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We are a managed hosting provider and do our best to support the hosting platform while flying to the skies. We use SSD disks for stability. Hostorbits provides 24×7 support, and our server administrators provide answers in chat and on tickets. If you are a new visitor to our website and need advice on purchasing the product, use the contact form. Our sales representative will contact you immediately.
Our support staff work remotely from different countries. We work with multiple support providers to deliver the best possible service to our customers. If you do not receive an immediate response, do not hesitate to open support tickets for our QA team.

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Our features

Payment method: Paypal

SERVER: dedicated server

Live chat: yes

SSL for all domains: yes

Ticket dissolution time: 15 to 30 minutes

Data Center: USA

Control panel: cpanel

SHELL ACCESS: on request

Upgrade to the next level: Yes

24/7 Support: yes


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Unlimited CPANEL accounts
20 GB of hard disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited domains (addon + subdomains)
Unlimited e-mail accounts
Unlimited system control

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Unlimited CPANEL accounts
50 GB hard disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited domains (addon + subdomains)
Unlimited MySQL databases
Unlimited FTP users
Unlimited e-mail accounts
Unlimited system control

REGULAR PRICE: 17.99 $ / month ——————-> REDUCED PRICE : 12.6 $ / M




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Unlimited CPANEL accounts
100 GB of hard disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited domains (addon + subdomains)
Unlimited MySQL databases
Unlimited FTP users
Unlimited e-mail accounts
Unlimited system control

Regular Price: $ 24 / month ——————-> Get 30% DISCOUNT and see the reduced amount





US data center

Easy upgrade

Possibility to adapt plans

weekly malware scan reports

Filter for outgoing spam checks

Shell access on request



IP Blocker
Hotlink Protection
PHP PEAR packages
Perl modules
PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2
Timed tasks
Track DNS
Fast CGI
GD library
Picture magick
ionCube PHP Loader
Virus Scanner
Directory Privacy
Git version control
Webmail Software: Horde / Roundcube / Squirrelmail
freight forwarders
Spam filter
E-mail disk usage
E-mail aliases
POP3 e-mail accounts with SMTP
IMAP support
Catch-all e-mail account
E-mail forwarding
mailing lists
Track delivery
Global email filters
address importer

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Network – Google 2-factor authentication does not show my location

I'm on my corporate proxy and use Google's 2-factor authentication to log in to my computer. When I get the notification on my phone, it says I'm trying to connect from Moscow (Russia) even though I'm in the US. In the past, this was not a problem – it was only a few weeks ago. So I'm worried about a MITM attack.

question: Is it normal for Google to show wrong 2-factor login paths behind a proxy?

Passports – Immigration concerns regarding the location of the passengers

Not only the immigration authorities check your passports. Many of the people who check your passports do not stamp them. So it's okay to show what's most useful in different contexts. Suppose you travel from A to B to C while you hold the passes of D and E.

In A, the airline wants to make sure that you are not pushed back in immigration into B and C. So you want to see that you are admitted. If you have a passport that makes this clear you can show this to the airline. If you have a visa, you can check it at this point. (You may think about this review when you imagine immigration in A. Check if you can get into B or C, but it's not the immigration, it's the airline.) In some airports, you'll also be required ID card and Show your boarding pass before you pass the security service. Here it really does not matter which passport you show. And you can re-show your passport when boarding, which sometimes just proves you're the person on the ticket, and sometimes I've heard announcements that if you need a visa, you're ready to show it.

If you come to B and one of your passports means that you do not need a transit visa, show it so that you can transit. It is possible that the B immigrants stamped it at this point. And you may need to convince the airline in B again that you will not be rejected in C. You may need to re-prove who you are before you enter the security check and board the plane.

Then you finally come to C and can present your desired passport. (I do not think a person traveling with two passports would get an entry stamp in both passports.) You must choose one.))

geolocation – Why does my picture with my location sometimes turn gray when using Location Sharing on Google Maps?

I'm using Google Maps location sharing for my kids so we can better keep up with each other, estimate pickup times, and so on. Sometimes, however, my picture showing my location shows a gray spot, no matter how many times my daughter updates it, My location will not be updated for you. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, it stays that way for several hours. And there's nothing that could alert me to the fact that it happens. Is it possibly because I'm in the same place for a long time, or why could it be and how can I fix it for the update to work correctly?

Can someone help me find the file location of the built-in browser from / disable LINE?

I'm using an app blocker to curb my phone addiction but after figuring out that you can access the browser by clicking on a link in the chat … yes

I tried to find it myself, but I could not.

Can someone help me? I use the line for daily communication so I can not block the entire app. I just do not have to use the browser (I disabled the App Store so I can not just reinstall it if I delete the browser files.)

http header – Set the location in request-php

I'm running an application that gets data from I use the code below.

Array (
& # 39; method & # 39; => "GET",
& # 39; header & # 39; => "Accept-language: de  r  n".
"Cookie: foo = bar  r  n".
"User-Agent: Mozilla / 5.0 (x11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit / 537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome / 51.0.2704.103 Safari / 537.36  r  n"
// ignore_errors & # 39; ignore_errors & # 39; ignore_errors & # 39; => true
$ context = stream_context_create ($ opts);
$ html = file_get_contents ($ link, false, $ context);
echo $ html;

My server is in the USA. The application opens the page as if it were browsing from the US. This code displays the page as follows

Open from the USA

The problem is this way, the page will not be displayed when a user opens the same URL in the UAE. The page is displayed as follows when opened in the UAE.

Enter image description here

You can see that the "price" and "sold by" are different for both locations.

I would like to retrieve the page as if my application were running in the UAE.
How do I get my application to run the code from UAE instead of US?
thank you in advance

Geolocation – Why does Google Maps' location history with the iPhone not work reliably?

I just switched from an Android to an iPhone. With the Android, my location history was perfect, with the iPhone everything is confused.

In the Google Map app I have Settings -> Personal Content -> Location History: Always on.

The symptom is that it works, sometimes the location works, sometimes I have 7 hours of "walking" or 3 hours of "driving" or I left the house before I came to work, but in the right place. Very sporadic.

How can I track my location reliably on my iPhone XS Max using the Google Map timeline?

Nginx override speed for a multi-rules location

I'm trying to set up parsing so that requested URLs behave as follows

/ newsletter / 2019/05
is a rewrite of


/ newsletter / 2019/05 / yes
is a rewrite of

For Apache, this worked as expected:

RewriteRule ^ newsletter / ([^/]+) / ([^/]+) $ newsletter.php? year = $ 1 & month = $ 2 [L]
RewriteRule ^ newsletter / ([^/]+) / ([^/]+) / ([^/]+) $ newsletter.php? year = $ 1 & month = $ 2 & app = $ 3 [L]

In Nginx, I'm using the following on server {}:

                location / newsletter / {

rewrite "^ / newsletter / ([^/]+) / ([^/]+) $ "

rewrite "^ / newsletter / ([^/]+) / ([^/]+) / ([^/]+) $ "


Both work, but the variation with the & # 39; app & # 39; variables loads immediately, while the shorter variation always takes about 5 seconds to load.

I've tried the following to speed up the loading of the shorter variation, without success:
1. Change the order of the changes
2. add / remove? from the end for one or both rules
3. Add / remove & # 39; last & # 39; from the end of one or both rules
4. Do 2 Location {} sets, but this caused nginx to fail to reload

I also tried & # 39; break & # 39; at the end of the rules, but my browser downloaded the page instead of displaying it.

Any ideas on how to speed this up?