The Biggest List Building Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most important things you can do to ensure online success is to build a list. This is what makes a business fail or succeed and this is how you can get started in the online world and making money. However, even if you make a list, there are still chances that you can fail especially if your list is not targeting a particular audience. There are some mistakes that people make when list building that should be avoided, and here are some of the big ones.

Picking the Wrong Niche

A lot of people pick the wrong niche to work in and this is the biggest mistake you can do and can ensure your business fails. Picking a niche these days takes time and a lot of research. You don’t want to sell what everyone else is selling. Do some research to see what you can do differently if you want to be in a hot market selling products.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

You need to make sure you are targeting the right audience. If you are interested in the weight loss industry, you want to target people who are overweight and looking to lose weight; not necessarily those that are elderly and skinny to begin with. If you are working in an industry that caters to women make sure you leave the men out of it.

Buying a List

Many people think that buying a list is going to be their best option, and in fact, this can be one of the biggest mistakes. Buying a list can mean outdated information on a person as well as people who are no longer in the market for what you are offering. Some people never even had an interest to begin with. For the most part these people on this type of list don’t even know you and never even opted in to receive calls or e-mails from you.

Adding People Without Their Permission

One of the worst things you can do is add people to your e-mail list without having their permission. People don’t like being spammed and by adding them without them asking is spamming them. This can get you in a lot of trouble and this is by far the worst mistake you can do especially if you are trying to grow your online business. Adding people just takes away from the credibility your company offers and can spread fast that you are spamming people.

Using an Opt-In You Think Works

Every business needs to start out somewhere and when it comes to list building this can be hard for newbies. You might see an opt-in form on another website and the person claims that it works. However, it does the complete opposite. They may not even have received any opt-ins and if you take that same form and use it, chances are you won’t get anyone interested either. You need to tweak it and see what is going to work for your business in particular. Building a list can take some time, but if it’s done right you’ll have a list in no time.


2013 – Javascript : Retrieve an item value from SP List

Before explaining my problem, I give you the context.

I’ve made an first page that will display a “Marquee” message (message that will scroll horizontally).

I would like to make possible to edit the “Marquee message” from an another page.
So, I’ve created an other page with a textarea and a button.
When I write a text and click on the button, an item is created in a list called “MarqueeList”.

That list contain only the last message that we create : my script delete all the items before add a new one.

My problem is that I would to get that message item, using a script from the page that contain the marquee, and store it into a variable.

I’ve tried many and any script, but it doesn’t work.

If someone could help me, or advise me to the good way?

Thanks a lot

Looping through a SharePoint List to compare a field value with another List Item ID in Powershell

I have two Lists. A Calendar Lists and a Custom List
In one List I have multiple records all with an ‘EventID’ field which relates to a Calendar record (The record ID)

I am trying to use PowerShell to recurse through each Custom List record and check to see if the ‘EventID’ has a relating ‘Calendar ID’ in the Calendar record. If not, it means the Calendar entry has been deleted and the ‘Orphaned’ field in the Custom List record should be set to ‘YES’. There may be multiple records in the Custom List per Calendar Entry. I need to update ALL records WITHOUT a valid Calendar Entry to ‘Orphaned’.

Although not finished, so far I have this code, but I’m sure there must be a better way to do this, and a different way so that once a MISSING ‘EventID’ is found (the Calendar entry is deleted) then the loop stops and moves on to the next Calendar entry. My mind has just gone blank.

#Add Snapin
Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -EA SilentlyContinue

Start-Transcript -Path "D:SharePointScriptsEmailTranscript.txt"

#Set Variables
$spWeb = Get-SPWeb -Identity ""
$PClist = (Get-SPWeb "").Lists("PreventionCalendar")
$DElist = (Get-SPWeb "").Lists("DirectEngagement")
$DEvID = "EventID"
$DEvStatus = "Status"

#Get Today's Date - var: $now
$now = Get-Date 
Write-Host "Today is:" $now

$PCitems = $PClist.Items
#show the item count for the library
Write-Host "PreventionCalendar - Total Records: $($PCitems.count)"

$DEitems = $DElist.Items
#show the item count for the library
Write-Host "DirectEngagement - Total Records: $($DEitems.count)"

if($PCitems.count -lt 1)
    foreach($item in $DEitems)
       $DEID = $item.ID
       #Get the DE Status value
       $DEvStat = $item($DEvStatus)
       #Get the DE EventID value
       $DEvIDent = $item($DEvID)           
       Write-Host "PreventionCalendar is Empty. Orphan Appliance"
       $SPListItem = $DElist.GetItemById($DEID)
       $SPListItem("Status") = "Appliance Orphaned"
elseif($PCitems.count -ge 1)

    foreach($item in $DEitems)
        $DEID = $item.ID
        #Get the DE Status value
        $DEvStat = $item($DEvStatus)
        #Get the DE EventID value
        $DEvIDent = $item($DEvID) 

        Write-Host -Foregroundcolor Green "Checking..... Appliance ID:" $DEID "EventID:" $DEvIDent 

            foreach($item in $PCitems)
                $PCID = $item.ID
                Write-Host -Foregroundcolor Red "IF 'EventID'" $DEvIDent "EQUALS 'CalendarID'" $PCID "run.." 
                if($DEvIDent -eq $PCID)
                    Write-Host "Appliance ID:" $DEID "EventID:" $DevIDent "Matched with PreventionCalendar ID:" $PCID
                    Write-Host "Appliance ID:" $DEID "EventID:" $DevIDent "PreventionCalendar ID: No Match Found"

Write-Host "Orphaned Appliances Updated"

Any help would be appreciated.


How to manipulate solution outputs that appear in a list?

I have a list {E, {p, ϕ}}, and I need values E, p, and ϕ such that I can later on do operations with them (like ArcCos(p), etc.). I will be repeatedly generating the values in the list, as a list, so doing this by-hand is not an option. How do I get them out of the list?

In this case, the values E, p, and ϕ exist such that they appear as p -> 0.097, ϕ -> 0.03, etc. I need them such that calling, for example, for list = {E, {p, ϕ}}, list((2,1)) yields 0.097 and not p -> 0.097. This is the issue.

event handlers – Build and package app to trigger automated email upon added list item

I am a sharepoint beginner and am looking to create something that will trigger an automated email upon adding a list item to an existing sharepoint list. What should I be creating to help with this (solution/addin/app)? and how should i go about doing so? I am developing with another laptop to build and transfer to another laptop with sharepoint access to deploy. Would it be done through uploading of webpart? if not how would i upload it?

Has to be within sharepoint (sharepoint hosted?)
Unable to install software in sharepoint access computer
I am only a site owner.

version control – Is there a tool that tracks changes in a directory for a specified list of files, and tries to merge my changes?

There’s a game studio in Sweden which makes games that are really modder-friendly. There’s pleasantly formatted text files with their own scripts as the source for much of the game’s mechanics. Mods, which aim to alter those mechanics or add new ones, can either add new files with more script, or override existing ones (which entails making a local copy with the desired changes).

However, every now and the developers release a patch for the game, which may update some or all of those original (“vanilla”) files. If I have overridden some of those files for my mod, then my local copies will not receive those updates. I not only have to merge in the changes manually: I have to track down each of the files that my mod overrides to see if any of those got patched, first. Which is a bit of a hassle if the mod is big enough.

I started thinking up a tool that will run daily, and see if any of the files in the vanilla directory tree got updated since the last time it checked; and if those updated files also exist in the mod, in the same subfolder with the same name. If it does, then it will automatically try to rebase my changes on the new version of vanilla (which should often work because my changes will tend to be subtle); and if it fails in that, it notifies me somehow.

Then I considered that this was just a convoluted version control system. If this were Git, then vanilla would be the master, my mod a branch, and this tool would just continually pull and merge in new changes from the master, something that humans do all the time. So this must have been thought of before, I figured.

So that’s my question. Are there any (preferably free) tools already in existence, that do what I describe? My google fu is failing me because I don’t think I can adequately describe this utility in a way that’s easily queryable.

(also sorry if software recommendation is not on-topic here. I am not sure on which IT-related SE it belongs; I considered Superuser, but that one explicitly excludes questions about software development, which I’m technically doing here)

EDIT: ok, two downvotes. Clearly software recommendation questions do not belong on this SE? I would really appreciate to know where they do belong.

Import/Export between Excel and Calendar list SharePoint 2019

I need to Import/Export between Excel and Calendar list in SharePoint 2019 on Premise.

I have an Excel file that is updated as a calendar file, and I need to be able to have that information update a SharePoint Calendar file,
as well as update the excel file from the SP Calendar file if any changes are made there.

Thank you

Finding lower boundary of a 3D object in list format

I have the following point list and would like to find the points located in the lower boundary of the 3D object (It is part of a body torso).

I am using the following script. However, in the end it shows just one point which is not correct. I think the reason is that the lower boundary points are not aligned with a straight line. Any help is really appreciated.

B3 = Select(data3D, MemberQ(#, Min( data3D((All, 2)))) &); – the best domains list on various CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc. – Websites & Domains

World-Bases – service for selling lists of sites/domains on a variety of CMS. In the presence of more than 40 CMS containing more than 1500 domain zones, here are just a few of them:

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For verification, proprietary software is used. Databases are updated on a regular basis. The quality of the databases at the time of publication of the update is at least 95%.

How to check the quality of the base?
Each database has a selection of 100 random domains/sites (from the current database), which you can see for free and evaluate the quality of the database itself before buying.
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