proxmox – Hetzner & allowed MAC addresses

I installed Proxmox Node on Hetzner Serever to host VPS. I have a Newsubnet IP address installed and added to the Node VPS
Now hetzner starts to complain and sends the following message:

We noticed that you have used in addition to other MAC addresses
This is allowed on your robot account.

Here are contents of "/ etc / network / interfaces"

car lo
iface lo inet loopback
iface lo inet6 loopback
car enp0s31f6

iface enp0s31f6 inet6 static
Netmask 64

car vmbr0
iface vmbr0 inet static
Gateway 178.63.xx.xx
bridge_ports enp0s31f6
bridge_stp off
bridge_fd 0
bridge_maxwait 0
up route add -net 178.63.43.xx netmask gw 178.63.xx.xx dev vmbr0
up ip route add 46.4.246.xx01 / 32 dev vmbr0
up ip route add 46.4.246.xx02 / 32 dev vmbr0
up ip route add 46.4.246.xx03 / 32 dev vmbr0
up ip route add 46.4.246.xx04 / 32 dev vmbr0
up ip route add 46.4.246.xx05 / 32 dev vmbr0
up ip route add 46.4.246.xx06 / 32 dev vmbr0

I also activate masqurading

iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o vmbr0 -j MASQUERAD

How could I solve this problem?

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mac osx – The Mac OSX sendmail command works, but the localhost for Python SMTP deployment does not work

I have a program that needs to send emails and I've been working on it locally. I use

smtplib.SMTP (& # 39; localhost & # 39 ;, 25)

When trying to send an e-mail, the error message "Connection Disapproved" appears. But if I do it Echo "test" | sendmail email@example.comgoes through the message. As far as I know, sendmail uses SMTP. How can I use the same server and port settings as sendmail? I'm posting this question because other answers I've checked out recommend the following alternatives that I do not want to use for several reasons:

  • Use the Gmail SMTP server
  • Use a debugging SMTP server like: python -m smtpd -n -c DebuggingServer localhost: 1025
  • Use sendmail via os or subprocess

MAC address – MAC spoofing – keep victims away

I have successfully performed a MAC spoofing attack on my open (ad hoc) network with the Macchanger tool (operating system: Kali linux).

I would like to know how the connection can be kept alive (to keep the computer out of the network with the real Mac), as the Windows machine obviously casts when trying to reconnect through the victim's computer (Windows 10) my potash host from the network.

backup – mac tmutil compare will work or fail depending on how the bundle is mounted

Using Time Machine for a Time Capsule – backups work smoothly. The problem is to compare with & # 39; tmutil & # 39; to determine the differences between two backups. MacOS Mojave 10.14.5 (same problem with previous OS versions).

It works

Use the Finder to connect to the Time Capsule (created / Volumes / MyDisk behind the scenes). Find the desired mymac.sparsebundle in the Finder and open it with DiskImageMounter (created / Volumes / Time Machine backups in the background).

Go to the terminal and:

            cd "/ Volumes / Time Machine Backups / Backups.backupdb / mymac"
tmutil cf. 2019-05-19-034451 2019-05-18-220446

The output is exactly as expected.

This fails

Create 2 directories – ../mytemp/mount and ../mytemp/bundle (as mount points). Run tmutils destinationinfo to retrieve the mount strings.

Do the following: mount_afp -o rw "afp: // tc: pwd@tc._afpovertcp._tcp.local./diskname" ../mytemp/mount

Run: hdiutil attach ../mytemp/mount/mymac.sparsebundle -readwrite -mountroot ../mytemp/bundle

Do the following: cd "../mytemp/bundle/Time Machine Backups / Backups.backupdb / mymac"

These all work as expected. The mymac.sparsebundle is mounted on ../mytemp/bundle. Can be mounted in the Sparsebundle & # 39; cd & # 39 ;. A & # 39; ls & # 39; lists all backup files as expected.

BUT perform: tmutil compare 2019-05-19-034451 2019-05-18-220446
again and get the following:

At least one item must be specified in a backup.

Can actually & # 39; cd & # 39; into the 2019-05-19-034451 backup or the other, & # 39; ls & # 39; shows exactly what is expected. Can multiple levels "cd", some files on the console "cat", etc.

Went to the same levels after mounting and gave & # 39; touch dummy.file.txt & # 39; to actually create a file. This failed, but adding & sudo & # 39; was successful – in both deployment scenarios. (Within a given backup, this failed for both setups.)

Also try & sudo tmutil … & # 39; for authorization issues, but same result. Also, some "ls -la" commands were executed at different levels, but no obvious differences in the & # 39; rwx & # 39; -Zuordnung.

Added Tmutil to the "Full Disk Access" list in the system properties.

Ran: log show –predicate & # 39; process == "tmutil" & # 39;

However, displays the same output for the successful and failed case.

With the Latin in the end! What is the difference – context, authorities, ??? What are Finder and DiskImageMounter doing differently than mount_afp and hdiutil? Is a layer read-only and is it trying to update a log?

Any help or suggestions appreciated!

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