air travel – Can I pack a gas engine in my check-in luggage

I’m flying from New York (back) to Israel, and I’m wondering if it would be possible to pack a gas engine – new, in its original packaging in my check-in luggage.

Here’s what it looks like

As far as dimensions and weight (38 lbs) is concerned, I should be fine, my concern is regarding the fact that it’s a motor.

I’m flying on elal airlines, and from their dangerous materials page it would seem like a new motor would be Ok.

But I’m not a frequent flier, so I guess there may be issues that I haven’t considered.

india – Where in Mumbai Airport can I store luggage for a few hours?

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport has a Baggage Storage Facility known as the Left luggage, which accepts bags for safe keeping up to 90 days.


As per the airport website, the minimum charge for safe keeping a standard size bag is 200 INR per bag and it is 270 INR for a larger bag for up to 6 hours. The charge increases with time.


From the official website, the storage facility is located at International Terminal 2, (Level – P-4, Zone-6). Left Luggage is better known as “Cloakroom”.


I could not find any info on queue at Left luggage but the Queue timings of Bombay airport are generally high than other airports as you can see in the customer reviews. So expect and be prepared for a long queue.

You can fine more information including contact info at the airport website.

airport security – Should I put a compass in carry-on or checked luggage?

If you have checked luggage, then put it in there. All you need is an overzealous employee to say ‘aha it has liquid which might be kerosene, better not let it on the plane’. Then you lose your compass.

If you have checked luggage, only take with you what you need onboard, and avoid the risk of having stuff confiscated :/

dxb – How much is the Dnata luggage transfer fee at Dubai airport?

The FlyDubai page on transfers states the following:

If your baggage is not tagged through to your final destination or if you’re travelling with an airline with which flydubai does not have an interline agreement, you’ll need to pay a baggage transfer fee to dnata.

How much is this fee for transferring luggage from a FlyDubai flight to an Emirates flight?

luggage – Bought new TSA suitcase, it’s locked itself – how to open it?

First, these numeric locks are useless, see this video on how to Decode Luggage Locks. Second, your image is blurry but if I see it correctly that’s a TSA 007 isn’t it? Well, here’s a video on how to pick TSA 007 locks.

Edit: How to unlock a briefcase lock and figure out combo another video on defeating the numlock.

Edit2: if you have a 3D printer, here are the TSA keys.

luggage – Why did TSA pat me down at Rochester NY airport?

You did nothing wrong. And you were not “treated as a criminal”.

Airport security, like most forms of security, is not black and white. There is no magic button the security agents can press to know if you are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Instead, they rely on a number of indicators to determine if a person is likely to be a threat or not.

In your case, you are already given a ‘generally good’ score as a starting point. Anyone over 75 years old (or under 12) in a US airport is automatically treated as a lower risk than the average person, and as a result is given “TSA Pre” where the checks carried out are generally fewer and less intrusive – including as you stated the ability to leave your shoes on.

This does not mean that nobody over the age of 75 years old is a threat to security, so there are numerous triggers that can cause the TSA agents to carry out further screening on a passenger. This isn’t just the case for passengers over 75, but for ALL passengers passing through the airport.

These triggers are varied. Some of them are random (eg, the metal detector machine will randomly select one-out-of-every-X passengers for additional screening). Some of them will be behavioral – such if the TSA staff see you looking or acting suspicious.

And some of these triggers will be based on the items you are carrying through the checkpoint.

Coffee – especially ground coffee – is an item that is of interest from a security perspective. Ground coffee can be used by criminals for transportation of drugs (eg, here and here) – partially because they look similar on an X-ray, and partially because the smell of the coffee can mask the smell of the drugs from sniffer-dogs.

Once one of these triggers has occurred, TSA still will carry out additional screening on the passenger and/or their bags. This could involve anything from a simple hand-swab for explosives, right up to a full strip-search of the person and checking the entire contents of their carry-on (and even checked) bags.

In your case, it sounds like that involved a frisk search of your body, and a further investigation of the coffee tin. Once the officers had concluded that you and your luggage were not a threat, they let you continue on to your flight.

As a part of this, the TSA officers should have given you the option to have the frisk carried out in private, which would have avoided your “husband, children and grandchildren watching”, but I can only presume you said no to this.

You don’t have to like that this occurred, but you were not in any way treated like a criminal. At any time you could have opted out of the security, however this would have resulted in you not being given access to the terminal and not flying that day.

(As someone that flies almost every week I’ve been through this numerous times. Never due to coffee, but numerous other triggers ranging from a bottle of water in my bag, to triggering the metal detector, to simply being randomly selected)

Connecting flight and checked luggage with Iberia

Next week I will fly by plane for the first time.

I have checked baggage in my itinerary and it says it applies to PRG – SDR. However, there is a transfer in madrid. The itinerary says I should arrive at terminal T4 (not T4S). Is that possible? I have to wait more than 12 hours in Madrid. Both flights are from Iberia, and the company says on its website that I have to check my luggage again in this case.

Does this mean that I have to pick up my baggage at Terminal 4 and walk completely out of the terminal and do the whole procedure again? Will my boarding pass still work?

(see exceptions)

Departure time into Madrid is 18.50 (31.8). Next departure at 7.40 (1.9.).

luggage – When packing a stack of folded t-shirts in a suitcase, how to reduce the likelihood that they unfold?

Best way of keeping things folded is to put in some other material as padding, assuming that there will be free space left in the suitcase. Kind of similar to trying to figure out how to pack delicate items in a suitcase such that they won’t move around too much, risking that they will break.

It may be best to try and consolidate suitcases if you are packing more than one, to help ensure that things will be more tightly packed and reduce the movement/shifting of items within the suitcase. If your suitcase has any straps or smaller compartments, you could try making use of those as well.

Although I should say that items are less likely to shift if you’re driving on the highway for long periods of time, as opposed to an aircraft where there may be more movement, especially during taxi/takeoff/baggage handling if you are checking it in.