SQL Server – SSIS Package Deployment. Changing the protection level takes a long time

We are currently migrating our servers to a new data center. Currently, SQL Server 2014 and SSIS packages are deploying in seconds.

The new data center has several SQL Server 2016 installations and I've found that "changing the protection level" takes a long time for some (about 7 minutes!), But for some it's fast. If I change the SSIS project TargetServer version to 2016, changing the protection level on all new servers is slow.

The protection level of the project and the packages has been (and is) set to DontSaveSensitive.

What is the cause of the slowness and how can I fix it? It is finally provided without error.

Germany – Frankfurt airport drop off luggage in the early morning (long before the airline's counters open)?

I will take the train to Frankfurt Airport very early in the morning (2 o'clock in the morning) and have a large piece of luggage. The check-in desk of Vietnam Airlines (I will fly to Hanoi, Vietnam) will be open before departure at 13:00 (around 11:00). It is so long until the counter is opened, as I just want to go through the passport control to the airport early and rest on a sofa.

Does Frankfurt Airport have a service (eg self-service kiosk for all Arlines) that allows you to drop off your luggage on the same day of departure and automatically send it to the cabin of your flight?

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Cell Phone – Where do you break long contact information over a wire?

For example, an e-mail address for a business unit is businesssupport@ourcompanyname.com.

Although we can offer many alternatives (links, forms, etc.), you will not see this long contact. However, we have found that people want to know where they are going.

The longer contact address is a challenge on the phone and in various components of the page.

  1. Where is a good breakpoint for emails?

  2. What is an alternative approach when you need to display a really long single word?

terminal – How long should diskutil resetUserPermissions last (Catalina)?

I'm following this article because of this problem.
The terminal has been operating for about 2.5 hours and I have no way of displaying a progress bar or knowing if it is stuck or something else is happening.

What can I do?
My SSD Home folder is about 280 GB in size. I understand that it can take a while, but how long?
I'm on a 2016 MacBook Pro (15 ") with MacOS 10.15.1.

forms – Where should the submit button be placed in a long screen with multiple inputs?

I repeat a web configuration interface for a hardware. Imagine a configuration interface of a standard router. You install this hardware in your network and access the configuration via your browser. The user interface is normally accessed from the PC and should also be available for mobile devices, but the PC is definitely the focus here.

I have to implement a configuration form with a submit button. The old design was created in the material design and had the following layout:
Enter image description here

Form1, Form2 are some other configuration forms that have a similar theme (currently active SubMenu1). Think of "IP Address", "Router Name", "DHCP Configuration" etc., if it was a router. All have the same send button in the upper right corner, which applies only the changed input. For example, if there is an input for a password, it will only be applied if it has been changed. Otherwise, the old password persists even though the input was empty. The submit button, while in a menu bar, is free-floating (if not) and always stays in exactly the same position on the screen when scrolling.

I'm recreating a UI in a similar way, more or less keeping the look, but changing the forms to group them into cards:

Enter image description here

However, I'm reluctant to use the same location for the Submit button because I think there are serious problems with UI / UX.

  1. The situation is very strange and not intuitive. The button is located in the menu, which is the same for all views and is simply displayed or hidden depending on the view. Users do not expect it to be there
  2. The button is in the menu, but is not connected to it and floats when the menu is not displayed.
  3. It is not obvious that the password will not be changed unless you change the password and leave it empty. My first thought is that this sends an empty password to the system. However, I'm not 100% sure that this is a problem, just think it's weird.

The problem is that I do not know where to put the Submit button here. I advise it first to make it float and place it in the lower right corner. I do not know how to fix the password problem.

Is that a good suggestion? If not, what should I do? And is it a good idea to keep the password field as it is, or does it need to be changed?

Raw Transaction – How many bytes should nSequence be long?

If I look at the following unformatted transaction: https://blockstream.info/tx/a175425ee2f3c01acc97ef32ab1082db14eaa94e5af4c54f02f3b01dec72558e?expand


If I analyze it manually, especially in this section: "a10000000000cf05000001 "…

"a1" is the last byte of the input signal (in Little Endian),

"00000000" is the output index (4 bytes),

and at the end, "01" is the tx_out_count.

But that would make the sequence number "00cf050000"which is longer than 4 bytes? What am I missing here?