Where is the air intake for the fan on a Mac mini (2018)?

Where is the air intake for cooling the innards of this computer on the Mac mini (2018)?

I looked at the iFixit demolition. The fan blows out the wide outlet on the back of the Mac mini below the USB-C ports. I can feel the warm air coming out of this outlet.

➥ Where does the air come from? enter the Mac mini?

The floor is either solid metal or covered with non-slip rubber. I do not see any other inlets on the back. So I am confused.

I worry that the air intake will not be blocked to maximize cooling efficiency.

mac – My mother's MacBook Air Safari browser is constantly opening new tabs

I was looking for extensions, but there are none installed on the laptop, and I've looked in vain all over the Finder. This also works in Chrome and would likely work in Firefox and other browsers. The tabs that appear appear from my mother's search history, as the tabs are typically websites like Amazon. I only had one or two encounters with actual scam sites. This usually happens when a website is loaded. There used to be another virus on the laptop that replaced the search engine, and notification windows appeared in the corner of the screen to earn money (the current symptoms I'm experiencing have also occurred with this virus). I can not remember what the virus was called.
Many thanks to all who can find out.

Ability to forward the IP and port address of the internal remote network to the same IP and port address on the local Mac

For development reasons, I want to connect my local computer (MacOS) to a remote private network of a Kafka / Zookeeper cluster.

If I do port forwarding with

ssh root@ -N -L

My Mac does not do this (probably for security reasons) and reports "Local redirect could not be requested."

If I just put it on localhost: 9029, the kafka broker can not find the other nodes in the private network because the broker's metadata points to the private network.

I also thought about running a local haproxy on and proxy TCP traffic to localhost on different ports, but no chance. It says "Can not bind socket ("

How can I tell on my local machine to point to a redirected port on the remote?

Keyboard – Assign the Debug ("Step Into") function key to the Mac Excel Visual Basic Editor

I've tried many things to assign a 1-key shortcut to the "Step Into" debugging feature in the VBA Editor for Mac Excel (Mac VBE). I asked a question about stack overflow, but in my experience, Macintosh-related issues are often not resolved there, as in this case.

Below are screenshots showing a try to reassign F8 Key (used in Windows for this). Although it looks like it will work, pressing the key during debugging will not work (although the default is awkward shift-cmd-i still works). There are other "solutions" to this kind of problem that do not work for me. Namely with the FN key in combination with F8 or check the "Use F1.F2,etc. I also tried using a utility called FunctionFlip, but like others, it did not work for me.

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

I am not bound F8and would like others like F5. F6 or F7 which are already used in the Mac VBE. I say that because, after a comment by Emilio F8 is something special on the Mac. But when I tried it F5For example, it failed too.

I'm using a non-touch MacBook pro (which replaces the function keys to my knowledge) and use both a notebook keyboard and an external (Mac) keyboard I bought in 2019.

To update the AOL email settings in Mac Mail 10/9 – Everything Else

AOL Sign Email

To update the email settings in Mac Mail 10 or Mac Mail 9, users must pay attention to the following points:

• Under Incoming server, enter your correct username
• Under Outgoing server, select the option to edit the SMTP server list
• Now you have to enter user name, password and host name in the field provided
• Use the correct port number for the inbound and outbound servers

This can be very difficult at some point if you do not know the correct host name and port number. For this reason, it is recommended that you contact AOL Email Logon Support to completely resolve this issue from the core.
Also read: – Login aol

mail.app – Mac Mail deleted an entire email thread without my consent

This has never happened to me before, but yesterday I opened a big thread with emails in my mail app (~ 60 emails) and I do not know how, but today they are gone. That happened in my office

All e-mails my customer and I have exchanged in the past 3 months have simply disappeared without my consent.

I tried to search them through the Round Cube directly on the server, and they do not exist (not even in the Trash, Junk, or Archive folders). I've just arrived home to see if my sleeping MacBook has not been synced in the meantime, but it turns out this is also true in sleep mode.

I did not enable Time Machine and do not back up my Mac because I have everything in iCloud.

Does anyone know if there is any internal garbage / cache or any other place to look for these emails?

App Mac – Sketch 58 macOS | NulledTeam UnderGround

Sketch 58 | macos | 48 mb

Sketch is an innovative and fresh look at vector drawing. The deliberately minimalist design is based on a drawing area of ​​unlimited size and layers, free of palettes, panels, menus, windows, and controls.

Although easy to use, it offers powerful vector drawing and text tools such as perfect Boolean operations, symbols and powerful rulers, guides, and grids.
macOS 10.13.4 or higher 64 bit