excel – In google sheets i want certain range of cells to be locked if checkbox is ticked

In google sheets i want certain range of cells to be locked if checkbox is ticked. for example in column D i have check boxes inserted. If the editors after entering details in row 1 of A,B,C and tick check box in D then the cells A1 to D1 should be locked. Is there any formula or script ??
Also is there any way to protect certain range using script. And what really does this below code do?

        // Ensure the current user is an editor before removing others. Otherwise, if the user's edit
        // permission comes from a group, the script throws an exception upon removing the group.
        var me = Session.getEffectiveUser();
        if (protection.canDomainEdit()) {

SQL Server – How Can I Detect a Locked Table and Endless Query Problem?

I have a table that is regularly locked in a way that I don't fully understand. I can't do the following:

select * from thetable
select count(*) from thetable

There are approximately 2,000 records.

I can do the following:

select top 2000 * from thetable
select * from thetable where ID = etc.

Go backwards to find a new record that may have been problematic and increase the number in pieces until I can finally reproduce it:

select top 1500 * from thetable order by ID desc
select top 1550.... etc. and eventually it gets locked and never finishes the query.

The query never ends. I waited 10 minutes. The only solution is to restart the service.

The associated stored procedure that I thought was causing the problem that I ran manually (it interacts with this table) and the longest time it took was about 45 seconds. This special procedure goes through many phases and is included in a transaction with a try / catch / rollback / commit. No explicit lock is set for the procedure.

Any instruction or guidance to track down the basic problem is greatly appreciated.

locked out – How to fix “Unfortunately, com.android.keyguard has stopped”?

Every time, after booting up my device, I receive the following error message with a black background:

Unfortunately, com.android.keyguard has stopped.

When I tap “OK” below this message, the dialogue box quickly disappears and reappears again. I’m unable to access anything on my device. So, opening the settings app and following the steps outlined in this thread is out of my domain.

However, I managed to open my device in recovery mode by pressing the power and volume up buttons. Even after executing the following commands in the recovery mode:

  • wipe data/factory reset

  • wipe cache partition

and rebooting the device again, there was no improvement in the situation.

Other options, I get when I press the power and volume up buttons are fastboot mode and normal boot. When I chose the fastboot mode, the device just displayed the default start-up screen. As it was showing the same stuff even after hours, I used the reset pin to turn the device off (the power button didn’t have any impact during this regime). From here, I am able to do the same steps as mentioned earlier. But even after all this, the device just shows this particular error message.

While searching this site, I found this question How to fix instant lock “unfortunately com.android.systemui has stopped” on Moto G with ART which I found to be similar to that of mine but with a different error message. I find my question to be different from that because, my device didn’t have ART and I’m unable to view anything unlike the OP there, who could see some apps and widgets on the home screen. Also I have a feeling that different error messages have different methods to fix.

I also had a look at these threads – How to fix “Unfortunately, the process xxx has stopped”?, and How to fix “unfortunately , the process com.android.systemui has stopped” error?, but none of the methods described in the answers resolved my issue.

It would be very helpful if you could provide any solutions to this problem.

Thank you in advance!

Do liberals think we should be locked down for 5 years?

I don’t know why you are blaming covid19. The issue is the chinese, and China’s government. They allowed the covid19 to spread all over the world, so if you want to blame someone then blame the chinese, and China.

I think what we should be doing is making sure a different pandemic does not start apart from keeping the lock down. I believe the borders to each country should stay closed. Not everyone is infected by this chinese virus, so instead of idiotically infecting more people the lock down should stay in place until we no longer hear of anyone else getting infected, and dying.

I hope someone is working on a good vaccine. I think this is something that is going to be needed!

Opening up certain things should be fine within a country. I strongly recommend that not everything gets shut down within a country.

For example: I believe that hospitals should remain open. Because there are other problems that people have that need to be looked at, and this is apart from the coronavirus pandemic that China created.

macbook pro – How can MBP be prevented from disconnecting the external display when the screen is locked?

To install

  • MBP, 13 ", 2017, with touch bar;
  • MacOS 10.15.4 (Catalina);
  • LG 27UD88-W external display;
  • The display is connected via USB-C – USB-C cable. Signaling and charging via the same cable.


Every time I lock the screen, the external display loses the signal a few seconds later. This is a problem for me, since reconnecting the display when waking up creates numerous problems. Enterprise applications like Citrix even crash regularly when the external monitor is disconnected.

I want my Mac to keep the signal on the display when it's locked.

I can't find any useful options in either the power supply or the display settings. I can't find anything useful on the Internet either.

More details

The MBP is repeatedly charged via the monitor, so that at least power is still switched on.

Although I'm on MacOS 10.15.4, it's been a problem since at least 10.13.

Enter the image description here

How can I (US citizen) bring my girlfriend (UK citizen) back to the United States while locked?

I just called the government. They said we have to be married. We are not married. Could get married as long as we can get a divorce right afterwards. Apparently, some district clerks are doing virtual weddings.

But there is certainly a way to fund this without getting married. Will you ask for a marriage certificate? That seems strange.

Anyway, it doesn't have to come until July. Simply plan ahead.