Beta – How do I delete space on Mac OS Catalina?

They erase the space on Catalina as well as on other Mac systems. You must move or remove some of the software on your hard disk drive. If you have not connected another backup disk, you may be able to remove any apps purchased in the App Store and reload them after loading your system.

You can set up iCloud by selecting iCloud in System Preferences. See picture below.

Enter image description here

Make sure the checkbox to the left of iCloud Drive is checked and click the radio button. The radio button opens a field like the one shown below. Be sure to check the box in the red box.

Enter image description here

Then wait about 30 minutes and check how much space you have available.

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The latest version of the popular Password Manager is a major update with dozens of new features and enhancements, including a new dark theme sidebar that simplifies the use and management of password depots.
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: macOS 10.12 or higher 64-bit


mac – How do I transfer files quickly over two network shares?

I have two shares (A, B) on a Synology NAS on the same volume. I've mounted the two shares in the Finder, but copying or moving files takes forever, even with SMB3. Of course, I can use the Synology file browser, which takes seconds, but the problem is that I can not just open and preview files. I'd like to use the Finder, if possible, or at least an app for Mac that lets me open the files.

In addition, the problem occurs when copying files that are nested in folders. I want the folder structure to be copied as well. Do not think that there is a way in MacOS itself without using scripts (since many files are moved from different locations, this does not seem to make sense). Basically, I want to mark from A files that are to be "archived" until B.

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How do I use the mouse to close only one instance of Chrome on the MAC?

Ex: I have 3 Chrome windows (each has multiple tabs)
Press the red button in the upper left corner
Enter image description here
closes my whole session and I do not want other instances to die as well. Only one of them with 4 tabs.
CMD + W only works for the current tab, not for the current window.

How do I reach this with the mouse? How do I achieve it with the keyboard? (CMD + Q does not close all Chrome windows)

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lion – Mac boot partition FFFF (High Sierra)

I know that many people had similar problems, and I've tried to fix them with the answers I found, but without luck.

  • Device: iMac 27 "mid-2011
  • OS: Latest High Sierra (I think the recovery mode might be the Lion version?)

I have a Linux partition with High Sierra and use it without problems. Now I've also created a bootcamp partition and installed Windows 7. After that, I can not boot to Mac anymore and I see in recovery mode that the main partition type is now FFFFFF-FFFF …

The partitions in a nutshell are as follows:

  • High Sierra, ~ 850 GB
  • Linux, ~ 100 GB <- This can be deleted
  • Bootcamp, ~ 49 GB <- This can be deleted

What I have tried:

I did that gpt destroy disk0 and afterwards, all volumes returned

Get add -i 1 -b 40 -s 409600 -t C12A7328-F81F-11D2-BA4B-00A0C93EC93B

Get add -i 2 -b 40 -s 409600 -t 7C3457EF-toget11AA-AA11-00306543ECAC

and so on ..
then try to check the volumes with diskutil verityVolume disk0s2 I get
"Error Starting File System Check for disk0s2: Unknown File System (-69846)"

Now I have reached the point where I do not know what to do anymore.

Where I started:


gpt show-disk0-original

And where am I now:

last step

Enter image description here

  1. All I want is for MacOS to work in the simplest way with the data it contains and all other partitions are available.

  2. Or I want to know how to simply format the drive and remove all partitions so I can reinstall (Plan B).

All comments are welcome! Many Thanks!