seo – LTV (Lifetime Value) Metric Calculation formula?

We know from Google documentation:

How are metrics calculated?

This report presents the data as a cumulative average per user
per time step you use (day, week, month). For example,
If you evaluate daily sessions per user, the
The report shows you a value per day that represents the average number
Sessions per user.

The lifetime value is calculated using the cumulative sum of the metric
Value divided by the total number of users purchased during the project
Collection period. For example, if you purchased 100 users
if the collection date range is calculated, then sessions per user are calculated as

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My question:

1) On day zero we have 100 sessions and on the first day we have another 100 sessions and on the second day we have 100 sessions so the total session is 300. I'm right? (This is not a unique session?)