email – What kind of mailing lists do academics use?

I have to create a mailing list. One of those kinds that are used in academia, with just one address through which anybody can share an email with everybody included in the mailing list. I think it’s called “discussion list”. I’ve searched online, but basically most of answers usually refer to marketing mailing lists. How do I find a valuable mailing-list of such type?

The mailing list is thought for sharing urban-regeneration related news through an open mailing-list of organizations: universities, privates, foundations. However, the mailing-list is not hosted by a university, and would like to understand a viable alternative. I have found this type of mailing-lists only in academic fields, and wanted to understand whether there was a way for anybody to setup such type of mailing list.

Since I may provide storage space through a server provider, my question includes advice on both ready-made options, as well as third-party applications that could be linked to a specific proprietary website.

Calculated (calculation based on other columns) IF OR ISBLANK AND Sharepoint Lists error formula

Can anyone help? I can’t work out why this is erroring. this section =IF(OR(ISBLANK(Tech £)),””, at the start in bold makes it error.

=IF(OR(ISBLANK((Tech £))),"",IF(AND((Tech Pay Type)="Paid in Full",(Tech Pack)="Pack 2=PC Only"),"0",IF(AND((Tech Pay Type)="Paid in Full",(Tech Pack)="Pack 1=Full Kit"),"0",IF(AND((Tech Pay Type)="Paid in Full",(Tech Pack)="No"),"Oops",IF(AND((Tech Pay Type)="N/A",(Tech Pack)="Pack 2=PC Only"),"Oops",IF(AND((Tech Pay Type)="N/A",(Tech Pack)="Pack 1=Full Kit"),"Oops",IF(AND((Tech Pay Type)="N/A",(Tech Pack)="No"),"0",IF(AND((Tech Pay Type)="Monthly",(Tech Pack)="Pack 2=PC Only"),"£23",IF(AND((Tech Pay Type)="Monthly",(Tech Pack)="Pack 1=Full Kit"),"£40",IF(AND((Tech Pay Type)="Monthly",(Tech Pack)="No"),"Oops")))))))))

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lists – Better user experience while having a small amount of content to show

I have the below screen that shows a list of items. The list can sometimes be long and sometimes short. When the list is long, the UI looks okay, but when it is short, the screen looks a little boring. Is there any suggestion to improve the display in this scenario?

Display of two phone mockups; one has only two items, the other has many


  • This is an app for a IOT device.
  • This screen comes in the middle of the user guide/on-board screens.

sharepoint online – Default views for list folders isn’t working in new experience lists

I’m trying to set up a folder based list where the top level of the list will only contain folders of a custom type “Incident” and the incident folders will contain other types such as “Action” etc.

I have this set up but the automatic view selection isn’t working. I have created two views:

  • Incidents – set to show in “Top-level” and is set as the default view
  • Actions – set to show in folders of type “Incident” and is also set as the default view

I want it to automatically switch between those views when I go from the top level to the “Incident” level but it doesn’t. It just stays at whatever I last set it to and both views are available in both the top level folder and the incident folders.

Our site is configured to use the “new experience” and if I change the list to use the “classic experience” instead of the default one then this part works.

I don’t want to use the classic experience because other parts of it don’t work well for what we want and also we need to be able to use the list from Teams which seems to use the new experience regardless of the setting in the list.

Is there something that I am doing wrong or is it a fault in Sharepoint?

dnd 5e – Is there a resource anywhere that lists every spell and the classes that can use them?

There are now a number of resources that provide lists of spells, the PHB, Tashas Cauldron, XGTE etc. As well as spells that are included in specific adventure or campaign books.

There are also new classes that come with new spell rules, artificer is one.

Is there a single official DnD resource anywhere that lists all the spells currently published for 5th edition, the classes they can be used by and the level? I now own 10 books and having to juggle between that various changes to spell lists is getting more and more complicated. For instance the Bard has access to additional spells as listed in XGTE and Tashas Guide.

I am looking for an official list, similair to the one published in the PHB that details for every class the spells that they have access to including all currently official published spells.

DnD beyond is not an accepted answer as you would need to buy the books and as far as I am aware it does not list all the spells available to every class as standard.

google sheets – How to shrink lists of strings so that all consecutive values are represented by “A to D” instead of as “A, B, C, D”

Quite tricky to phrase this question but I’m asking getting times ranges of when people are available in 3 hours chunks. They can answer with any combination of "00:00 to 03:00", "03:00 to 06:00", "06:00 to 09:00", "09:00 to 12:00", "12:00 to 15:00", "15:00 to 18:00", "18:00 to 21:00", "21:00 to 00:00", and "All Day". In my current “solution” I replace these strings as numbers, 1 through 8 with “All Day” just being an overwrite and check if all the numbers are consecutive and if so, concatenate two pre-determined strings depending on what’s the first number and what’s the last numbers.

If, for instance, someone replied with the following answer: "06:00 to 09:00, 12:00 to 15:00, 15:00 to 18:00, 18:00 to 21:00", how do I properly shrink that to "06:00 to 09:00, 12:00 to 21:00"? In my solution the formula just fails since they’re not entirely consecutive. It will just return the original input string.

I think I probably need to address every answer as an array and somehow iterate through to see which values are consecutive, saving that to a separate array and then just replacing the text back to a readable format in another cell but I have no clue how I would go about comparing the first number to the second number without an obscene number of IF statements.

linked lists – Writing a C program that reads data.txt and reverses the order of odd numbers

Can you help me with this question please? I tried everything but couldn’t do it myself. I couldn’t find a similar question on the internet so I had to ask it myself.

Write a C program that reads a line from data.txt and creates a singly linked list queue from it. This C program changes that queue order by reversing the order of the odd integers while leaving the even integers in place.
Run this program for each line of the data.txt file and print out the results.
The first line of the data.txt file contains the sample count.

Use Singly Linked List, not Array! Solution is based on stack and queue combination.

For example given this queue:
14 13 17 8 4 10 11 4 15 18 19 //queue 1 2 3 4 5 //order of the odd integers

program would change it to:
14 19 15 8 4 10 11 4 17 18 13 //queue 5 4 3 2 1 //order of the odd integers

This is the data file:


Thank you in advance.