Web Application – Anyone who logs on to my web server

Sorry for my english … my knowledge about safety is very low …

For a week someone logs on my web server, Yesterday, the web server administration said this, they tell me the solution. "IP Blocker". I do it, but today I see that I no longer log in to my web server … The IP of them is, Today search for more information about this IP ZenmapThat's what it says …

Zenmap test

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

Now the question to the master …, what can I do with this information to thwart further attacks?

another thing .. I think they must also put a "thing" on my hard drive, because today update a page on my web server and two minutes later I come to it
Enter image description here

Can someone please with simple words what I can do …

Thanks for your advice!

Send edit logs from multiple Google Sheet files to a "Edit History" table

I'm creating a large number of worksheets in Google Drive and want to monitor / log the changes in a single worksheet (such as File / Date / Time / User).
My goal would be to keep track of how often and who uses those files within the drive without having to go through each table.

I already have a simple code to log the last edit on each sheet, but I want to create a sheet that logs every change.

Is that possible?

Web Service – PHP Soap Client does not display logs

Every time I run this code to iterate through a web server service method, I get the following error:

Function ("method") is not a valid method for this service

try {
    $soap = new SoapClient($wsdl, $options);
    $data = $soap->method('MiMetodo');
catch(Exception $e) {


Where is the mistake?

Logging – App logs on the Android device

I have a 32-bit laptop with Ubuntu operating system and have many problems installing Android Studio. After successfully completing the installation, I made a mistake and can not create the programs. So I gave up!
I find here a very good tutorial on the internet about how to install Android SDK and Gradle and how to then build Android programs with the Linux terminal and install and run it on an Android phone.
I also find this perfect head first android development book by Griffiths and start learning it.
The above description is for the knowledge that I do not have an Android Studio, so I can not see a log if something went wrong.
I write a simple program from Griffith's book, we first write the layout and then have to add the onClick function to a button. So we add the following code to the activity_find_bear.xml file:


and the following activity file method (FindBearActivity.java):

public void onClickFindBeer(View view){

and even without code in the onClickFindBeer method, the program paused and returned the error message "Sorry, Beer Advisor paused."

I can only determine the cause of this error through my Android phone myself. So, i want to know where to store Android program logs? thank you in advance

18.04 – Disable "iwlwifi 0000: 00: 14.3: Unhandled alg: 0x707" for flooding the logs

I have a specific problem with my wireless card, which causes the following message:

iwlwifi 0000:00:14.3: Unhandled alg: 0x707

Issued to the syslog and kern.log files in / var / logs every dozen times each second.

The problem with the WLAN card itself is a tedious problem that I have tried many times and not solved, but strangely, the WLAN still works properly, so I do not specifically ask for a solution.

The problem is that the log files grow at a staggering 5 gigas per day at 4 megas per minute.
The / var directory is a separate partition, so the problems are limited. However, I still need to force a logging on and delete archived files, for example, if I want to perform a corresponding upgrade, and reading the log files for some reason is impossible.

Is there a way to disable the output of this message in the logs?


  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Kernel 5.0.0-36 generic
  • WLAN Card: Intel Corporation Wireless AC 9560

To remove SQL Server archive logs

I have six archive logs as well as the current one. They occupy 10 GB of space on my hard drive on my VPS server. That's about 25% of the server space. The largest file is 6G and growing.

How can I remove the archive logs because I do not need them and reduce the size of the archive files before they are reused?

Thank you very much,

Custom message logs

We could really use custom message logs in two formats that failed and succeeded, for example:

[STEP 1]

custom failed1 = You can not register on this page
custom failed1 condition = You can not register

custom success1 = Already registered
custom success1 condition => logout <