7 – hook_default_rules_configuration can not debug or force it to load

I'm trying to debug a title track, here it says

"This hook is called when loading rule configurations." Are you not sure when this happens? I clear the cache, clear the rule cache from the UI, but it seems the xdebug breakpoint never stops. Maybe I have to trigger it somehow, but not sure how?

amazon web services – Do AWS Elastic Beanstalk EC2s behind a load balancer have different source IP addresses?

I try to distribute my requests to a few servers. I have set up the service for elastic beanpoles with load balancing. My question is whether outgoing requests from this service will look as though they came from the same or a different IP address.

And yes, I understand, I try to thwart the purpose of rate limiting to some extent. But I will send inquiries for a reasonable price.

Rendering – How do I load large arrays into GPU and render with OpenGL?

I'm trying to render a cloud volumetrically. I've defined the cloud density capabilities on the glsl shaders and successfully performed ray marching methods. Now I want to render a 3D raster (100x100x100) that represents the density of a cloud that I calculated with the CPU. The idea I tried was to use the memory buffer objects, but when I access the array to get and render the density value, it does not work.

This is at the beginning of the glsl fragment:

#version 440 core
layout(std430, binding = 3) buffer layoutName
    float data_SSBO(100*100*100);

And the density function definition is:

float density(vec3 position, float t){
    const float dx = 1./100., dy = 1./100., dz = 1./100.;
    int i, j, k;
    if( (position.x >= 0.)&&(position.y >= 0.)&&(position.z >= 0.)&&(position.x <= 1.)&&(position.y <= 1.)&&(position.z <= 1.)){
        i = int(position.x/dx);
        j = int(position.y/dy);
        k = int(position.z/dz);

        return data_SSBO(i*100*100 + j*100 + k);
        return 0.;

And in the c-code are the buffer creation, bindings etc .:

    glGenBuffers(1, &ssbo);
    glBindBuffer(GL_SHADER_STORAGE_BUFFER, ssbo);
    glBufferData(GL_SHADER_STORAGE_BUFFER, 100*100*100*sizeof(float), grid, GL_STATIC_DRAW);
    glBufferSubData(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 0, 100*100*100*sizeof(float), grid);

and in the rendering function there are:

    glClearColor(1.f, 1.f, 0.f, 1.0f);


    glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, VBO);

    glBindBuffer(GL_SHADER_STORAGE_BUFFER, ssbo);

    glBindBufferBase(GL_SHADER_STORAGE_BUFFER, 3, ssbo);

//  glBufferSubData(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 0, 3*2*2*sizeof(float), buffer);

    glVertexAttribPointer(0, 2, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 2* sizeof(float), (void*)0);      // coordenadas



I think the problem has something to do with tying. I have tried different combinations, such as binding to and fro greeting program etc.
I literally have no idea what's going on, I see that's really confusing.

PHP – How to load new elements in Scroll with JQuery and Ajax

I have a script that retrieves items via Ajax every 20 as a scroll at the bottom of the pages. The problem is that when the maximum is reached, instead of pausing the request, an error is issued.

Below like me:


and in cont.php it looks like this:

query( $sql );
$itens = $result->fetchAll( PDO::FETCH_ASSOC );

foreach($itens as $i){
    $idnovositens() = $r('id');
$idnovositens = "{$_POST('iditens')},'".implode("','",$idnovositens)."'";
echo $idnovositens;


8 – Load media file in webform mail handler

I'd like to use a single web form to send download links with specific media files to visitors who fill out this form. For example, on a URL like this:


The media parameter is the ID of a media entity type, such as Download. Now I would like to send the mail with the name of the media unit and a link to the file of this unit.

How could I do it? I'm thinking about mail handlers and a custom twig template, but how do I get the media unit data? Any ideas? Thanks for any helpful comment;]

html5 – How can I load a set of records into a data table without first loading them into Laravel?

I have a database with a single table that contains thousands of records. So I have a data table in the Blade view, which is a component of the admin template that I've integrated with Laravel. In the control I received the records in this way:

    $proyectos = DB::table('proyectos_inv')->paginate(50);
    return view('home',('proyectos' => $proyectos));

And I usually have it in the Blade view with an @foreach.
It turns out that the view data table loads the following script


What happens is that the pagination does not work as I imagined. The first 50 records are loaded as in this case, but not all are loaded. When I delete the function


The browser loads all the records and when it's done, it's this page. Can I just load the number of records I want in the beginning and not how it works?

This table is just a proof because the real table contains millions of records and in practice it is not effective to wait for the download of all records to automatically paginate.

To implement an infinite scrolling or load Ajax more

My website is www.grubnglug.co.uk. I use geomywp to search / filter and display posts and I do not want to change it.

My question is, how can I implement the infinite scrolling or load Ajax more button functionality onto the posts, so I can get rid of the ugly pagination buttons.

I have tried different plugins, but all load the posts independently instead of integrating them into the geomywp / it's template for displaying posts and loading them indefinitely.

As a result, I end up with two posts – one infinitely loaded and the other, as it is, with pagination buttons.

I have no programming knowledge beyond small improvements. I am lost 🙁

safari – How can a public WLAN load the "Accept Terms of Use" page for you to use?

For some time, I've found that my MacBook Air does not load public Wi-Fi sites. All bars in the Wi-Fi icon above are solid, but the page I can connect to will not load. Never really bothered me.

This week, my wife started chemo and radiation therapy. There is a lot to learn when that happens. I had my laptop in the clinic with me to organize some things and check some while she underwent radiation. But I could not connect to their WiFi. I've tried many ideas from my iPhone search, but nothing worked. No frustration I needed.

So today, before I went to the clinic, I searched online again for someone who had a similar problem, and I found this page.

On March 28, 2018, when someone with the same problem as me wrote JBIS wrote this: "Go http://captive.apple.com This is the only way to ensure that it is displayed. " tilt Connect to the Internet and enter it http://captive.apple.com in the search bar.

When they took my wife to the clinic for treatment today, I did just that, and it worked. Your Wi-Fi page was loading and I was able to do the things I needed to do while waiting for my wife. One of the things on my list, later, when she was resting, was to find a way to thank this side and the person who gave this endearing advice.

This site recommends that you need 50 points before you can comment – in my case, "Thanks, JBis" for a helpful response almost two years ago that has done its job today. Therefore, I could not comment on the original post.

We hope that this contribution will allow others to benefit from the solution and recognize the person – JBis – who shared it.

Filter – Load more and filter (not necessarily in this order)

The problem that may reveal seems trivial to you. I still do not know which solution to choose.

Suppose you have an input text where you can type everything. Below that is a list of ten items and a button for loading more items. Once the user clicks Load More, ten more items are added to the list.

My question is, if you enter a text to filter, if there are 100 potential results in the database, should we load the 10 first and another button, or 20? Since the user has already clicked Load once more, we can expect that he wants it to stay as it is.

Thank you very much,

mysql – Attempts to load data with a foreign status key into a table and does not accept null

I have a name and an address CSZ table with a foreign key from the field state in the state table. I use mysql v8 and use the import wizard for mysql workbenches to do the import. When I load a record with a valid status, it works fine. If I leave the status blank, the following error message appears: "The line import failed with the following error: (" Incorrect integer value: & # 39; for column & # 39; StateId & # 39; in line 1 ", 1366) ". I have an integer stateID and the field is also an integer and I load the integer value for that state. My question is why it does not accept a null value?