2016 MacBook Pro Touch Bar (A1706) Doesn’t Boot When Battery is Plugged In

First time posting here so I’m sorry if I mess anything up.

I have a 2016 MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13″ that refuses to charge or boot when the battery is connected (It will boot when plugged into the charger and even with the battery data cable plugged in, just not when the battery power is connected). With it booted (battery disconnected) everything works normal. The computer is not receiving power when the battery is connected (no haptic feedback on trackpad, lights, fans, etc.).

Opening up the computer and giving it a visual inspection shows no physical damage, corrosion or water damage on either side of the logic board. On one of the USB-C ports I noticed what looked like a little bit of corrosion so I cleaned it off.

What I’ve tried:

  1. Different charger cable/block (OEM)
  2. New battery (OEM)
  3. Reset SMC
    This one is a little weird. When I try to reset the SMC, per Apple’s instructions (T1 with non-removable battery-I leave the battery plugged in and charger connected) the computer refuses to boot unless I disconnect the battery. So I’m not sure if it’s actually resetting or not.

MacOS says battery – “Service Recommended”, the diagnostic (Hold R while booting) shows no problems- Reference Code:APD000 (it used to give a Service Battery before I put the new battery in), and I’ve attached a screenshot of CoconutBattery.

If anybody has any ideas of what else to check or to try that would be huge help. If there’s any other info. that you need me to provide that I didn’t please let me know. Thank you!

CoconutBattery with replacement battery installed

trackpad – MacBook pro 16″ – Big Sur – find config file to change the speed of horizontal scrolling speed

On my MacBook pro 16″, I would like to find out where is the parameter that controls the speed of horizontal scrolling with trackpad (if it is possible).

Indeed, I am using some different editors and I would like to increase the speed of horizontal scrolling, so I wonder if it can be performed by changing parameter(s) in one or different configuration file(s).

In system preferences, there is not such an option that enables to do it (only vertical scrolling speed).

Any information about this is welcome.

macbook pro – How to lower app notification volume

I have a new MacBook Pro running Big Sur. The sound effect for individual app notifications, such as Chrome or Slack, is much louder than other sounds on my machine and I would like a way to lower their volume without changing the system volume.

I have gone to System Preferences > Sound > Sound Effects and lowered Alert volume but it has no effect on these sounds. For example, if I move the ‘Alert volume’ slider all the way to the left to where I hear no sound at all from that panel, but leave the system volume around the middle, the notification sounds I get from, apps like Slack are still extremely loud. Any help would be much appreciated.

My bluetooth headset connects/disconnect on Macbook pro continuously after waking from sleep

I have a macbook pro 2019 and a Huawei freelace with hall sensor. Now there is no issue when I connect and use it. But once I use the hall sensor to turn off earphone (by touching both the ear pieces against each other) it starts giving trouble when turned on again. I connects and then drop and keeps repeating it continuously until I remove it from my devices list and pair it again.

display – After connecting 3rd external monitor typing lag starts, Macbook Pro 2016

Have macbook pro 2016 and connected 3rd external monitor. Then all monitors including macbook screen have typing lag. But let me clear about there is no mouse lag OR when I move the application window like chrome or jet brains IDE like pycharm no window movement lag.

But when I start typing in IDE or browser’s search bar. I can see clearly that there is typing lag. And about the monitors and cables. I have a LG Ultrawide 5K and Apple Display 27inch (apple display connected VIA mini display port to thunderbolt by apple official tool)

I am not very sure why macbook pro 2016 having such a problem on? One of the cable is LG’s original and the other one is apple’s thunderbolt changer. By the way as grafic card Pro has Radeon Pro 460

Any idea what is causing this problem and how to solve this?

hardware – Wine damage on MacBook Air 13’3 2019

As the title gives away I spilled a glass of wine on my mac. I turned it head down right a way and dried it. Every thing seemed to work fine until half an hour later i put it in charge. It first kept disconnecting from charge and then it wouldn’t charge anymore. So I opened it up and there seems to be some kind of stain near the thunderbolt ports on the logic board the rest of it seems to be fine and there also a blinking light.
This is the stain picture:

Blue zone wine damage

This is the LED that is still on:

Will it be necessary to change the whole logic board? I am considering sending it to an apple certified repair shop. I am just looking to walk in prepared as to not get robbed as I am a student and can’t really afford a $700 new logic board. Thanks!

macbook pro – Upgrading from sierra to catalina while maintaining dual boot with kali

Yesterday I installed Kali linux in macbook air having macos (sierra).today I downloaded Catalina through appstore . It downloads Catalina file around 7gb and to install it reboots
While rebooting it enters into Linux grub option.
Then I tried to reboot again with option button
It show Macintosh disk and I clicked it.then
Normal sierra opened
What about Catalina os . I have files of Catalina