usa – Can I drive on my foreign license in California on an F-1 OPT status?

So, I paid my tuition in Massachussets and I’m currently working on my F-1 OPT in California(my final year). Can I drive here on my foreign license? Do I really qualify as a California resident given I don’t have exact benefits extended to me as that of a resident, I don’t vote or own property here.

I’ve seen rental cars companies not checking for this requirement when we rent cars. I’ve also heard of my friend leasing my car on her foreign license.

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sharepoint online – Experience using F1 License for first line workers

goal was to have tablets in terminal, where f1 user can report accident using SharePoint list for example
read news etc

so having one device used my multiple people… is this how it is done or it is more better for user to use personal device

also f1 license user don’t have personal device. they share the device.

license enforcement – Manufacturer-assigned hard-disk serial number as licensing ID

I’m deploying software that is licensed based on uniquely identifiable computer characteristics. I am wondering about the Manufacturer-assigned serial number of an internal fixed hard-disk.

To be clear, I am not referring to the Volume Serial Number which changes every time you format a Windows hard drive. I mean the manufacturer-specific number that corresponds (usually) to what is physically written on label on the outside of the drive. My software uses low level APIs (e.g. DeviceIoControl on Windows) to read it.

Is it possible for software to “spoof” this ID? My understanding is that while software can query it, it cannot change it because it comes from firmware. Is that correct? (I’ve avoided using MAC addresses for this very reason, among others)

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