Diploma in logistics and inventory management

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What is logistics services?

The Tripath Logistics team has extensive experience in transport management. However, our approach to transport management goes beyond collective bargaining. We start with an analysis of your sales activities and look for ways to optimize the modes of transport and the transit frequency. all in an effort to reduce transit times, cycles and costs.

What is freight logistics?

With the greatest benefit and the greatest efficiency for your company, we can take over your entire transport function. Our end-to-end solution for freight management is tailored to your individual business requirements.

What is logistics management software?

Hi there! What is a logistics system? Logistics System (LS) is a network of organizations, people, activities, information and resources that are involved in the physical product flow from a supplier to a customer. Tailor-made logistics software is a component of supply chain management that is used to meet customer needs by planning, controlling and implementing the effective movement and storage of relevant information, goods and services from place of origin to destination. What are the types …

What is logistics management software?

freight logistics

With the greatest benefit and the greatest efficiency for your company, we can take over your entire transport function. Our end-to-end solution for freight management is tailored to your individual business requirements.

Our working models are developed taking into account the holistic management of supply chains, logistics and information technology with which we work to offer you the best service for your requirement.

Logistics for the start of a "healthy" dessert delivery business?

It was the life dream of my mother to open her own bakery. I have a degree in Business Management / Entrepreneurship and am a young mother who is looking for an option other than the 9-5 Grind. I know that as an entrepreneur, it often takes more than 40 hours a week, but I would like to work in part from home rather than 40 hours from home. She is a cancer survivor and we are both interested in healthy nutrition, but love desserts. Mom works 40+ hours / week plus 10 hours of commuting and earns a very small salary. She wanted to leave her job, but she has to have a "purpose" and something to contribute to it. Her husband is the main earner of her household, and she has insurance opportunities over him. I have my insurance through the military.

I'm fortunate enough to live in a city surrounded by VERY wealthy neighborhoods (houses worth $ 1 million to $ 4 million). Here, organic shops, specialty and high-end shops thrive. There is also a local commercial kitchen that leases space for about $ 20 per hour. I did a detailed search and can not find local delivery options for healthy, "homemade" desserts. I would have been interested in running the business from home, but I was not allowed to sell to the public. Our kitchen is not suitable for an inspection by the health department. (We live in suburban Chicago (within 5 miles of the city limits))

In addition to my degree, I also have a background in advertising and graphic design so I could cover the basics of web design and media for the business.

*** Please fill in the missing fields. I have to try to realize all the risks and requirements in order to decide if this is a viable business idea or not. ***

Required for the use of commercial kitchen: business license, insurance, prescriptions, ingredients (what kind of business should it be …?)

Required to take orders: menu / website, pictures of desserts, printed ingredient lists, PayPal business account, Quikbooks software?

Required for deliveries: vehicle (have), packaging

If I can convince my husband that this is a worthwhile venture, I will most likely have up to $ 1,500 in seed capital available. I plan to use a social media approach to advertising and advertising in local businesses and print media. The short-term goal of the business, as I do not have to invest heavily, would be a profit of $ 1,000 per employee per month, and then expand from there. The goal of the business is to offer "home-made" gluten-free, low-sugar, fat-free and low-calorie options for on-site delivery. I plan to first offer a delivery once a week, which means that we will most likely have to rent a kitchen for about 8 hours overnight and then deliver the next day.

It would be planned to offer a subscription service. I worked for a organic grocer and they had a wonderful one. I would charge customers a monthly fee of $ 15 / week for weekly deliveries of, say, 12 servings of desserts. I know that there is a demand for these types of desserts; I've heard that people who eat dessert do not care how many calories it has. I disagree because they may not know that there are healthier alternatives. For example, I make great black bean brownies that contain less than half the calories of other brownies and are really fudgey and yummy. In addition, many people avoid gluten and processed sugar, and if you even find these baked goods in grocery stores, they are expensive and you do not have the luxury of delivery.

Recently, the popularity of delivery boxes in the post office has recently exploded (ie H. BarkBox, Graze, NatureBox). The advantage of my service would be delicious, fresh baked goods. They could pick their favorites, get a variety of packages, and so on. You can not receive these fresh items in a box by mail without paying sky-high prices. I hope to keep delivery costs low by sticking to a radius of 10 miles or so. Can I also claim these miles for my taxes?

Any information you could add / share and potential pitfalls would be greatly appreciated !!

Supply Chain Management Development – Everything Else

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Architecture – Should microservices manage their own media file logistics?

I've heard that when designing a microservice, the service should contain everything that is needed to resolve the pairing instead of calling each other (Services).

Based on this idea, microservice should manage the file logic as follows:

  • User Service:
    • CreateUser ()
    • Upload Avatar()
  • Video Service:
    • CreateVideo ()
    • Upload video()

Or I should create one FileServiceso I can manage all file logics (Upload, retrieve, AWS server) in one place?

  • User Service:
    • CreateUser (image_file_id)
  • Video Service:
    • CreateVideo (video_file_id)
  • File service:
    • Upload Image()
    • UploadVideo ()

This also means that the user avatar image has to be sent to FileService In front CreateUser,