Which off-page activities can help us to get Dofollow links?

Quoted links in the Google search results are not colored differently in Safari under macOS

In Safari 12.1.1 for MacOS (or possibly since version 12.0), I have lost the ability to see results from Google that I've already clicked. The links to visited websites do not differ from those not visited.

However, the distinction remains visible in both Chrome 74.0 and Firefox 67.0.

What do I miss?

I've bought a lot of addons to launch GSA, but no links are created for me.

Hello everybody, 2 months ago I bought GSA SER. I was told that it will not work without Proxy Scraper, then I bought GSA Proxy Scraper. Then I was told that I can not get this software running without capcha bracker. So I had to pay for 2capcha service. Then I bought 50 emails for confirmation.

Then I had to buy Spin Rewriter for life, then the linkIndexer to index the created backlinks. After I bought all this, no link was created at all.

Then someone told me to buy a list of links. Then I bought a link list from SeRocket. Nevertheless, GSA has not created a link for me. Then someone told me to buy a VPS server. Then I bought 8GB of RAM, 4-core processor with 1Gb / s internet support.

Then GSA started creating really shitty backlinks that I did not want on my money side. Then someone told me to buy a SerEngine Web 2.0 account. So that I can get good backlinks. I bought SerEngines web2.0 and added the API to gsa. But now I get the problem that no engine is running.

Now someone tells me that I wasted my money on the GSA Proxy Scraper. Because GSA Proxy Scraper only provides public proxies, we need private proxies to run GSA. Now I think to buy private powers. I do not know if this GSA will give me the links I wanted, even if I buy the private proxies?

This software is so annoying. Once I get this software up and running, I'll create a detailed video showing others what they're doing wrong and why the GSA does not create a link for them. But before I do that, I have to get my GSA SER up and running.

My question is: – Is there anyone in this form who can get RDP from me and see what I'm doing wrong? I have invested a lot of money and have been so stressed by more than the last 2 months but not the success to properly create the links. If there is someone in this form who wants to help me, and I would like to pay him via Paypal if he brings me to it. If you are the expert and can help me, please email me at khalsawebsitedesigners@gmail.com and let me know. I will then provide you with my Remote Desktop Connection details so you can take a look at my GSA SER and explain to me why this is so. I always get the errors after doing everything in those 2 months.

How to Scratch the Embedded Links of a Movie

Hello, I searched on Google YouTube and this forum, but I could not find any explanation for the video or written information for it

I just want to remove movie links like openload mega upload, etc. from certain websites or search engines in general.

Well, you could just remove all external links with the link extractor and then filter out those you do not want.

OR You can simply create a custom data scraper module to scrap it, if what you want has specific before and after markers.

Thank you for your quick response

Goodle Ads and malicious links

Had hacked my site 3 weeks ago by a plugin. rebuilt the site with a new WordPress site (hosted on Godaddy WordPress Pro). This was a fresh build. All built-in malware checks in WordPress plugins and Google's console checks are good and clean. Google ads will not run because it reports that my site contains three malicious links. They gave me the link addresses, but I can not find them. Does anyone have any ideas on how to find what Google has found?