Gmail – One of the listed people can not accept invitations from the calendar

So my problem is, when I send invitations via Google Calendar, a person who does not receive the invitation is listed. Everyone else in the list will receive it.

He's in Gmail and has checked his spam folder. Other emails from me arrive in his inbox. He can accept invitations from my alternative email when I send a calendar invitation. Is there any other setting he needs to change to receive the invitations?

I will provide 5 listed daily post activities for your forum forum promotion

My service is very simple and is offered weekly with a 100% prepayment. It's no surprise that there are so many people offering forum posts. Let me explain how my service differs.

+ I create 5 accounts in your forum and post daily for the duration of your contract at different times. Accounts look real because the activity is ALL ACCRUED and accounts with bios and avatars are COMPLETE. I will be interactive with your community and my service will exceed your expectations.

Weekly contract

  1. I'll create 5 accounts in your forum and complete them
  2. The day after this You pay me, your contract is active and will be live for 7 days.
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That only costs $ 10 PayPal

After migrating from SharePoint 2010 to 2013, the command surface command surface command action does not work for the Custom button because the error is listed below

We have custom buttons in the Ribbon. The button is activated based on the status.

CommandUIHandler works well for the All button except the Send and Retry buttons after migrating from SharePoint 2010 to 2013.
When we click on the submit buttonEnter the image description here, we find the following error in Console.
Enter the image description here

If we click on sp.js to display the error, the error below will be displayed.
Enter the image description here

Because of this error, the CommandUIHandler will not run
Enter the image description here

We have not found a solution to this problem. Please tell me the solution to the above problem.

thank you in advance

2013 – Listed, cascading, multi-choice form fields

I'm looking forward to selecting multiple values ​​like this.

So I can have a Circle Blue; Square-yellow; Square Green; as a returned selection. All are based on one or two lists for easy addition or editing in the future. Currently, I have a list of shapes that has a search box from the list of colors that serve as a reference for my toy list.

Is there a way to run this OOTB that I do not know, or is there a way to get SPServices, Select2, or another addon for this to work?

Website could not be listed because of a previous owner thread

Hello, I would like to offer a domain / website for sale that I bought here at DP, but the previous listing (from the previous owner) does not allow me to create a new one.

The following error has occurred:

This domain is already listed here. You can use the Bump / Relist option for this collection.

How can I deal with this situation?

Many Thanks

Kubernetes services can not be listed in AWS EKS

I set up my first Kubernetes EKS cluster by following the Getting Started Guide at But I can not get past the step that verifies access kubectl receive svc, Instead of the list of services I get:

Error: The server does not have a resource type "svc"

I have the aws-iam authenticator In place, I have the correct access and secret key for a user with AWS administrator privileges. I've tested everything I could imagine, but I can not figure out what's causing the error.
Any ideas?

Mobile App Development Tool – Kony

If you want to build your mobile app from scratch, there are a number of tools available as part of advanced mobile app technologies. The tools below are ideal for developing a complete app from scratch, and provide multi-platform capabilities to reach a broad audience. Echo Innovate IT has put together a list of mobile app development tools that help you create a bug-free app from scratch.


When Kony connects to a single IDE, a developer can create JavaScript apps that run on all platforms. However, this tool is a bit of pinching the bag, especially if you want to create more than one mobile app, want more than a hundred users, etc.

The Kony mobile app development tool can support a variety of things including API management, catboats, voice, customer reporting, augmented reality, reference apps and many more. While the tool itself can be installed on both Windows and Mac computer systems, the associated mobile apps are used for previewing and testing on the device on which it is to run.


dnd 5e – Should the dulcimer listed under 5e's tool be called a hammered variety or a hummed variety?

Nowhere in the rules is the dulcimer listed in the device table defined or even described. It may even refer to both types of devices. Since it is not defined in the rules, the table must be defined. Talk to your DM and agree with what you think is best.

Settings and taste, this is also very flexible. Each table decides for itself where it wants to play and all kinds of flourishes that are never in the tradition. Choose something that you think is the most fun and most suitable for the game your table is playing.

The type will almost certainly not play a role mechanically

You mention the action economy as a concern, but there are really no cases in which the bard in battle plays an instrument that is important for the action economy.

No bardic skills require playing a musical instrument at all times. And importantly, a bard does not have to play the instrument to use it as a magic focus that you just have to hold.

The rules do not even define the action economics of an instrument. Normally, the bard uses his actions during the battle to cast spells or other helpful combat activities.

I played a Bard in a campaign for almost 3 years and never had to worry about action action in combat because she never did.

If you want to do this during the fight, select the version of the instrument that you think is the best / funniest one under these circumstances, and work with your DM to make sure they agree.

It's a bad idea to focus on houseruling

They say in a comment:

perhaps a house rule that playing is required as a focus

Do not do that. If you are not the DM, ask them not to implement it because it is a great nerf for bards. If, as you implied, playing an instrument is a sort of action, playing an instrument would actively prevent the bard from casting a spell with that type of action (or delaying it until the next round). This destroys a bard's action-economics and creates a more demanding requirement to cast a spell than any other class by far.

It sounds like the DM is trying to put the rules in the foreground. That's not a good idea. Especially not with the magic rules, because they are already picky enough.