design – How can I integrate linkedIn and Dropbox -Interview?

I was asked to integrate linkedIn and dropbox. So LinkedIn is not a file storage system, so you want to use the services of Dropbox. The goal is to create, update and delete the documents of a profile in linkedIn. However, these documents are not stored in linkedIn. They are stored in the Dropbox.
In addition, linkedIn does not want to expand the system to achieve this integration. This means that you do not want to add more servers to 400 servers for integration.
How can I design this?

webapp rec – script to remove multiple messages Linkedin

Unfortunately, I have so many messages in Linkedin that I need to delete them all in several ways, but Linkedin allows one after the other.

I was looking for a way on the internet, but all fail with me in MacOS Google Chrome. all-linked-messages-once- deleted /

Unfortunately, all failed !!!

Can someone please edit or provide suggestive code!

I'm sorry I do not understand much in these things, but I do a lot of Mathematica and a little Java.

webapp rec – script to remove multiple Connection Linkedin

Unfortunately, I have so many links in Linkedin that I have to delete them all in several ways, but Linkedin allows one after the other.

I was looking for, there is a way on the Internet, but all of them fail and one slowly with me on MacOS Google Chrome.

So slow



Unfortunately, all failed !!!

Can someone please edit or provide suggestive code!

I'm sorry I do not understand much in these things, but I do a lot of Mathematica and a little Java.

analytics – Website Demographics on LinkedIn – Exclude your own internal company traffic?

Is there a way to prevent your company's internal traffic from appearing as a Web site audience after you set up the Insight Remarketing Under Website Demographics tag on LinkedIn ads? At the moment, under Website Demographics, my own business appears as LinkedIn's public traffic to the company's website. Now, if I'm making a remarketing ad to that audience, I'll remark remarketing for myself and internal company employees, which makes it pointless. Do I miss something here? Any advice?

How can LinkedIn request a connection request message?

I want LinkedIn to require a message from people who send me a connection request. Where can I find this attitude?

I tried to browse the settings screen, but could not find it. Searching the Internet does not seem to work, as it gives advice to people who want it send Connect requests while I have the other end of the problem and encourage potential connections to write a short message about who they are and what they want. This seems to be a much rarer problem. Need a message to join a LinkedIn Premium feature?

Gmail – LinkedIn can not import e-mail contacts

I used to be able to export my Gmail contacts to LinkedIn, but it has not worked since last night. As the screenshot shows, it says: "We can not import your email contacts, please try again later.

Enter image description here

According to this link: We need to contact Gmail, does anyone know how I could contact contact Gmail support?

Is there any other solution?

How do we only see newly imported people while importing email contacts into LinkedIn?

I have a special mailing list with more than 1000 people. The emails are in a CSV file and have also been imported into a special Gmail account ( Now I want to import this email list into LinkedIn so I can send these people a connection invitation.

I went to this link: Before importing, you'll see 1722 people found on LinkedIn. These people are probably from my original Gmail account. After importing the .csv file or the special Gmail account, you'll see that 2084 people you know on LinkedIn have been found.

Does anyone know how to ignore the first 1722 people so that I can see the newly imported people?

How do I remove media from a particular entry for a specific "experience" / professional role in the LinkedIn user profile?

I've tried to add a weblink to a specific experience entry (ie a job role) in my profile on LinkedIn, and I'd like to remove it now. However, editing this experience entry does not indicate where it should be deleted.

After adding and saving the link to the experience entry, I found that LinkedIn considered this link clunky. The link will appear as an image placeholder (like a framed & # 39; sailboat & # 39; picture in pastel), if you click on it, it will be enlarged as an overlay and the weblink will be underneath.

Ideally, I had hoped that LinkedIn would display a thumbnail of my link and, by clicking on the link under the experience entry, directly link it to the site I want to link to.

But this was not the case. Therefore, I decided to delete the link and include it in the text description for the experience entry instead. But I could not delete the link anywhere if I edited the experience entry.

When searching for this procedure, only the deletion of media from the Info section and not a specific entry for individual experiences was specified.

The only way to remove it was to delete and reenter the entire experience entry. Somewhat impractical!

Do you have ideas on how to delete a piece of media or a link from a specific experience listing (job entry) on LinkedIn?


linkedin – How do I change my profile?

This is not an available option:

Enter image description here

Create or delete a profile in another language
You can create your profile in a language different from your default profile. While you can not change the language of your primary profile, You can create as many additional language profiles from the available options.

Having multiple language profiles makes it easier for other members and recruiters to find you.


Web Application – Is This a Vulnerability in LinkedIn or Known Behavior?

LinkedIn has a subpage called Linked Learning. As you all know, LinkedIn is our online CV. On this 9th of September I took a Linkedin exam in a course.

Enter image description here

Since I passed, LinkedIn offered me a few courses that you can only see for free in the image above 24 hours

Here I have noticed a strange behavior. I learned on LinkedIn and searched for other courses. I also noticed that there is no way to view the course 24 hours for free. i.e. Only the course you have suggested can be viewed for free for 24 hours.

Enter image description here

I've monitored traffic to find out how suggested courses are unlocked for free for 24 hours and not for other courses. After spending some time monitoring traffic, you'll get a request like the following:

I saw a strange parameter in the URL like this: => lyndaCourse:

Therefore, I wondered why I should not replace the course ID of the free course with the course ID of the locked course.

Fortunately, I can get the course ID of the locked course by looking at the page source of the code with the parameter name

Enter image description here

If a request to replace the unlocked course ID with the suspended course is unlocked, it will be unlocked for 24 hours.

Enter image description here

My first thought was that there should be an indirect object reference vulnerability because there are literally no options to unlock the paid course for free.

Now again ** another strange behavior when analyzing the HTML source **

All videos were actually meida, d. H. They were only embedded with video tags that allowed downloading the videos with the right mouse button.

I reported them directly with screenshots and proof-of-concept videos and got this answer.

Enter image description here

So I thought that they took this problem lightly and posted it on LinkedIn and tagged it.

You can see that I have shown in the post again with proof-of-concept video. Here's the link to the post that tweeted and tagged them to advise them, following the advice of other security researchers.

I sent it back with the link of the post and got this answer.

Enter image description here

For a moment I thought it is no error and a known function But other security researchers say it's a mistake. As proof, I've also written an automated program that takes advantage of this error and downloads all paid courses for free, which is required for a month in large quantities. Below is a reference image of the program.

Enter image description here

And still they say it's not a mistake. So my question is Is this an error or a known function or behavior?

If each course can be downloaded for free, what needs to be paid? If it is a mistake, please contact them. I tried to explain my level to you best.