Create an email list with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for $ 40

Create an email list with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Dear Customers,

I have over 5 years of lead generation experience and am confident in my abilities. Several lead generation projects completed at SEOCLERKS & Good Review and Recommendation.
I always follow these 5 things – quality, quantity, time, commitment and customer satisfaction.

** What kinds of data will I provide:

* First name and last name
* Title
* Name of the company
* Address
* Linkedin URLS link
* 100% valid e-mail.

Why are you hiring me?

I will provide you with 100% valid data, 100% customer satisfaction, on time delivery.


Linkedin Lead Generation HQ tops Generation for $ 15

Linkedin Lead Generation HQ leads generation

LinkedIn is an important enterprise platform and, when used correctly, is great for lead generation. If your company does not use LinkedIn, you're missing out on a potentially valuable corner of the Internet.

I will provide High quality leads for your business or projects. I will do Linkedin Research to find the best information about your targeted prospects.

The first step in a campaign starts with learning so much about your target project.

12 leads – $ 15

For customer-specific order contact

1. Specific lead research:

  • Surname
  • title
  • Companies
  • Email-address
  • Linkedin URL
  • place
  • Other requested information … (only available on LinkedIn)

2. Collection of company information:

  • Name of the company
  • Website URL
  • Linkedin Pages URL
  • Number of employees
  • Company size
  • Industry
  • founding year
  • Number of followers
  • address

✔ Company connections
✔ B2B lead generation
✔ Linkedin contact list building
✔ Web or Internet research
✔ Email marketing leads


(Procurement, collecting, finding, extracting, verifying emails with targeted prospects)

Please send me a message if you have any questions or before you place an order.

Many thanks

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linkedin – How do I deal with Linked Conversations alerts on Linked In if they have already been edited?

So LinkedIn has "Home" where you have a bunch of posts from your contacts. I usually get notified there when they have an anniversary or something, and I usually like / comment there.

But then, even if I liked / commented from there, if I go into the "Notifications" section of linkedin, I still have a message for "Congratulations XX to XX" – even though I did that just a few seconds ago !

You might think a company as rich as Microsoft could have paid a developer to "IF" (User commented on Post X) THEN (not "Say Congrats" notification for Post X) "- but I think you would never be so rich if they really try to be useful 🙂

How do I deal with these stupid notifications? There are options for deleting, unseating, and disabling, but I do not want to use either. I want to say "Treated" or something like that because I did that a few seconds ago?

github – How can I display an incomplete web application on Linkedin or in my CV?

I am developing a dynamic website. It's not complete, but it's already running in terms of core features. Different technologies are involved: HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, JSON, APIs, Ajax and so on …

I do not want to spread it yet because I want to develop it or buy a domain name, but I would like to put it online somewhere to add it to my Linkedin profile or resume just to demonstrate my expertise in the above technologies ,

I'd prefer that it's accessible through a sharable link instead of being visible to anyone through the search engines.

Which platform (github etc ….) do you recommend for my purposes?

[UDEMY] – Career Hacking: CV, LinkedIn, Interviewing | Proxies-free

Career Hacking: Resume, LinkedIn, Interviewing

(2017) Career Hacking: CV, LinkedIn®, Interview + more
Learn CV, personal branding, interview preparation, professional networking, cover letters and more!
Created by Davis Jones, MBA, Eazl Publishing, Ludell Jones
What will I learn?
– Create a keyword-rich, targeted resume that will deliver great results
– Present yourself on LinkedIn® and discover other online networking techniques
– Inquire competently and convincingly while you are still yourself
– Create career opportunities using both traditional and non-traditional methods
– Build relevant professional networks as a basis for future progress
– Prepare the conditions for a rewarding career full of success and satisfaction

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Website Design – How Big is the Right LinkedIn Page Cover Picture?

I looked for LinkedIn cover images in the size guide

For side they say:

1192 (W) x 220 (H) pixels (min.)

1536 (B) x 768 (H) pixels (recommended)

Doubt 1: Both have different ratios. Why this?

Doubt 2: When I opened the developer tools, I noticed that the dimensions of the image container are 1128 x 191 pixels. Which also has a different relationship with them.

So, what's the right ratio for the coverage?