20.04 – Kubuntu 20.08 randomly lock screen without specific pattern

The problem I’m facing is that my Kubuntu 20.04 does randomly lock screen. At this moment I could found any pattern to explain the random lock screen. This has been happening in my computer for 2 months when I had Kubuntu 18.04 and it’s still happening despite I’ve upgraded to 20.04 (thought that upgrading the dist could solve it).
Lock, Log out and Switch User works perfectly, meaninig that after a randomly lock I can log in again without problem and all the programs still open.
I’ve dual boot Kubuntu and Window 10 and I can confirm that this does not happen in Windows, so I discard a hardware problem. ¿Any command to know which process are interfering wiht my lock screen?



iphone – Is it possible to see the running timer on the lock screen in iOS 14?

In iOS 13, a running timer was shown on the lock screen, so picking up your iPhone was enough to quickly see the remaining time without needing to unlock it:

enter image description here

In iOS 14.0.1 this feature is gone, so in order to see the remaining time on a timer you need to unlock your iPhone, find the Clock app, and switch to the Timers tab.

Is it possible to see the remaining time on the lock screen in iOS 14?

How to use Smart Lock using Chrome browser?

Based on the following text, it seems Chrome browser can log in to a compatible mobile app with Smart Lock. Could someone help me learn how to do it by giving an example (maybe…)? Does that mean Chrome browser can unlock my smartphone as well? Sorry, I am not tech savvy. Thank you in advance 🙏!

“For Chrome and apps –
Skip the password guessing game. Smart Lock remembers your passwords within your Chrome browser and select mobile apps.”

Windows 7 lock screen customization

Despite the fact that since Windows 8 we could easily customize the lock screen using an option; but here back to windows 7, it’s a little tricky. I changed the registry value of “OEMBackground” from 0 to 1. here:


Then I created another picture file named background.bmp and since only TrustedInstaller could change the files in:

I replaced my own file via running Ubuntu with original background file of windows there (background.bmp).
My picture size is just exact resolution as what my system uses. I deleted all files inside Temp folder:


Nevertheless I restarted my system over and over again but apparently it’s still using the cached first background picture. What shall I do more?

man in the middle – Macbook Pro USB device security at lock screen

I am performing research on some attacks using a USB micro controller to perform man in the middle attacks on Windows and MacBooks, by emulating an ethernet over USB.

During my testing I found that on two different models of MacBooks 2015 + 2019 models running Mojave 10.14.6 and Catalina 10.15.6 respectively, when the MacBook screen is locked and the device is connected using USB the device receives power, but does not function. If I unlock and check in system information in USB I can see the device connected but not functioning. Whilst the screen is unlocked if I pull the device out and replace the device connects correctly and functions. I also then tested this with a standard USB flash drive to confirm my theory and have the same experience at the lock screen, the device appears in system information under USB but is not connected in finder or in disk utility, again if I try the same with the screen unlocked abs remove the device and reinsert the USB device connects and I can view in finder and it appears in Disk utility.

I am interested to see if this is a security feature on MacOS that prevents new USB devices from functioning or operating in full when connected at the lock screen screen, I cannot find any information that mentions this on Apple forums or online or in any specification. I have tested with file vault both enabled and disabled to see if this was disk encryption related and the experience is the same. Would appreciate any guidance.

Thanks a lot.

lock screens – Why don’t the new Android 11 audio controls include my Google Home speaker?

I have a Pixel 3XL that recently updated to Android 11. I like the new audio controls on the lock screen (and in the notifications dropdown), but I’m wondering why my Google Home Mini speaker isn’t listed as an option.

When I open an audio app directly, I do have the “Cast” icon at the bottom right corner of the screen that will send the audio to the speaker:

enter image description here

But on the lock screen controls, when I tap the audio output button (labeled Phone Speaker at this particular moment)

enter image description here

I get options for everything that’s ever connected via bluetooth, but not my speaker.

enter image description here

It would be really nice if I didn’t have to unlock the phone and open the app if I want to switch from headphones or phone speaker to my Home Mini speaker. Am I missing a setting, or is this expected behavior?

windows – Why Get-SmbOpenFile losses the lock when file still opened at remote

I am using Get-SmbOpenFile, But surprisingly, it looses its connection and I can see that there is no lock even after couple of seconds later on the file any more, even it is still opened. I safely can remove that file on my server.

Why, this can be? I have to check opened .VHDX disk file connected with user and need to close them if they are still opened.

Get-SmbOpenFile | Where-Object { $._Path -match ‘apvdp100ProfileTestP1088100.txt’ } returns nothing even the file is opened remotely.

Get-SmbOpenFile | Where-Object { $._Path -match ‘100.txt’ } returns the object if i open the file remotely and check within a second.

So, I have two questions 🙂

So, what is the right way to search the file ? ( above Fully qualified path doesnt returns the search result )

Why the lock gets lost after couple of seconds later