Seriously, Libs: How will you react if the Senate decides that Trump is not guilty, is not removed, and is then re-elected? ?

I agree with you – I always go to the Trump Rally! I pictured at the Trump Rally. Maybe you are there with me? We are exactly the same as you and me. I go to Trump Rally a lot like you.

I like Trump Rally, so I go a lot and a lot.

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At the Trump Rally I meet disabled people who puke hot dogs on me and then my butt hurts so I go to Porty Potty, but when I open Porty Potty I get scared because of a big fat Trump support man shoots at Oxycotton as he stings a boy he thinks is Mexico. Boy is not mexican! He'll shoot me to run. then trump support lady who is fat and smelly and make shit s-h-i-t out of her pants and I slip into it. I have no money to make Americans great, so I'm leaving the rally and when I'm home, my asshole is so stinky and hurtful!

Thank you for such goods questions – I agree with you. we are the same.

We are both love trumps because he is a good present.

Do you see me in pictures? I think you are in the picture too. Maybe you'll eat pig's foot with me.

How do I integrate React libs into a WordPress plugin?

While I'm working on a WordPress plugin, I've encountered some minor issues.

In my plugin project I insert the smaller version of the React & React.dom.production.

WordPress states that many libraries and React are already used in its core application.

Therefore, it would be unnecessary to include these libraries as you would think.
However, when removing these includes, my console was still provided with a ReferenceError "Reaction is not defined", This tells me that there is no reaction defined on the pages I use it for.

So I'm assuming that you'll need to use an alternate method to load the scripts into your plug-in folder. However, I can only find very little information about it.
I know that by default WordPress has enqueue functions that can be loaded into Jquery.

But as far as React is concerned, things do not seem so transparent. I tried different methods, but I did not quite figure it out. I have to admit that I'm not an expert in reacting so I do not know too much about the behavior and relationship with WordPress.

If anyone has more information / guidance or guidance on how to properly use React in my WP plugin, please let me know!

Any help would be appreciated.

Why have libs blocked every demonstrable attempt to prevent illegal aliens from entering the United States? And why do they claim to resist?

You did not you did not like the wall.

It's interesting that neither Trump nor his representatives (Kelly Anne Conway) have recently mentioned the wall when they talk about Trump's solutions to the border problem. Actually. When Kelly Anne last joined Meet The Press, she mentioned a number of solutions that the Democrats also supported, and named those solutions.

Trump's solutions. ,

I watched and listened. I suspect nobody is listening.


Welp libs, 207 Catholics in Sri Lanka are dead in several bombing raids during the Easter Mass … …?

Sri Lanka is 70 percent Buddhist, 5 percent Christian, 5 percent Jewish, 10 percent Hindu and 10 percent Islamic.

Who do you think would be behind these attacks?

Would it be other Christians?

Could it be the Jews?

Would it be the Buddhists?

Would it be the Hindus?

Or would that be the Muslims that you so passionately defend AGAIN?


Libs, if Trump does not hire the best people, can you even name one of his employees going to jail?

Cohen, Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos, listed as anonymous. Mike Flynn was such a great help to Müller that he might not go along. But he was guaranteed no help for Trump.

I think it will soon come out that Trump wanted to mitigate the sanctions against the Russians (shortly after he was elected) in favor of Putin. The favor was that Putin continued to do business with Trump – so that he could become richer and more powerful. Well, the problem is Trump is supposed to be for the good of the United States and not for the better. This has mentioned the "political synergy" Müller. IT'S ALSO TREASURE.

Trump is indeed a businessman. He pays attention to his own interests and uses politics to do so. THAT IS TREASURE. And it will come out soon.


python – Mad Libs Excercise

I've done the following exercise from automating the boring stuff with Python Chapter 8:

Create a Mad Libs program that reads in text files and allows the user
Insert your own text anywhere the word ADJECTIVE, NOUN, ADVERB or VERB
appears in the text file. For example, a text file might look like this:

The ADJECTIVE Panda went to the NOUN and then VERB. A nearby NOUN
was not affected by these events. The program would find this
Occurrence and ask the user to replace them.

Enter an adjective:
Enter a noun:
Enter a verb:
Enter a noun:
Pick up

The following text file would then
to be created:

The stupid panda went to the chandelier and then screamed. A nearby
The pickup was not affected by these events. The results should be
printed on the screen and saved in a new text file.

I decided to read from all text files that are in the same folder as the Python script.
All newly created files will end with _mad.txt

I would like to know if this is a good solution.

Are there bad practices?
Is the code easy to understand?
What can be improved?
Are there better approaches to code for some parts?

Please do not hesitate to comment on anything you can find.

Here is the code:

"" "
Mad Libs
Searches for all TXT files in the working folder.
When a file is found, the file is searched for the keywords
Subsequently, the user is prompted to add a replacement word for the keyword.
A file with the name _mad.txt is created in the folder.
In this file, the keywords are replaced by the user input
"" "
import os
Import sys
import re

def filenames_in_script_folder ():
"" "
Returns all filenames that are in the same folder
like this running Python script
"" "
os.chdir (os.path.dirname (sys.argv[0]))
return os.listdir (os.getcwd ())

def words_from_file (filename):
"" "
Reads a text file and returns all its words
"" "
File = open (file name)
file_content = ()
file.close ()
return file_content.split ()

def ask_for_replace_word (keyword):
"" "
Ask for a replacement for the mentioned keyword.
Checks if the keyword is a vowel to follow the correct English grammar
"" "
vowel_regex = re.compile (& # 39; ^[aeiou]& # 39)
If (keyword):
Return input ("Enter" + keyword.under () + " n")
Return input ("Enter a" + Keyword.lower () + " n")

def replace_word (word, keywords):
"" "
Replaces the specified word if it matches one of the keywords.
Non-alphabetic characters are ignored during keyword comparison
Otherwise, the specified word will be returned
"" "
no_char_regex = re.compile (& # 39;[^a-zA-Z]& # 39)
clean_word = no_char_regex.sub (& # 39;, word)

for keywords in keywords:
If clean_word == keyword:
new_word = ask_for_replace_word (keyword)
return word.replace (keyword, new_word)
Send word back

def write_data_to_file (data, file name):
"" "
Writes the provided data to the file.
If there is no file, a new one will be created first
"" "
File = open (filename, & # 39; w & # 39;)
file.write (data)
file.close ()

def mad_libs ():
"" "
Main function reads from file, replaces keywords
and write in new file
"" "
by filename in filename_in_script_folder ():
if filename.lower (). endswith (& # 39; txt & # 39;):
new_words = []
            replace_a_word = False

for a word in words_from_file (filename):
KEYWORDS = (& # 39; ADJECTIVE & # 39 ;, & # 39; NOUN & # 39 ;, & # 39; VERB & # 39 ;, & # 39; ADVERB & # 39;
replace = replace_word (word, KEYWORDS)
if replace! = Word:
replace_a_word = true
new_words.append (replace)

if replaced_a_word:
new_data = & # 39; & # 39; .join (new_words)
print (new_data)
write_data_to_file (new_data, filename)[:-4] + "_mad.txt")

mad_libs ()

Bonus Question:
I pass Pylint over the code and in the definition of the keywords in the mad_libs function, it gives me:

Severity Code Description Status of the suppression of the project file line
The name of the message variable "KEYWORDS" does not match the naming of snake_case

Should not this ALLCAPS be like me because those words should be constants?