesn’t have the right to change a name and logo of a product? Are you advocating for violating the Quaker Oat’s First Amendment Rights? Yes, you are.

Hey libs, what do you think about Ray Ciccarelli quitting NASCAR because of your BS? ?

I really don’t care about the Confederate flag either. 

I do, however, agree with Ray. This is becoming horrific. I don’t like Nascar. Never have. Don’t like the Confederate flag. Not part of my history. 

What I do like is free speech.  I am the same person who was calling the burning of the US flag FREE SPEECH. Am I to turn around and act like the Confederate flag is not protected under the same speech??? 

NOW, a case can be made that it is private property, so they owners have some right to regulate what is done on their property. OK. fair argument for someone who is NOT defending Colin Kaepernick.  Not only was his political free speech done on private property, but it was done while he was employed by AND representing and WORKING at the time. 

If we want to have a REAL discussion on how to balance free speech in a time of corporatacracy, let’s have that conversation, but whatever we decide need to be MUCH more evenly applied than this is being. 

Fellow libs!  Tonight we will march thru the hoods of America, and get in the face of all drug dealers and gangbangers?

LOL,,, I would love to see you do that.

You know there’s a reason why white supremacists never march through the hood,,, because the blacks in the hood have guns and will shoot back,,, white supremacists are cowards.

Here, something for your amusement,,

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Will it be the most humiliating day of every libs life if studies prove that hydroxicholoroquine works as a preventative measure?

That is not the way that sensible people handle things. 

. The question is not whether it works as a preventative measure, as much as whether it is a relatively safe chemical/drug to take..If it was suggested that swallowing battery acid might work, it is a bad idea even if it did kill the virus or the common cold or anything..I think you are just hoping for a little more drama  

Libs, why do you agree to the censorship of right-wing media and social media personalities?

Because people don't have to give the right to spit out their conspiracy theories and the like. It is part of our freedom!

So now you have to shout "censorship" if it's really just that people aren't interested in spreading lies, misinformation, and other nonsense, and they don't have to.

Libs don't you feel like fools right now after citing this horribly flawed study claiming hydroxychloroquine is ineffective in treating Covid19?

They actually think liberals are capable of shame. How can self-righteous, selfish people ever be put to shame? It was funny to see liberals try to downplay a medicine that saved lives. Rita Wilson took it to save her life, then complained about how terrible the side effects were. As if people should die instead of tolerating the minor side effects. I knew that Tom or Rita would find something to criticize the medicine that had just saved their lives

Check out all the miserable democratic sheep rushing here to publish their predictable ridiculous responses, imitating Democrat propaganda like the weak useful idiots they are so happy about. I wonder what you hope to publish online rants.

Dem / Libs, are you absolutely devastated that corona virus is slowing down? Did you hope that millions would die just to increase your chances?

First of all: Dems and Libs are NOT the same and NEVER were the same

There are liberals in both republican and democratic parties !!!

I cannot understand what is so difficult about it. Why are some people always confused about this?

Second, where is the evidence that Democrats are devastated about it in general or specifically about the elections?

I think you have been brainwashed, deceived, or used drugs?