mac os x – Android adb doesn’t see android device on macOS Catalina

macos – 10.15.7

device – xiaomi redmi 3s

adb works fine with android emulator, but it doesn’t see real device, which is has debug mode turned on.

When I connect real device via usb, I see that device is charging, but I don’t see an option to choose File Transfer connection on device.

ADB connection with device works fine on my Windows PC. How to make macos to see real device ?

keyboard – MS OneNote beginning/end of line shortcuts on Mac

I am using OneNote on a Mac and the beginning of line and end of line shortcuts are Ctrl+A and Ctrl+E, respectively. I prefer the alternatives Fn+< and Fn+> instead, which work in other applications on Mac but not in OneNote for some reason. I tried adding them from System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts, but looks like you cannot add a shortcut with a Fn button there. Any ideas on how to enable using Fn+< and Fn+> as the beginning of line and end of line shortcuts in OneNote on Mac?

Note: I am using a Mac 2019 with a touchbar that is controlled by the Fn key.

macos – History of OpenSSH in Mac OS

What is the history of OpenSSH in Mac OS, i.e.

  • when did Mac OS switch to OpenSSH, and
  • which versions of Mac OS since then shipped which version of OpenSSH?

My quick initial search did not turn up much, but I’m hoping such a resource exists.
This information would be useful, e.g., to figure out since when certain features (e.g. “netcat mode -W”) are supported in Mac OS.

P.S. The spelling “Mac OS” here is used loosely and not meant to denote a specific era of the operating system.

network – Can’t share ethernet connection of college ethernet on Mac – but can do it on windows without problems

I’m trying to share my college dorm ethernet connection of my Mac over the WiFi of the laptop with internet sharing in MacOs. Previously, I used a Windows pc and could switch on “Hotspot” in the windows taskbar pretty easily without configuration or error message.
Now trying to do it on the Mac and results in the error that I can’t share the connection, because it is protected 802.1x and therefore can’t be shared.

I already read other stackexchange posts which only seem to have the answer that it’s not advisable to share it and they give no solution (other than using a vpn). I understand that the admins of the network have their objectives, but why was I able to share it on the Windows PC pretty easily, without configuration but can’t do it on the Mac?

ms office – Microsoft Excel on Mac Error VBA Run-Time 1004 on Application Open – Endless Loop – Cannot Use Excel

When Excel is opened – no matter the document – there is a run-time error as shown in the picture belowClick The Link

clicking on End does nothing but brings up the same error window again, causing a loop that causes Excel to not be usable. Please advise. Thanks! This is Excel on Mac. I tried re-installing already.

memory – Mac Book won’t install software

I just recently replaced the drive in my MacBook Pro and after partitioning the drive, formatting it correctly, and multiple attempts to install it just won’t complete the process. When going through the Command + R menu it will start to download OS Mountain Lion but when it’s almost finished it will give an error in the install log that says “Failed to verify InstallESD.dmg: hdiutil verify failed” and it will begin to download all over again. If I go through the Command+option+r menu it will try to download OS Catilina and when it’s almost finished it will give an error that says ” an error occurred when installing macOS Catalina”. I’ve read that both of these problems might be related to ram so I took both out and reinstalled them as somebody suggested and still no luck. I really just want to make sure that it’s the ram before I go and spend the money. Any ideas would be appreciated!

macos – Why does the built-in ssh-keygen on M1 Mac run significantly slower

This is not a critical issue. I am just curious about the reason.

On my M1 Macbook Air, ssh-keygen can take several seconds, sometimes more than ten seconds or even dozens of seconds, to generate a public/private rsa key pair. This is much slower even than my outdated android device(One Plus 5) with Termux-app.

❯ time ssh-keygen -f /tmp/tempkey -P "" > /dev/null
ssh-keygen -f /tmp/tempkey -P "" > /dev/null  3.47s user 0.02s system 99% cpu 3.493 total

However, running ssh-keygen under Rosetta is significantly better and reasonable.

❯ rm /tmp/tempkey*
❯ time arch -x86_64 ssh-keygen -f /tmp/tempkey -P "" > /dev/null
arch -x86_64 ssh-keygen -f /tmp/tempkey -P "" > /dev/null  0.82s user 0.30s system 78% cpu 1.420 total

Here’s info about my ‘ssh-keygen`

❯ file `which ssh-keygen`
/usr/bin/ssh-keygen: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures: (x86_64:Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64) (arm64e)
/usr/bin/ssh-keygen (for architecture x86_64):  Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64
/usr/bin/ssh-keygen (for architecture arm64e):  Mach-O 64-bit executable arm64e

I tried compile three binaries from source for arm64, x86_64 and universal version(created from arm64 and x86_64 binary with lipo). All of them run significantly faster than the built-in one.

Then, why does the built-in armed ssh-keygen run so slow ?

Ho to download iCloud library (Backup folder, e.g WhatsApp) to Desktop (Mac)

thanks for reading this.

How can I download folders from ~/Library/Mobile Documents/ ?

  • I see that I have 10 gigabyte of files saved in the cloud as WhatsApp backup.
  • I want to download that to my desktop.
  • I know it is located in e.g. /Library/Mobile Documents/42T9237FN3~net~whatsapp~WhatsApp/Accounts/<98798799897>/backup

But I can only see meta files of type .icloud there on desktop.

I need to fetch the whole folder and all backup files to my desktop for further investigation.

Any idea?

Thanks so much!