academia – magazines for SS7 hacks?

I'm looking for academic journals on SS7 hacks (Signaling System Seven) that were done by cybercriminals. For example, a malicious threat actor who uses it to reset a bank account password.

I've read many magazines about how these attacks are done and why SS7 is vulnerable. Now I am looking for practical examples of the attacks used.

It must be academic, as I would like to quote her!

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BlackHatKings: proxy lists
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Magazines – announce a dedication to a paper

An article by me (a relatively young mathematician) was just added to a good journal, and I considered adding the memory of a deceased mathematician in my area whose work I admire greatly. The topic of the work is closely related to the work of the mathematician, but I never personally met or communicated with them in any way. Would it be appropriate for me to add such a dedication, or is this usually reserved for established mathematicians or mathematicians who know each other well? Do magazines usually have a problem with adding dedications after referral? I guess "no", but I still ask.

Many thanks.