Drawing – magnetic field for a certain distance

I'm not sure what you mean by "distance D = 2b". Do you want to set a constant radius R and represent the norm of your field in this radius as a one-dimensional diagram?

Otherwise, you can draw the standard of the full field in a range of x and y coordinates. By the way, your function already gives you the norm of the field because you compute the tangential component, which is the only one different from zero.

First define the function in Cartesian coordinates:

[Mu]0 = 4[Pi]* 10 ^ -7; (* H / m *)
bz[x_, y_, i_] : = [Mu]0 * i * 8 / (5 * Sqrt[5]* Sqrt[x^2 + y^2])

Then draw it:

DensityPlot[bz[x, y, 1000]{x, -0.01, 0.01}, {y, -0.01, 0.01},
PlotRange -> Automatic,
ColorFunction -> "BlueGreenYellow",
PlotLegends ->
   LegendLabel -> 
    Placed[Rotate["magnetic field strength [T]", - [Pi]/ 2], Law].
LabelStyle -> {FontSize -> 32}, LegendMarkerSize -> 600,
Method -> {Frame -> True,
TicksStyle ->
guideline[Black, FontFamily -> "TimesNewRoman", FontSize -> 30, 
Exclusions -> None,
ImageSize -> 700,
FrameLabel -> {Style["x [m]", Font size -> 32, black,
FontFamily -> "TimesNewRoman"].
style["y [m]", Font size -> 32, black,
FontFamily -> "TimesNewRoman"]}]

Which gives you:
Enter image description here

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tar – I can not read from magnetic tape LTO-4

The question concerns an HP LTO Ultrium 4 magnetic tape cassette (HP C7974A – 800 / 1.6 TB). The writing method is TAR.

Some time ago I made a terrible mistake when I overwrote the beginning of the HP-LTO-4 tape with 1 GB of data. I immediately pressed ^ C and then noticed the mistake.

The cassette is almost full – 750 GB. The file should be written to file location 250 *. I have to mention that I know the file position and block number (from every 10th file).
The problem is that I can not currently rewind to another position on the tape.

When I enter file number 20:

# mt fsf 20

I get:

/ dev / nst0: input / output error

and the status:

# mt status
SCSI 2 tape drive:
File number = 1, block number = -1, partition = 0.
Tape block size 0 bytes. Density code 0x46 (LTO-4).
Soft Error Count since last status = 0
General status bits on (9010000):

Any advice on this? How do I fix this error by spooling to the next 10 or 20 positions (assuming I know the file and block numbers) and restore the data? Is there a way to write a file to the last known position without performing an EOF?

Thank you in advance.


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Posted by: Alinka94
Post Time: April 21, 2019 at 05:34 PM.

Fraud – Can a magnetic credit card writer use a credit card number to encode a blank card?

Could someone write? just Your card number on a blank card? Yes. But would you then masquerade as you and recharge your account by moving this card to in-store stores at vending machines? No. Mainly because when a transaction is sent from a vending machine to a card processor for verification, data is required in addition to the card number (just as you would for online transactions). These other required data items are written to the magnetic strip in addition to the account number on a valid card.

Credit card strips contain three titles – the first two are essentially standard and describe your account (including account number, expiration date, full name, country code, etc.). These two titles are used to actually process a transaction when the card is pulled. Essentially, they replicate the information you enter when you use your card online.

The third track is largely untapped and when used, the information stored there varies from bank to bank – sometimes including PIN numbers or ID numbers associated with reward programs, or the maximum credit line or other information. However, it is essentially unimportant when validating a transaction at a vending machine.

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macos – How can I recycle some magnetic disks from System on Mac OS?

I want to move some data or files to a separate memory.

There are also apps that remove unused languages, remove duplicate files, etc. from the system if you want to display them.

Duplicate Files Searching in Apps is "Duplicate Files Sweeper" (not used, just an example).

"Disk Cleaner" is an app that cleans up all kinds of data, but is not free … and is not used by me, so an example …