Travel abroad – is a 40-minute waiting time between flights at Munich Airport enough for two Lufthansa flights?

40 minutes would be very short for this connection. Munich is your first port of entry into the Schengen area. So you have to go through immigration control in Munich. Depending on your citizenship and time of day, this may take a little longer.

If Lufthansa is willing to sell you this ticket as a single ticket, this is a legal connection and you have a good chance of doing it. But there is no room for error: if something goes wrong, is delayed or just a little longer than usual, you will miss it. If you miss it, LH will rebook you for the next available flight for free, but you may miss your cruise so I would advise against it.

There is NO POSSIBILITY to do this with two separate tickets.

Lufthansa 48h guarantee tariff – travel batch exchange

I have a problem with Lufthansa. I booked a flight with them with the 48h fare guarantee.

The price of my trip was a total of 889 euros. Since I then discussed the trip with my wife, I checked the 48-hour guarantee option and filled out the form with credit card details, etc. On the side it was clear that I would be charged EUR 30 only if no measures were taken within 48 hours. Surprisingly, my credit card was charged with EUR 130 as soon as I confirmed it. Then I regularly received the email with instructions on how to confirm the reservation, but every mention of this charge. I then very quickly confirmed the trip by following the instructions in the first email and then being billed for the full amount of the trip (as above 889), which means that the 130 was not considered a prepayment.

I thought the 130 euro would disappear from the card so I waited for the night but the next morning the load didn't go away. Then I opened a case to the customer relationship and now I am already on the second email in which the customer assistant is saying that the load is legit. I copy and paste what she wrote:
1. Email:
"(…) The fundamental goal of Lufthansa to reserve a seat on a desired flight at a guaranteed price and to give you the option to wait up to 48 hours for the reservation to be confirmed is at your disposal Increasing standing flexibility You can book a flight at a low fare, but you still have time to complete plans and / or coordinate with other travelers in your group.
We hope you understand that this amount is non-refundable, as this is a valid fee, even though you only confirmed your ticket after 6 minutes. You can contact the reservations team again for more information on the "secure your rate" option because your concerns have been misunderstood by these people (…) ".

2. Email:
"(…) Please note that the Secure Your Fare feature of the Lufthansa website is to place the amount of the desired flight on hold for a price. Putting a ticket on hold is not free. As stated on the disclaimer, "By securing your fare option, you can reserve the selected flights for 48 hours at the price quoted." That means that after paying EUR 130, you have to pay 48 hours for the amount of the ticket that You put this on hold with feature (…) "

Now I'm waiting for the third answer, but I really don't know how to get out of this and get my money back.

Airports – Connecting flight between Lufthansa and Copa Airlines in Panama with separate tickets

I book flights from Cairo to Port of Spain in Panama with a route with two separate tickets Lufthansa and Copa Airlines and wonder now if I need to pick up my luggage in Panama and check in again in Copa Airlines or not at the airport counter of lufthansa cairo print out my boarding pass for my 2nd flight or not?

International Travel – With a cat on Lufthansa from Mumbai to Toronto

was very confused and any hints, advice or notes will be of great help:
I travel with my 6-kilo cat via Frankfurt via Frankfurt. The problem is that I have a soft side pocket measuring 21 x 15 x 9 inches, but it also has a 23 x 15 x 16 case and a hard shell. would they allow that in the cabin?
thank you in advance