Firefox – Disables Wikipedia link preview if you are not logged in

I'd like to disable Wikipedia's article preview, which appears when you hover over a link:

Wikipedia Link Preview Screenshot

I know I can disable this when I'm logged in, but most of the time I use Wikipedia without being logged in. I also delete my cookies regularly.

I hoped that there would be a Greasemonkey script to disable it, but I could not find anything relevant on OpenUserJS or Greasy Fork.

I use Firefox.

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Link between document library and SharePoint list

I have newly created folders for each newly created list. We have list names and we also have the same folder names in different document libraries. The user uploads the files to the newly created folders, but can not find any relationship to list items in the Properties pane once they have uploaded documents to this folder.

I tried to work content types, lookup columns, attachments neither to my needs.

Would be glad to receive suggestions here. I use SharePoint Online.

Many thanks.

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