c# – What’s should I call a Location (Longitude and Latitude) associated with a DateTimeOffset?

In the Xamarin.Essentials library there is a Location class that comes with a DateTimeOffset TimeStamp.

I know I’m being pedantic and I should just move on – I know it’s to indicate a location of the device at a moment in time, but I don’t like this. Locations in three-dimensional space have no associated concept of time.

What would be a better description (and class name) for “a device location at a given instant in time”? TemporalLocation? LocationInstant?

php – Save latitude and longitude values ​​that were retrieved using JavaScript (in an HTML form) in BD

Well i think i am close to the solution but i need a new vision lol.

I have a form:


At this point, where I have inserted several points (…….), I would like to determine the latitude and longitude of the user and send it to the database using this form.
I take latitude and longitude as follows:

This is my add () function; and so?

function add() {


    if (!empty($_POST('formulario'))) {

        $formulario = $_POST('formulario');

        header('location: ../index.php');

And the function save (); and so:

function save($data = null) {

  $database = open_database();
  $columns = null;
  $values = null;

  foreach ($data as $key => $value) {
    $columns .= trim($key, "'") . ",";
    $values .= "'$value',";

  //remove a ultima virgula
  $columns = rtrim($columns, ',');
  $values = rtrim($values, ',');

  $sql = "INSERT INTO formularios ($columns)" . " VALUES " . "($values);";

  try {

    $_SESSION('message') = 'Formulario cadastrado com sucesso.';
    $_SESSION('type') = 'success';

  } catch (Exception $e) { 

    $_SESSION('message') = 'Nao foi possivel realizar a operacao.';
    $_SESSION('type') = 'danger';


I think it's about passing the LATITUDE and LONGITUDE variables from the script in the middle of the form to the variables form (& # 39; width & # 39;) and form (& # 39; length & # 39;), but I don't know and I don't think how I can do that.
I have already seen that the latitude and longitude recording function works. I managed to display the values ​​on the screen and the browser asks if I want to grant access to my location.

Thanks in advance for your help.

C # – Do you need a regular expression for latitude and longitude that don't accept 0, 0.0, 00?

Used under regex for latitude and longitude. However, this regular expression accepts 0.





I want my regex that didn't allow a single 0, 0.00.00

nikon d5600 – Remove the latitude and longitude screen when viewing a photo

Nikon D5600. I must have changed a setting and do not know how to hide the Latitude and Longitude screen when viewing photos. I.E. Black screen with "latitude and longitude" that I don't want, overlaying photo.

I am new to this camera and am trying to learn how to get the right settings for normal telephoto. I want to use manual mode, not automatic mode.

What would cause this screen to appear after taking photos? ( Just happened today when I tried to change settings, some of which I don't understand )

How do I change this setting again to display normal photos?

How do I draw a latitude and longitude via Google Maps?

There is a website named mapfrappe.com This feature offered the ability to draw latitudes and longitudes via Google Maps (you tap on a point on maps, longitude and latitude are drawn automatically). This feature helps a lot, as I sometimes have to know which places fall in the same latitude or longitude.

The services of the website are not available and may not continue. How do I draw latitudes and longitudes via Google Maps or another map?

Save the latitude and longitude of Laravel

The guy decimal is shown as string, If you need the values ​​in their numeric form, just do that occupation for this type:

protected $casts = [
    'latitude' => 'float',
    'longitude' => 'float',

Remember that in this way you have the rounding problems that naturally occur float has due to the number of memory restrictions. With latitude and longitude this does not bother so much – to the point where it does not even have to be decimal the type of column.

You can do that occupation to real. float or double,

Google Maps – Latitude and Longitude Geofence Sets for Large Cities?

I have an array of Lat / Long Coords:

const londonGeofence = ( 

Then I test with certain values ​​(latitude and longitude) that I get from a form, whether they are in a particular area.

Do you have any idea where I can find similar lat / long sets for other cities?

I need the coordinates for big European cities, and manual drawing is a torture, not to mention the work I'm going to do is not really accurate.

Geography – Find the nearest total solar eclipse over a given latitude and longitude?

What is a reasonable way to code the title question in Mathematica? The following tried to give polygons over GeoPositions over lists of pairs, but only digging into these seemed inelegant. Besides, there may be a more general way than I suspected below.

Is there a better way to look for eclipses in a given time than I dared to do? Many thanks.

solar eclipse[{DateObject[{2010, 1, 1, 0, 0}].
Date Object[{2030, 1, 1, 0, 0}], All}, "TotalPhasePolygon",
EclipseType -> "Total"]