office 365 – Open local folder from Sharepoint 365 browser view

If I open an Office 365 Sharepoint in the browser and I already have synced said Sharepoint to my local drive, how do I open the local folder out of the browser view?

sharepoint page

How do I convert into c:OneDriveMYTEAMfdrmyfile.txt

ag.algebraic geometry – Local rings $R subsetneq S$ with $R$ regular and $S$ Cohen-Macaulay, non-regular

Let $R subseteq S$ be local rings with maximal ideals $m_R$ and $m_S$.
Assume that:

(1) $R$ and $S$ are (Noetherian) integral domains.

(2) $dim(R)=dim(S) < infty$, where $dim$ is the Krull dimension.

(3) $R$ is regular (hence a UFD).

(4) $S$ is Cohen-Macaulay.

(5) $R subseteq S$ is simple, namely, $S=R(w)$ for some $w in S$.

(6) $R subseteq S$ is free.

(7) $R subseteq S$ is integral, namely, every $s in S$ satisfies a monic polynomial over $R$.

(8) $m_RS=m_S$, namely, the extension of $m_R$ to $S$ is $m_S$.

(9) It is not known whether the fields of fractions of $R$ and $S$, $Q(R)$ and $Q(S)$, are equal or not.

(10) It is not known if $R subseteq S$ is separable or not.

Remark: It is known that if a (commutative) integral domains ring extension $A subseteq B$ is integral+flat, then it is faithfully flat, and if also $Q(A)=Q(B)$, then $A=B$.
This is why I did not want to assume that $Q(R)=Q(S)$, since in this case $R=S$ immediately.

Is it true that, assuming (1)(10) imply that $S$ is regular or $R=S$?

$R=mathbb{C}(x(x-1))_{x(x-1)}$ and $S=mathbb{C}(x)_{(x)}$,
with $R neq S$ and $S$ is regular.

Non-example: $R=mathbb{C}(x^2)_{(x^2)}$ and $S=mathbb{C}(x^2,x^3)_{(x^2,x^3)}$, but condition (8) is not satisfied.

Relevant questions, for example: a, b, c, d.

Thank you very much! I have asked the above question here, with no comments (yet).

Restoring WhatsApp chat history either fom local backup or from Google Drive

  1. I have my WhatsApp chat history backed up on Google drive till June 2017. After that I stopped the Google Drive backup.
  2. I have local Database backup file having data from August 2018 till today.

Question 1 – Now when I uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp, will it restore data from Google Drive + local Backup both?

Question 2 – How do I restore data only from Google Drive?

Question 3 – How to do restore data only from local backup?

Question 4 – What will happen if I backup current local backup to Google drive? Will it corrupt my old back up on Google drive? Will it overwrite my existing backup on Google drive

azure ad – Access Denied error After migrate on-prem Local AD SP Database to Sharepoint Farm joined to AzureAD DS

I have migrated Sharepoint 2013 Farm which is joined to Local AD DS to Sharepoint 2016 Farm joined to AzureAD DS.

Client wants to take full use of AzureAD DS and want to migrate sharepoint farm to Azure VMs connected to AzureAD DS.

I created a Sharepoint 2016 farm. created normal webapp/Site collection and is able to access as expected.

When I attach sharepoint 2013 DB after upgrade it gives access denied to those upgrade web app.
Do I need to do any changes to existing usernames as they has been now talking to AzureAD DS instead of Local AD.

postgresql – Local Postgres Server on Mac Pw Auth Fail

Disclaimer: I am new to MacOs. Haven’t found any useful related question.

After successfully installing postgresql 13.2 via homebrew on MacOs 11.2.1 (BigSur) i run into the following problem:

Use terminal for the command

psql postgres

Prompts user pwd of my standard Mac user account.


psql: error: FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "standarduser"


sudo psql postgres

Now asks standard user pwd and accepts it.
Then asks root user pwd and rejects it with the same error as before:

psql: error: FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "root"

What am I missing?

disk encryption – Security against local attack for remote FDE decryption?

Is there any remote FDE decryption that is resistant to an attacker that has local physical access?

Tools like dracut-sshd need to store the private key used for the sshd server on the unencrypted boot partition, so a local attacker has the ability to become a MITM and sniff the decryption password.

Can using a TPM to protect the sshd key foil this attack?

Does clevis-tang have essentially the same problem? At the bottom of the tang is this list of security considerations:

  1. Man-in-the-Middle
  2. Compromise the client to gain access to cJWK
  3. Compromise the server to gain access to sJWK's private key

Problem (1) is not a concern according to this document. I assume you avoid problem (3) by running the tang server on a FDE itself or storing the key on a HSM. Problem (2) sounds impossible to protect against if the attacker is local – is that correct?

The tang documentation stresses that the…

client protect cJWK from prying eyes. This may include device
permissions, filesystem permissions, security frameworks (such as
SELinux) or even the use of hardware encryption such as a TPM

Is the TPM option the only way to foil an attacker with physical access to the unencrypted boot partition?

Is there any work-around that allows remote unattended FDE decryption that a local attacker cannot compromise?

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