I will manually make 50 links Dofollow blog comments for $ 1

I will manually make 50 links Dofollow blog comments

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Casino SEO – Provide guest posts on high DA websites for $ 20

Casino SEO – Provide guest post on High DA websites –

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I will provide GSA 400k or 400,000 backlinks, high quality SEO links for $ 5

I will provide GSA 400k or 400,000 backlinks, high quality SEO links

With this GigHave you have ever spent a large amount of finance and resources on your amazing website and
shocked that why traffic does not increase backlinks are one link to another
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Knot Theory – Rigid Brunnian links for $ n geq 4 $

Brunnian links are made up of $ n $ linked non-knotted components so that when a component is cut, all components remain unconnected. The best known example is the three-component Borromean rings (or links). In 1954 Milnor classified all Brunnian links up to link homotopy.

in the $ mathbb {R} ^ 3 $Indeed, it is easy to see that one can construct from identical Borromean rings rigid Components. (The simplest case concerns three identical rigid ovals – the same intrinsic shape, the same intrinsic size.) I have outlined six classes of rigid (not knotted) components that can be joined into Borromean rings, and I am sure there are infinite ones Number of such.


Is it possible to create identical rigid components that interlock to form Brunnian links to the $ n geq 4 $? Is there an upper limit for $ n $ what can this be done for?

Looking for a programmer who links ClickFunnel to send POST / GET data to the website (and catch the variable)

Hello everybody,

I'm looking for a programmer or anything who knows how to mess with ClickFunnel etc.
Basically, I need someone who knows how to do it so that every time a Clickfunnel website has a new booking, the phone number and attendance date are sent to an external website via $ _POST / $ _ GET. e.g. Something.com?new_booking.php?phone_number=+659894540&attending_date=2020-04-20. It's that simple and simple on this page

echo $ _GET (& # 39; phone_number & # 39;);
echo $ _GET (& # 39; attendance date & # 39;);

I will consider this a success as soon as the data can be sent with every booking.

Thanks a lot. (For the actual job, you first need to run it on a 14 day trial account and as soon as you can start working, on the actual Clickfunnel website via the live screen app or by writing the instructions to my Clickfunnel client.)

PM me with your quote.

Thanks a lot

I'm going to publish your press release today in the US and 500 other news websites for $ 100

I will publish your press release today in the United States and on 500 other news websites

I will distribute your press release to USA Today and over 500 other news websites.

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Share Facebook links on Twitter: Why wasn't a link preview or snippet generated?

I want to share a Facebook page or even any Facebook URL, on
Twitter. (That is, I want to "tweet a link to a Facebook page, etc.")

  • Why is no "link preview" generated?
  • Why isn't a "snippet" generated?

Is it

Conversely, sharing a Twitter link on Facebook works properly

No, I don't want to link my Twitter and Facebook accounts and then share the link on Facebook and have it automatically published on Twitter. All I want to do is occasionally hit the tweet button and enter and tweet a Facebook URL and create a correct link preview and snippet from Twitter.