views – Changes the query to an inner join subquery that links into two fields

I know that this question is asked again and again (I have found several), and each time it is a little different. Most of the answers I found are on Drupal 7 and I can not figure out how to handle it.

My basic problem
My basic problem is that I have nodes with one or more paragraphs. Each paragraph has a date field. I need each node only once in my result, but sorted after the first upcoming date.

Now it's no longer enough to just group and aggregate the node ID and the minimum number of paragraphs (field_date) because the actual paragraph needs to be rendered.

Also note that my actual case is a bit more complex than the one I am describing here, and that my Views query queries paragraphs (looking up at the node) rather than the other way round.

The required solution
I've tried different solutions, but I can not get them started yet.

I have created an SQL query that contains the required node IDs and data. The subquery generates two columns, let's call them "nid" and "field_date". For example:

nid    field_date
5      2019-10-10
10      2019-10-11
2      2019-10-12

My view is currently querying all paragraphs and joining the parent node. My approach would be to change the views query and inner join of my subquery for both "nid" and "field_date" to retain only the desired paragraphs.

What I can not figure out is:
– Can I just use my working MySQL query, or do I have to create a kind of query object first?
– How can I internally join a subquery and join it in two columns (I only see examples where joining takes place in a single column)
– Does anyone know of a good documentation or an article that explains all this?

Any help would be appreciated.

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