Statistics – Throughput of Lightning Network

Nodes can publish their throughput, but they can also stay private and remain anonymous using the Tor network for their node. This website summarizes most public node data. Https://, as they said:

Statistics are aggregated and calculated from multiple nodes within the Lightning network. Due to the decentralization of the Lightning network, the observed numbers are approximate, and nodes that do not transfer their status are ignored.

To view the live update of a public node, just select one of the most recently updated ones:

What do the upper 8 bits for sequence and lock time mean for lightning commitment transactions?

When you see git blame From BOLT 03, you can track the lock-up phrase up to this commit:

Fortunately, the author gave a good explanation in the pledge in git why the 0x20 was introduced for the upper 8 bits in the Locktime field (I have nothing to add):

Use 0x20 as high byte for locktime in commitment transaction

The most significant byte of the locktime in a commitment transaction
must be set to 0x20. This is to make sure that the locktime value
is always higher than 500,000,000, making it interpreted as a Unix
epoch timestamp, and not a block height. It also makes sure that the
locktime is below the current time, allowing the commitment transaction
to be included in a block.

Since the sequence field in the input of the commitment transaction is
used for the other half of the obscured commitment transaction number,
it will never assume the maxInt value (0xFFFFFFFF) which would disable
locktime checking.

Similarly, we find this commit for the first 8 bits of the sequence number: From the commit message, I can quote once more:

 BOLT 3: Fix commitment transaction input sequence number.

From BIP 68:

    If bit (1 << 31) of the sequence number is set, then no consensus
    meaning is applied to the sequence number and can be included in any
    block under all currently possible circumstances.

Which is what we want.

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windows – Migrate Lightning (LND) from a local laptop to an external myNodeBTC node

That sounds like the age-old adage "Good, Cheap or Fast – Pick Two"

I like your original proposal, but you have options:

  1. Close all channels, wait one hour, and then restore the new lnd node with your mnemonic initial value and password.
  2. Close all channels, wait an hour and send an on-chain transaction from your original lnd node to the new lnd node.
  3. Do not close anything, save your Static Channel backup file, restore it with the static channel backup / mnemonic seed and password, and wait several days for the overdue balance to recover.

There are other creative ways to do this (opening new channels on the new lnd node and transferring the funds via bills or the like), but I've stuck to simple examples here.

To switch to a new node, you need to take your channels offline (not network friendly). We need to take it offline, close it, and then reopen it on the new node. It's best to use the option that you are familiar with.

Closing your channels and then chaining transactions to the new nodes can be more costly because of transaction fees. However, migrating your node is simple and easy.

Lightning Network Daemon – Migrate Lightning (LND) from a local laptop to an external myNodeBTC node

I'm about to migrate my LNP / BP stack from a Windows laptop to a dedicated myNodeBTC (RaspPi) device. My node on the Windows laptop was installed with Node Launcher.

I have already run the new Bitcoin node, but I have not yet set up LND on the new device. I have 3 Lightning channels open on the old device.

What is the current best practice for switching from the old node to the new node so that I do not lose sats?

I suppose I could just close all my channels and then move my sats to another wallet, turn up the new knot and restore my channels. But I'm not sure if this is the most network friendly approach?

Thank you so much!

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Lightning Network Daemon – How do I stop it from participating in new channels?

I have a lnd Knot that I want to completely shut down. I want to close all its channels and prevent the node from joining new channels while I wait for the forced closed channels to mature.

In which settings should I use? lnd to prevent my node from creating new channels and rejecting new incoming channels?

Visibility of lightning node data on explorers

I'm trying to set up my first LND node using Docker Compose using the image. Currently my node can connect to other nodes and open the channel with them (and I can open a channel for the node), but it is still not updated on most explorers (ie it has no information).

The following is the result of getinfo and listconfigs

   "id": "03db40337c2de299a8fa454fdf89d311615d50a27129d43286696d9e497b2b027a",
   "alias": "TestName",
   "color": "fff000",
   "num_peers": 3,
   "num_pending_channels": 0,
   "num_active_channels": 3,
   "num_inactive_channels": 0,
   "address": (
         "type": "ipv4",
         "address": "",
         "port": 9735
   "binding": (
         "type": "ipv4",
         "address": "",
         "port": 9735
   "version": "v0.7.1-906-gf657146",
   "blockheight": 601917,
   "network": "bitcoin",
   "msatoshi_fees_collected": 0,
   "fees_collected_msat": "0msat"

   "# version": "v0.7.1-906-gf657146",
   "lightning-dir": "/root/.lightning",
   "wallet": "sqlite3:///root/.lightning/lightningd.sqlite3",
   "plugin": "/usr/local/bin/../libexec/c-lightning/plugins/pay",
   "plugin": "/usr/local/bin/../libexec/c-lightning/plugins/autoclean",
   "plugin": "/usr/local/bin/../libexec/c-lightning/plugins/fundchannel",
   "network": "bitcoin",
   "allow-deprecated-apis": true,
   "always-use-proxy": false,
   "daemon": "false",
   "rpc-file": "lightning-rpc",
   "rgb": "fff000",
   "alias": "HubTest",
   "bitcoin-rpcuser": (redacted),
   "bitcoin-rpcpassword": (redacted),
   "bitcoin-rpcconnect": "bitcoind",
   "bitcoin-retry-timeout": 60,
   "pid-file": "",
   "ignore-fee-limits": false,
   "watchtime-blocks": 144,
   "max-locktime-blocks": 2016,
   "funding-confirms": 3,
   "commit-fee-min": 200,
   "commit-fee-max": 2000,
   "commit-fee": 500,
   "cltv-delta": 14,
   "cltv-final": 10,
   "commit-time": 10,
   "fee-base": 0,
   "rescan": 15,
   "fee-per-satoshi": 1,
   "max-concurrent-htlcs": 30,
   "min-capacity-sat": 10000,
   "bind-addr": "",
   "announce-addr": "",
   "offline": "false",
   "autolisten": true,
   "disable-dns": "false",
   "enable-autotor-v2-mode": "false",
   "encrypted-hsm": false,
   "log-level": "DEBUG",
   "log-prefix": "lightningd(7):"

Is something wrong with this configuration? or is it another problem?

I understand that explorers update their node list irregularly and as far as the node can open (and connect) channels, everything is fine. But this thing annoys me for weeks.

thanks ~

Multiple Signature – Multiple signatures refund error in Lightning Network talk

I saw Tadje Dryja's talk at the SF Bitcoin Devs Transaction Formability Conference, which was part of the foundation of the Lightning network
Enter image description here
I've seen this example with 17 "45. How is it possible to sign a refund before switching and even before viewing the formability without knowing the TX fund signatures? The financing signatures of both parties are required to do this However, if this information is known, one of the parties may send the credit txn to the network before ever a credit txn is signed, thereby reducing the funds of the other party enter into the Multisig contract. Do I miss something?

Bitcoin Core – Possible Race Condition (Duplicate Output) for HTLC Timeout on the Lightning Network?

From the offered HTLC outputs

# To remote node with revocation key
        # To local node via HTLC-timeout transaction (timelocked).
        # To remote node with preimage.

Under the following conditions

  • one locktime is set to 600900 in the HTLC timeout transaction.
  • the remote node has the payment_secret,
  • The local node wants to exceed the time limit for the last delivery transaction.

To my understanding, the local node must wait until the timeout of the last commitment transaction

  1. Send the commitment transaction at block height 600900.
  2. Send the HTLC timeout transaction immediately.
  3. Wait a few days for the HTLC timeout transaction to complete after the specified timeout value has expired.

In the meantime, the remote node has the payment_secret can also issue the commitment transaction. Does this cause a race condition / duplicate issues in the Bitcoin network? If so, how can it be solved?