How do I filter a long list of sites from Google Search?

I have a list of sites that I want to permanently exclude from Google's search results. This is a large family of sites that plagiarize questions and answers from the StackExchange network (some of which are machine translated), I created a search engine in Chromium with a URL like this one, with around 30 sites on the black list. After I blacklisted another page, Google of course began to complain:

"site:" (and all subsequent words) was ignored because queries are limited to 32 words.

So some of these blacklisted domains are not really on the blacklist.

I've tried using Chromium extensions to filter search results, but they generally work at a higher level. It filters only the results page, so I often have an almost empty page, instead of displaying the pages with more relevant results, as they do Token in the search query.

How can I permanently set up a revocation list for a potentially large number of websites? I'd rather not have to sign up for Google.

Networking – Ubuntu 18.04 sudo apt update gives a long list of connection timeout errors

I just installed Lubuntu 18.04.3 LTS and it works fine. I can connect to my wifi and surf the internet. In fact, I post here with it. However, if I try that sudo apt update it gives me some connection errors with timed out. Here is something of it.

Err: 1 bionic-security InRelease
Failed to connect to (2001: 67c: 1360: 8001 :: 21).
– connect (101: Network is unreachable) Could not connect to (2001: 67c: 1562 :: 19). – connect (101: network is
unreachable) Could not connect to
(2001: 67c: 1562 :: 16). – connect (101: network is unreachable) could not
Connect to (2001: 67c: 1560: 8001 :: 11). – connect
(101: Network is unreachable) Unable to connect (2001: 67c: 1360: 8001 :: 17). – connect (101:
Network is unreachable) Could not connect to
(2001: 67c: 1560: 8001 :: 14). – connect (101: network is not available)
Could not connect to 80 (

I'm trying to ping some of the IP, but it seems to work well. Here is the result


PING ( 56 (84) Data bytes. 64 bytes
from 91,189,88,174: icmp_seq = 1 ttl = 54 time = 264 ms
— ping statistics — 3 packets sent, 3 received, 0% packet loss, time 2002ms rtt min / avg / max / mdev =
264,493 / 264,750 / 265,008 / 0,210 ms

I am not sure where the problem lies. I hope I can get some help. Thank you for reading this long explanation

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SQL Server – SQL-like operator% string%, which takes too long on very few records

I have a small database with 7 tables with 6 reference tables
I have to search on the basis of the keyword

So I write a procedure like this

ALTER PROCEDURE (dbo).(GetByKeyWord) @Keyword NVARCHAR(60) = '',
                                              @PageNumber BIGINT = 1,
                                                                   @PageSize BIGINT = 100 AS BEGIN
SET nocount ON;

DECLARE @Query NVARCHAR(2000) = '';

DECLARE @q1 NVARCHAR(100) = '';

DECLARE @q2 NVARCHAR(500) = '';

DECLARE @pgsize NVARCHAR(40) = '';

SET @Query ='; WITH CTE AS
( Select  (dbo).(CTable).CaseId ,(dbo).(CTable).LoanAmount,(dbo).(CTable).CommDate,(dbo).(CTable).LastSubmissionDate,(dbo).(CTable).Aging,(dbo).(CTable).BankersORCreditorsCity,(dbo).(CTable).BusinessNature,(dbo).(CT).CreditorName,
    (dbo).(DT).DebtorName,(dbo).(IT).IPName,(dbo).(ST).SectorName,(dbo).(AT).CatgoryName,(dbo).(AT).CategoryStart   , ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY  (dbo).(CTable).DebtorId ) as rowNo


    LEFT JOIN (dbo).(DT) ON (dbo).(DT).DebtorId = (dbo).(CTable).DebtorId 

    LEFT JOIN (dbo).(RT) ON (dbo).(RT).RPId = (dbo).(CTable).RPId  
    LEFT JOIN  (dbo).(ST) ON (dbo).(ST).SectorId  = (dbo).(CTable).SectorId
    LEFT JOIN  (dbo).(IT) ON (dbo).(IT).IPId = (dbo).(CTable).IpId
    LEFT JOIN  (dbo).(AT) ON (dbo).(AT).CategoryId = (dbo).(CTable).AgingCategoryId
    LEft JOIN (dbo).(CT) ON (dbo).(CT).CreditorId = (dbo).(CTable).CreditorId   Where ( (dbo).(CTable).IsDeleted IS NULL OR (dbo).(CTable).IsDeleted = 0)   ' IF (@Keyword != ''
                                                                                                                                                                  AND @Keyword IS NOT NULL) BEGIN
SELECT @q1 = TRIM(@Keyword) ;

SELECT @q2 = @q2 +' AND( (dbo).(CTable).BusinessNature LIKE '''+ '%'+@q1 +'%'+ '''' ;

SELECT @q2 = @q2 +' OR  (dbo).(DT).DebtorName LIKE '''+ '%'+@q1 +'%'+ '''' ;

SELECT @q2 = @q2 +' OR  (dbo).(CT).CreditorName LIKE '''+ '%'+@q1 +'%'+ '''' ;

SELECT @q2 = @q2 +' OR  LoanAmount LIKE '''+ '%'+@q1 +'%'+ '''' ;

SELECT @q2 = @q2 +' OR  (dbo).(ST).SectorName LIKE '''+ '%'+@q1 +'%'+ '''' ;

SELECT @q2 = @q2 +'  OR  (dbo).(IT).IPName LIKE '''+ '%'+@q1 +'%'+ ''')' ;

SELECT @q1 = @PageNumber ;

SELECT @pgsize = @PageSize ;

--   select @q2 = @q2 +' And (dbo).(CTable).LastSubmissionDate = '+@q1 ;

SELECT @q2 = @q2 +' )
WHERE    rowNo > (' + @pgsize + ' * (' + @q1 + ' - 1 ) ) 
             AND  rowNo <= ( ' + @pgsize +' * '+ @q1 + ') '
SET @Query = @Query + @q2 --select @Query
 EXEC (@Query) ;


By doing CTable there is only 974 Records are still in progress 25 seconds in the query execution

What can be done to improve the performance of queries?

Is there a noise difference between averaged and long exposure photos?

Suppose I'm sitting on a tripod and taking a picture of a perfect scene (even dark). I take the following pictures:

  • 5 photos at ISO 3200 and 1s exposure
  • 1 photo at ISO 100 and 5s exposure

There is a commonality between the objects and it is the total time that is used.

The EV of the first element is much higher, right? Suppose I average the 5 photos at ISO 3200 to reduce the noise and create a single image.

Then I take the ISO 100 photo and adjust the levels (which would increase the noise) to achieve the same EV of the blended photo. When I look at these two photos from a distance, they look the same.

Would the noise level be the same if you compared the mixed photo and the photo with the adjusted levels?

I hope you understand my point.


In response to the comment by drewbenn

I also do not think mixing the 5 photos reduces the noise as you imagine it

Crossfading photos considerably reduces the noise. Here is an example:

I made 20 photos of a tree with: ISO 1600, F4.1 and 2s exp. The picture above shows how much noise one of these pictures has. The bottom shows the result of averaging the 20 photos in one.

Sory for the bad focus.

100% view of the original picture and mixed one

As you can see, the noise is almost completely erased


For those who ask, I used a very simple imagemagick command to average the images:

convert (input1.JPG input2.JPG ...) -average output.JPG

If I have some time I will try to do one of the experiments you are talking about. I think there is no static pattern and it will be different for every camera.


I also did a different experiment:

That's the scene:


And I took these pictures (the aperture is always the same), I used the manual mode.

  • 01 @ ISO 100, 0.6 s
  • 02 @ ISO 200, 0.3s (later averaged)
  • 04 @ ISO 400, 1/6 s (later averaged)
  • 08 @ ISO 800, 1/13 s (later averaged)
  • 16 @ ISO 1600, 1 / 25s (later averaged)

Each sentence has exactly the same EV. These are the results in the same order:


With a higher ISO value, there seems to be less noise, but less detail.

Which chin implant material is beautiful? Padded chin, as long as it is beautiful! – Everything else

Material padded chin is one of the factors that determine the aesthetic outcome, whether it is beautiful, safe and durable or not. Together with VietCharm, you must receive specific information about the two fillers that are currently recognized as standard by the Department of Health. Use in cosmetic surgery in the content of the article.

1. Fill the chin with cartilage

There are currently two types of cartilage fillers that are approved by the Ministry of Health and may be used in plastic surgery:

Material padded chin Artificial cartilage, also referred to as biological cartilage, has an identical structure with natural substances present in the body and has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as being absolutely biocompatible.

193281.HFHQ25d7a144c270bc.jpg "data-src =" "src =" spacer. png "/></div>
<p>	Thus, when used in the chin implantation, this material not only completely eliminates the defects but also helps the chin to minimize the phenomenon of rejection as well as the postoperative complications.
<p>	The filling material consists of bone itself, although it can completely eliminate the elimination phenomenon and help to achieve the desired beautiful, natural esthetic result.
<p>	However, this method is rarely used because it is a relatively complicated and time-consuming technique that requires a team of skilled and experienced physicians, otherwise images will be created. unpredictable.
	<span><b><strong>  2. How long does the chin pad last?</strong></b></span>
<p>	Many people often regard chin implantation as a very important and dangerous operation.
<div style= 193281.DNMSH5d7a144c9d788.jpg "data-src =" "src =" spacer. png "/></div>
<div style=

In fact, chin implantation is just a simple form of minor jawbone surgery that is important but not dangerous, as it does not affect the environment. So Padded chin as long as it is beautiful?

Since the surgery is quite simple, the operation time is also quite short, only about 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the defects of the client's chin and the skills of the doctor. one prestigious address padded address Together with a team of excellent specialists, your surgical process will be easier, faster and more accurate.

193281.P0SVG5d7a144d0fd6c.png "data-src =" "src =" "https: // topgold spacer.png "/></div>
	<span><b><strong>3. Current price list 2019? </strong><strong>Padded chin how much?</strong></b></span>
<div style=

surgery Padded chin how much It is always the concern of a large number of customers who come to VietCharm to get advice on chin implantation.

At most chin implant address in the market today Padded chin, how much money This depends on two main factors: the chin implant material and the chin implant procedure.

For reputable addresses that use high quality chin implant materials with total compatibility with the body, there will be a step chin padding higher, but probably contribute to minimize the phenomenon of rejection and complications after surgery. Conversely, it is certain that using the unknown filling material in the market will cost less, but is very likely to cause dangerous complications.

193281.RU02R5d7a144d86dff.png "data-src =" "src =" spacer .png "/></div>
	<span><b><strong>  4. What should be considered during chin implantation?</strong></b></span>
<p>	Sure, if you know how much chin implants cost, ask yourself what to look for after the chin implant, right? As a rule, doctors will remind clients after completing treatment that:
<ul style=
  • Apply ice around the surgical area to reduce swelling in the first 2 days.

  • Take painkillers at the right dose.

  • Avoid direct jolts on the chin area causing the chin to bend, twist and deform.

  • Avoid direct contact of the operating area with water, dirt and sunlight.

  • Fasting on foods that cause scars, such as chicken, beef, spinach, seafood, …

  • Follow-up examination after doctor's agreement.

  • To register a chin implantation at VietCharm, please contact us via the hotline: 0941,939,393 – 0911,688,666 or go directly to the address 305 Kim Ma – Ba Dinh – Hanoi be consulted and engaged by doctors.