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shortcut keys – Correct way to copy-paste file location from nautilus into a file chooser?

To paste a file or directory into the file-chooser dialogue of any application, I used to be able to select and copy the file from any Nautilus window with Ctrlc, then paste the whole pathname into the file-name field of the chooser with Ctrlv, whatever directory it was currently showing.

Since Ubuntu 19.04 (Nautilus 3.30), when you copy a file in Nautilus the clipboard includes a two-line media-type and action before the path, as follows:


So, when you paste into the file-name field of a chooser dialogue, it no longer works – you get just the first line x-special/nautilus-clipboard not the pathname.

Is there a correct way to paste these new 3-line Nautilus path-names into the file-name field of a file-chooser?

I’ve discovered a work-round where I can type Ctrll in Nautilus and copy the path of the containing directory, then type Ctrll in the file-chooser and paste the containing directory with Ctrlv. This at least gets the chooser to the right location in the file system, but you still have to select the file you want. So this feels more like a walk-round the houses than a work-round!

From reading the developer’s discussions, inclusion of this metadata in the clipboard seems to be part of some master-plan. For instance, once I had copied one of these 3-line Nautilus path names to my clipboard, I noticed that right clicking on a gnome-terminal shows a new entry Paste as filenames, which pastes the filename(s) surrounded by quotes {see Note 1}.

So, is the master-plan that a matching paste action will eventually be written for the file-chooser that recognizes this new 3-line clipboard entry? But in the meantime we’re left with a temporary regression? Or perhaps there is some new way that I’m meant to be pasting these pathnames – hence my question.

{Note 1}: Incidentally, Paste is also on the right-click menu of gnome-terminal, which allows you to paste the above three lines into the terminal. Useful eh? I imagine no-one will use that menu more than once! Similarly, Ctrl-Shift-v used to paste the pathname, but now it pastes the above three lines into the terminal.

How to avoid sharing location to Google?

When I make a search on Google, the results are sometimes in my native language and the websites listed are from my country. That being even if my query is in English. At the bottom of the page, I can read my location, which means Google is tracking me somehow, and I want it to stop. I’ve tried to search about it, but all I get is something indicating me to change settings in my Google Account, but the weird thing is this is happening even in ‘Incognito mode’. What’s even more weird is the fact that sometimes, the results are in English, sometimes in Portuguese (my language).

So, how to effectively stop Google from tracking me? The solution I have right now is using DuckDuckGo when I want to see the results in English when Google shows the results in Portuguese. But I’m not quite satisfied as this is not really a solution.

backup – Where is the file location for samsung notes/memos and/or can I recover these files if I deleted the app?

I backed up all the files on my S9+ because I wanted to reinstall my buggy samsung notes app, but it turns out notes doesn’t fall under documents anymore and it has its own separate sync that needs to be toggled from a default off. I’ve tried using different recovery software but they’re either shady or don’t work. I’m open to trying to root the device but I wanted to see if anyone knew where in the Android the notes or memos files are located and if it is still possible to recover them. I had pretty important stuff in the notes which is why I’m so concerned. Thanks in advance