8 – Migrating files from local source is not found

I am migrating from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 (8.6.9).
Currently, both the Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 sites are running on my local machine.
The migration of public files works well with:

Plugin: D7_file
Scheme: public
source_base_path: & # 39; http: //www.oldsite.com/'
to process:
Plugin: Get
Source: fid
Plugin: Get
Source: filename
Plugin: concat
Separator: /
- constants / source_base_path
- File path
plugin: urlencode
Plugin: file copy
- & # 39; @ source_full_path & # 39;
- uri
Plugin: entity: file & # 39;
Migration dependencies:
required: {}
optionally: {}

The private files are not found with the site URL as source_base_path So I switched to / absolute / path / to / private, The files are still not found.

When I check the migration messages, it says File & # 39; /absolute/path/to/private/filename.png' not found for every private file. However, if I copy the path and look for the file in the terminal, the path is correct.

At first I thought it was due to spaces in the file name, but it also happens with files without spaces. For completeness: The path to the private directory contains no spaces.

Note: Not all files are images, many are PDFs.

In finding this problem, I find configurations as above, so I have no options.

android – Kotlin – local variables vs. global variables

You can declare a local variable without initializing or adding latin. However, this does not apply to global variables. My question is, why? Why does not the compiler issue an error for the local variable?

for example :

Class a {

var abc: String // This is not allowed by the compiler

Fun myOwnedFun () {
var abcd: String // This is allowed


I understand that one thing is allowed and the other is not, but I'm curious why.

Abstract Algebra – Trace card for expanding local fields

To let $ K supset F $ a finite extension of the local fields. It means that the rating $ v_K $ extends the rating $ v_F $, We designate with $ pi_K $ and $ pi_F $ the uniformizer parameters and with $ mathcal O_K $, $ mathcal O_F $ the rings of the Integeter.

Obviously, we have the following open, compact subgroups:

$$ K supset ldots supset pi_K ^ r mathcal O_K supset pi_K ^ {r + 1} mathcal O_K supset ldots supset {0 } $$

$$ F supset ldots supset pi_F ^ r mathcal O_F supset pi_F ^ {r + 1} mathcal O_F supset ldots supset {0 } $$

Is it true that $ operatorname {Tr} _ {K | F} left ( pi_K ^ r mathcal O_K right) subset pi_F ^ s mathcal O_F $ for some $ s in mathbb Z $? Can we say something about this? $ s $? In other words, I wanted to know if the trace map reflected the power structure of the ideals in the local fields.

thank you in advance

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dg.differential geometry – Find local coordinates of the endpoints of a time-varying line (for example, two other objects) to minimize line length deviation

  1. The line A zy A cyclically rotates around the point A in in a fixed time-varying pattern and the coordinates of the point A;. are fixed (i.e., line A & # 39; A has only one degree of freedom).
  2. The line BB & can move along the x-axis and the y-axis (translational movement) and can also rotate around point B, the distance between point A and point B remaining constant.
  3. The simultaneous translation and rotation of the line BB zy also occurs cyclically in a fixed time-variant pattern, the cycle time corresponding to that of A A A.
  4. Due to the above items 1, 2 and 3, the angles A & min; AB and ABB & gt; are time-dependent and cyclic.

Can we use any numerical method to find the point X within the location coordinates of line A? A (ie distance AX and angles A? AX are fixed) and point Y within the location coordinates of line BB? (Distance BY and angles) B? BY are set) such that the coefficient of variation (CV) of the distance between point X and point Y is minimal for a given set of time-spaced snapshots in an entire cycle. We have to exclude the trivial solution: line AB (ie point A within the location coordinates of line A & A; and point B within the location coordinates of line BB & # 39;). Please refer to the attached picture.

I'm not sure if this question is eligible to be part of mathoverflow.net, so please move it to another math group if found by the moderators.

Networking – How can a local port be mapped to a remote port without SSH access?

I have a configuration file that I do not want to change because it is shared by many users and managed by someone else. It has similar entries:

serviceAlpha: localhost: 8081
serviceBravo: localhost: 8082
serviceCharlie: localhost: 8083

I want the local ports to be mapped to a remote host and port, respectively, without requiring a login (tunnel) over SSH.

For example:

localhost: 8081 -> serviceAlpha: 8080
localhost: 8082 -> serviceBravo: 8080
localhost: 8083 -> serviceCharlie: 8080

I read that / etc / hosts can not solve this problem.

I tried it pf (look here):

Echo "
RDR Pass Inet Proto TCP from any port 8081 -> ServiceAlpha port 8080
"| sudo pfctl -ef -

When I run pfctl -s natI get:

No ALTQ support in the kernel
ALTQ-related features disabled
rdr pass inet proto tcp from any port = 8081 -> ww.xx.yy.zz port 8080

When I run curl -X GET http: // localhost: 8081 /I get Unable to connect to Localhost port 8081: operation timed out, The same thing happens when I replace localhost With,

When I run curl -X GET http: //ww.xx.yy.zz: 8080 /I get the expected answer.

schema.org – 2 local business schema markups on the same site page

We have a multi-site company in the US. When creating our website, we used a Google My Business Reviews plug-in to dynamically retrieve reviews from our Google My Business page. In this context, we use the rich snippets option and have the schema snippet on 95% of our site pages. This is great, but we now want to implement JSON-LD for local business and highlight several sources for our business; H. NAP, service area, hours, etc.

The current plug-in for reviews uses Microdata, but we want to implement JSON-LD for the additional schema. Is that possible? Will Bots Violate / Confuse Bots Scouring Our Website? Sample codes below:

5.0 <Path d = M1728 647q0 22-26 48l-363 354 86 500q1 7 1 20 0 21-10.5 35.5t-30.5 14.5q-19 0-40-12l-449-236-449 236q- 22 12-40 12 21-31.5-14.5t-10.5-35.5q0-6 2-20l86-500-364-354q-25-27-25-48 0-37 56-46l502-73 225 -455q19-41 49-41t49 411225 455 502 73q56 9 56 46z

JSON-LD has been updated:

"@context": "http://www.schema.org",
"@type": "Local Business",
"name": "company name",
"URL": "URL",
"logo": "logo",
"Image": "Logo",
"description": "Business Description",
"priceRange": "$",
"Service area": ​​{
"@type": "city",
"Surname": [Service Areas]
"Address": {
"@type": "PostalAddress",
"Address": "",
"addressLocality": "",
"addressRegion": "",
"Post Code": "",
"addressCountry": "United States"
"phone": "" ",
"geo": {
"@type": "GeoCoordinates",
"Width": "",
"Longitude": ""
"hasMap": "Google Maps URL",
"Opening Hours": "Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 08: 30-18: 00, Sat 08: 30-15: 30"
"Contact point": {
"@type": "ContactPoint",
"phone": "" ",
"contactType": "sale"

Remember to have both on the same page in different places? We worry if we remove the rating scheme that our rich snippets will not return.

Optimization – Traveling seller's problem with guided local search

I'm doing Week_4 from https://www.coursera.org/learn/discrete-optimization/
stuck in solution TSP.
Since there are many methods that need to be resolved, I am currently coding
Guided local search http://csp.bracil.net/papers/VTA-GLS-Handbook2010.pdf
This basically penalizes the longest edge and searches this environment repeatedly until no improvement is found.
To search the neighborhood more quickly, the local search that marks a vertex as inactive if no enhancement (2-opt) is found is used.

My problem is that there are improvements after the first fast local search (FLS).
Any findings on this?

Also what is suggested to solve TSP to make it easier.
As I know, these are methods
– Simulated annealing with reheating.
– Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) with Gomory Cut.
– LK (Lein-Kerninghan), LKH, ILKH heuristics
– GLS + FLS (I find it easy to start)
– Hybrid approaches such as MIP + SA.

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