gps tracking – Prevent Samsung Galaxy A8 from pausing Google Maps location sharing

I want to be able to locate a Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) running Android 9 at all times with Google Maps location sharing.

Problem is, if the device isn’t used for a while, the phone’s location stops being updated. But if the phone is merely touched so that it displays the lock screen, the location gets updated right away. So I guess the device goes to sleep and disables features such as GPS.

Without success, I have tried disabling every battery saving feature I can find, and granted full permissions to the Google Maps app. I have experimented with all these settings I’ve found under Settings > Device Care > Battery:

* Power mode > Optimised|Medium power saving|Maximum power saving
* Power mode > Adaptive power saving (OFF)
* Settings > Adaptive battery (OFF)
* Settings > Put unused apps to sleep (OFF)
* Settings > Sleeping apps (Google Maps not included)
* Settings > Auto disable unused apps (OFF)
* Settings > Optimise settings (OFF)

What more settings can I try to solve the problem?

finder – Change File Picker Dialog folder location (avoid latest visited folder)

Whenever a File picker dialog (MacOs Catalina) is being open by a website or in general within the operating system, the UI shows as a default folder the latest used/visited one.

Let’s consider this typical workflow:

  1. I’m saving a file in Word using the Save button, which brings up a File Picker Dialog and I save my document in let say ~/Desktop/myfolder
  2. After some time (even hours later) a website prompts me for a file Upload, which opens the same File Picker Dialog
  3. Here’s the issue: File Picker Dialog opens – by default- into the latest used folder from the Picker Dialog, so the file Picker UI will show files in ~/Desktop/myfolder.

This is pretty inconvenient as it can expose privacy files when screen-sharing or having someone next on me when using the MacOS.

Is it possible to use a Default folder for the file picker that opens up always for example in ~/Desktop or just ~ ?

google pixel – Prevent Android from changing language based on location

I’m on vacation in a different country on a trip that did not include knowing a new language.

It’s not everywhere but enough to be annoying. Latest, changing language of buttons on a Google Form that’s never seen the language during its creation or previous uses. Before that, suggested videos on YouTube are all in Spanish.

Pixel 5 Android 11

partitioning – Change and increase default swap file location

Good day!

Would like to change my VM Ubuntu Desktop Server 20.04 swap file location and increase it to certain degree, if possible 100GB of swap?

Is there a way to connect my VM (virtualbox) ubuntu to another drive that is connected to my computer?

C drive – 120GB SSD (Windows 10)
D drive – 120GB SSD (Assigned for my VM (ubuntu))
E drive – 3TB HDD (only connected to Windows 10)

Want to assign the swap file to E drive.

sharepoint online – How to change location of search bar top page in website? also how to costumize the search box?

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Permission violation – getConfiguredNetworks not allowed for uid=10293, reason=java.lang.SecurityException: UID 10293 has no location permission

I am working on app which works for sharing files whenever I connect to it through scanning it does not connect on target sdk version 29 and above but works fine on target sdk version 28 This happen only on android 10. Please help me.

This stack strace ss

This is manifest request permission ss

geolocation – Where are the location settings on zenfone 5?

I can’t find the GPS settings on the ZenFone 5 (ZE620KL), on Android 9.
I am specifically interested in the location mode, with 3 different values (high accuracy, battery saving, device only).


Asus has rolled out Android 9 to ZenFone 5.
I don’t have a Security & Location entry in the Settings menu.
Here is what my menu looks like:

Valid XHTML.

Once in Security & lock screen, I have this:

Valid XHTML.

I can’t find where to choose the location mode. All I have is an ON/OFF switch.

drivers – Changing Tensorflow PTXAS location

I am currently trying to custom train a neural network using tensorflow 2.4.0 with a RTX 3070 running CUDA 11.0 and and CUDNN 8.

I am having this wierd issue where I can train the model, but I can’t actually get any output because when I run:

output = model(x)
I am met with the following message and my jupyter kernel automatically restarts.

2021-01-08 20:52:53.437668: W tensorflow/stream_executor/gpu/ Falling back to the CUDA driver for PTX compilation; ptxas does not support CC 8.6
2021-01-08 20:52:53.437690: W tensorflow/stream_executor/gpu/ Used ptxas at /usr/local/cuda-11.0/bin/ptxas
2021-01-08 20:52:53.438427: W tensorflow/stream_executor/gpu/ Unimplemented: /usr/local/cuda-11.0/bin/ptxas ptxas too old. Falling back to the driver to compile.
Relying on driver to perform ptx compilation. 
Modify $PATH to customize ptxas location.

As a test I have installed CUDA 11.1 and 11.2 and readjusted the $PATH variables accordingly, but tensorflow seems to default to using the ptxas version in the CUDA 11.0 folder.

What can I do to point tensorflow towards the 11.1 and 11.2 version of PTXAS instead of the 11.0 version?