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The crypto markets have undoubtedly been on an upward trajectory in recent weeks, allowing Bitcoin to hit new highs since the beginning of the year, at around $ 8,000.

Currently, the next resistance that BTC has to exceed is $ 8,200. If this value is exceeded, the cryptocurrency can reach new highs of $ 9,300 a year.

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Before you start to act live – discussions & help

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See Piazza di Siena 2019 live online

View Piazza di Siena 2019 live stream



See Piazza di Siena 2019 CSIO Rome live streaming online. CSIO of Rome 2019 Live from 20th to 26th May 2019.

The 87th edition of the International Horse Show Piazza di Siena from 23 to 26 May in the Villa

Borghese. PIAZZA OF SIENA, ROME, 20.-26. MAY 2019. 87. CSIO ROM, 23.-26. May 2019


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Although the Ethereum has been catching up slowly, it has finally made it and is now approaching a critical point.

Over the last ten days, Ethereum has finally broken through this resistance at $ 180 and climbed to a 2019 high of $ 270.

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Watch Giro d & # 39; Italia Stage 10 2019 live online

The Giro d'Italia 2019 is a three-week Grand Tour stage race, held mainly in Italy from 11 May to 2 June 2019. The race is the 102nd edition of the Giro d'Italia and the first Grand Tour of the 2019 cycling season.
Dates: Sat, May 11, 2019 – Sun, June 2, 2019


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Camera – Stream live video from Android to the RTMP server

I am working on an Android RAT project (Remote Administration Tool) as a course project. I would like to add a live video stream feature to the RAT. I searched for different ways and found three different ways:

  1. Takes videos from the service and then uploads them
  2. Transfers video from the camera to a local web server in an Android application (for example,
  3. Ant Media is just the right solution to encrypt the video and stream it as a live stream (

The problem, however, is that Ant Broadcaster needs an activity to preview the camera. However, as described here (, it is possible to record videos from a service without preview.

I'm wondering how to use Ant Broadcaster to create video streams within services.

Ant Media connects a service to an activity and then sends the video:

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Ease of Use – Add Live Chat to Mobile Devices and Desktops When There Is a Sticky Bar Below?

Usually, the live chat is on the bottom right as a floater on the desktop and on the phone. On some of my pages, however, I have a sticky bar with a CTA button at the bottom right. If we added a live chat, the live chat would hide the CTA button.

When we move the float over the CTA button, some information on the page is covered …

Is it also advisable to keep your desktop and mobile experience the same? I think I may have to differentiate the live chat experience from the mobile site.

I need help finding the best place to place a live chat feature on this page. Help please!