wallet – Possibly lost SNX and LINK tokens when sending to an ERC20 address

I sent 100 SNX and 100 LINK to my Ledger’s Ethereum address thinking that Ledger’s ERC20 addresses work like Metamasks.
Found out the hard way that they actually have separate addresses after figuring out how to set up ERC20 tokens on the ledger.

I’m pretty sure they’re gone for good but I’m writing this post to hopefully find someone smarter than me that may have a way to retrieve the coins.

This is the LINK transaction: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x942c626832098bccd88770cdb1805a6eb0d36a159f6cdf20589e679495757c98

This is the SNX transaction: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x540728a546a5a090d83f109750e093db639b4c8d93aeed2e32387e06f934672c

Thanks in advance!

java – Tomcat httpsession lost between callbacks in eclipse

I have a Tomcat servlet application developed as a Dynamic Web application in Eclipse (Version: 2020-06 (4.16.0)). Recently, when running the application through Eclipse with Tomcat, the HTTPSession is lost between calls to the server.

So settings put to the session using


are lost between server calls

session.getAttribute(...);  <-- returns null

This is a new phenomena in the project. Furthermore, if I compile the application to war and deploy to test server it works just fine. So clearly something is wrong with the Eclipse environment that is causing this. But, I am at a loss where to look.

Any guidance is appreciated

mail.app – Why do Mail preferences get lost on reboot?

Apple Mail, the OS bluetooth subsystem and some other applications (e.g. Fantastical) loose relevant (but not all) configuration and preferences on nearly every reboot. For Apple Mail it seems that all lost settings are stored in the file ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.mail/Data/Library/Preferences/com.apple.mail.plist. I haven’t yet identified the other affected files.

What could cause the file contents to be lost on nearly every reboot? It does not happen if I hunt for it (keep rebooting), but only after using the Mac for a while.

I currently run macOS 10.15.6 on a MacBook Pro 16″ with only a few popular Apps from the App Store plus Microsoft Office.

I am a long term Mac user. The bad behavior started approximately 2 years ago after an update to macOS High Sierra (I think). The Mac became more an more unusable because of this and other strange bugs (it also started to become extremely slow, so I had to reboot regularly, loosing all settings afterwards). Repairing and even installing the OS did not help. Therefore, I got a new Mac and installed everything from scratch (no restore from a backup) and installed only very little software on the system. However, the preferences still get lost on nearly every reboot!

grub2 – Grum timeout = 0, lost admin password, wanting fresh Ubuntu 20 install

Help! I want to update my Ubuntu 18.04 to the latest version. I forgot my admin password so can’t update from the loaded current install. I also am unable to get into the grub menu because I changed its timeout to 0 way back when. I can’t change the grub file without my admin password which, again, buhbye from above.

It’s an old machine (Samsung 5, from like 2012ish), and a complete wipe is actually what I want.

Any tips for this catch 22?

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Recovering a lost user group

Related to this question, I recently detached a disk from a Linux cloud machine (Ubuntu 18.04). When I reattached it to a new VM (also Ubuntu 18.04) I discovered that the user and group information had been lost, and most of the files were now owned by ‘1003:1003’.

My goal is to give my username (which is the same on both machines) access to the files but I would like to avoid using chown to change the ownership on thousands of files, some of which have other owners and perhaps should not be changed. So I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to easily reclaim the old group information that associates 1003 with my username and group?
  2. Let’s say I do have to use chown: how do I change the ownership of only the files that are owned by ‘1003’?


unity – File saved to IndexedDB lost unless we change scenes

Our game includes an in-game level editor. When the user saves a custom level, the level is serialized and written to a file:

public void SaveFile<T>(T obj, string path) {
    if (!typeof(T).IsSerializable) {
        throw new ArgumentException("Tried to save non-serializable type " + typeof(T).Name);

    FileStream fs = null;
    try {
        fs = new FileStream(path, FileMode.Create);
        DataContractJsonSerializer serializer = GetSerializer();
        serializer.WriteObject(fs, obj);
    } catch (Exception ex) {
    } finally {
        if (fs != null) fs.Close();

Serialized files can be loaded like this:

public T LoadFile<T>(string path) {
    if (!typeof(T).IsSerializable) {
        throw new ArgumentException("Tried to deserialize non-serializable type " + typeof(T).Name);

    if (!File.Exists(path)) return default(T);

    FileStream fs = null;
    T result;
    try {
        fs = new FileStream(path, FileMode.Open);
        DataContractJsonSerializer serializer = GetSerializer();
        var result = (T)serializer.ReadObject(fs);
    } catch (Exception ex) {
        throw ex;
    } finally {
        if (fs != null) fs.Close();

    return result;

When displaying a “Load” menu, we enumerate the saved files like this:

public List<T> LoadFiles() {
    if (!Directory.Exists(path)) {
        Debug.Log("No save files found");
        return new List<T>();

    var files = Directory.EnumerateFiles(path);
    Debug.Log("Found " + files.Count() + " files");

    List<T> result = new List<T>(files.Count());
    foreach (string file in files) {
        T obj = LoadFile<T>(file);
        if (obj == null) Debug.Log("File at " + file + " loaded null");
        if (obj != null) result.Add(obj);
    return result;

I have omitted a lot of code for brevity, but what is shown above should cover the important parts.

In the Editor, everything works perfectly. However, in WebGL builds (where files are saved to/loaded from the browser IndexedDB), there is a strange quirk: the file doesn’t remain in IndexedDB unless the user changes to a different scene after saving.

Scenario 1:

  1. In the level Editor, Bob presses “Save”
  2. The file is saved, and the browser console shows the log entry File saved to /idbfs/abc123/CustomLevels//FileName
  3. Bob refreshes the webpage
  4. Bob clicks “Load”
  5. The game searches IndexedDB but does not find the file saved in step 2

Scenario 2:

  1. In the level Editor, Alice presses “Save”
  2. The file is saved, and the browser console shows the log entry File saved to /idbfs/abc123/CustomLevels//FileName
  3. Alice returns to the main menu scene
  4. Alice refreshes the webpage
  5. Alice clicks “Load”
  6. The game searches IndexedDB and does find the file saved in step 2

The browser console log suggests that after Bob refreshes the page in Scenario 1, the file no longer exists. If this was the only scenario that Bob had saved, we see the message “No save files found”. If Bob had previously saved other scenarios and used the workaround of returning to the main menu scene, those previously saved files will appear in the console and save list, but the most recent file is missing.

Why would the save file disappear from the IndexedDB if the user leaves the webpage without changing scenes, but remain in the IndexedDB if the user returns to the main menu scene before leaving the webpage?