disk utility – How to use internal HDD as a file sharing drive if I boot from external SSD on mac mini?

I’m running Mojave 10.14.6 on mac mini late 2014.

It has internal hdd drive. I bought an external ssd to speed things up and run everything from it, and use internal hdd as a data storagetime machine

I installed OS on ssd and am running the mac from it, but I can’t seem to erase the internal hdd drive. When trying to partition it in Disk utility I’m getting an error

The volume “osx” on disk1s1 couldn’t be unmounted because it is in use by process 82 (securityd)

After this error happened, disk utility shows that hdd has two partitions, 500gb each (that’s how I set it up on ‘partitioning’ step), but I can see only the partition that was there before, no new partition that I added. Might sound confusing – please see the screenshots here.

Now, I’m very sure that I run OS from external SSD, so I don’t understand why any process would use internal hdd and what should I do from now on.

So the question is, how do I use internal hdd as a data storage drive, and erase the OS from it?

postgresql – Local Postgres Server on Mac Pw Auth Fail

Disclaimer: I am new to MacOs. Haven’t found any useful related question.

After successfully installing postgresql 13.2 via homebrew on MacOs 11.2.1 (BigSur) i run into the following problem:

Use terminal for the command

psql postgres

Prompts user pwd of my standard Mac user account.


psql: error: FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "standarduser"


sudo psql postgres

Now asks standard user pwd and accepts it.
Then asks root user pwd and rejects it with the same error as before:

psql: error: FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "root"

What am I missing?

macbook pro – Mac heating up when conencting to an external display

macbook pro – Mac heating up when conencting to an external display – Ask Different

Keepalived and VIP MAC Address

iam using keepalived and ipvsadm installed on Redhat 7.4 and i have an issue. MY virtual IPs don’t have mac address associated. the issue that i have is that sometimes from the firewall the vip is not reacheable and i don’t get http trafic on my loabalancer even ip the VIP is reacheable from the loadbalancer master itself and from the backup node also but from firewall i don’t get any request.
Does the issue of not getting trafic is related to the absence of MAC address on Virtual IPs?

Thanks a lot
enter image description here

icloud – New Macs keep asking about old discarded Mac credentials

I have only been using modern Macs for a year or so now. I was due to get a 2019 MBP from work in early 2020, so I got a 2009 MBP a few months before that to orient myself.

I created an Apple ID and an iCloud account on the 2009 MBP. With a little difficulty, I was able to apply those credentials to the semi-locked-down 2019 MBP from work.

Since then I have

  • done a fresh install of the 2009 MBP
  • left the previous employer, returned the 2019 MBP, and started a new job
  • bought a M1 MBA

During the 2009 MBP reinstall and the M1 MBA setup, I was asked for the login password on the 2019 MBP from my former job. I still remembered it, but that kinda freaked me out.

Now I’m about to get a new Intel MBP from the new job. I don’t want the credentials from the previous 2019 MBP to be associated with my personal M1 MBA or the new job’s Intel MBP in any way.

Does this make sense to any of you? How can I undo those links and not create any new links from the surrendered 2019 MBP to any future Macs I get?

mac – Error when mining with MacMiner

mac – Error when mining with MacMiner – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

mac – Message is extreemly slow to open Big Sur

mac – Message is extreemly slow to open Big Sur – Ask Different

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