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Magento 2 product tabs by Magesolution is an indispensable extension for online shops that extends the Magento functionality. It allows administrators to change and add unlimited tabs for the product page. These tabs can also be displayed in different positions. Administrators can change the tab position at will.
This extension not only offers your customers an interesting surfing experience, but also enables you to control the tabs of your product pages and the dynamic content. Do not hesitate to choose and feel this module!

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The main goal of Magento 2 Product Tabs Extension is to help you add unlimited tabs for the product detail page in Magento. With the limited tabs for the product detail page on the product pages, the customer no longer has to scroll through the entire product page or find it difficult to find specific content, but can conveniently display the desired part. The better surfing your website, the more benefits you get.
In addition, this extension can respond on all devices such as computers, tablets, cell phones, screens, etc. It is high time to choose this solution and offer your customers an interesting shopping experience.

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Google Rich Snippets for Magento 2 by Magesolution – Advertising, Offers

XML Google Sitemap is one of the most efficient solutions for optimizing your online stores. Magento 2 supports XML Sitemap, but sales administrators can not add or remove their own items, such as products, categories, or pages. This can help Google understand your site better. Conversely, Magento 2 does not generate an HTML sitemap, so an extension to build it in seconds is needed.

The extension of the Magento 2 sitemap supports both XML and HTML sitemap and offers SEO-optimized sitemaps. HTML sitemap helps customers navigate their business more easily, while XML sitemap performs the indexing process quickly, which helps you to improve the ranking of search engines by understanding them better. As a result, your website attracts more users and produces more organic traffic.

Main features of the Magento 2 sitemap extension

Helps search engines index faster
Just add or remove products, categories or other pages
Generate configurable Sitemaps
Automatically inserts the Sitemap URL into robot.txt
Specify frequency and set priority
Configure the CRON job to update URLs in Sitemap
Allow admins to add HTML sitemap

Additional functions:

Configure SEO
Responsive design
Open source 100%
Supports multiple stores

For more details and live demos:


Real Review Magento 2 Extension by Magesolution – Advertising, Offers

Your business has problems with product reviews?
Do you waste a lot of time checking and approving unreliable non-customer ratings? Magesolution is here to help you. We've released Real Review Magento 2 – one of the key features is helping you to find the product reviews. With this tool, only customers who have purchased a product can write a review for this product. What is more? Our extension makes it possible for you to configure the settings in such a way that the check is approved automatically. You can discover many more outstanding features on our detailed description page. Other useful extensions for Magento 2 are available in our shop. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you with the appropriate extensions!

Download at:

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With Magento's standard product review feature, every customer can give a review, regardless of what they bought or not. Therefore, there are some reviews that may not be reliable. In addition, it will be a burden for store owners to manually review and approve product reviews in the backend daily.

By using the Advanced Review extension, you can effectively save valuable client approval time by helping you identify irrelevant reviews from non-customers. Logically, only customers who have purchased a product can give a rating for this product. What is more? With the Advanced Review extension, you can configure the settings to automatically approve the scan.

This extension is the best solution for the market store.

The review feature is only available to customers to review what they have previously purchased
Ability to enable / disable the extension (the Disable mode applies the default scan function)
Support for the Ajax ad for the review form
Support the display of the number of reviews per page
Support for automatic review verification
Allow display of captcha in the review form
Possibility for the administrator to answer / comment on a review
Possibility for customers to edit or delete their own comments

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