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Shopping – pick up mail at the post office in Japan

I have some small packages to pick up on the first day I arrive in Sapporo. Some of them are supplied by Amazon, but for some reason they can not be picked up at the supermarket. My Airbnb host is also away from home to receive her.

The instructions for Kyoku Dome can be found at, but since I can not read Japanese well and Google does not translate it well, I'm afraid I might make a mistake.

The nearest post office is

  1. Can I safely send to this post office or do I need to select another one nearby?
  2. Would that be correct?

    • Name: My full name (in Latin)
    • Address:

    Ich 琴 似 留 留 (I just added 留 to the post office name)

    北海道 北海道 市 二条 二条 二条


    • Telephone number: the telephone listed in the above link? I will not have a Japanese number!

email – To use Gmail's Send Mail As feature when the SMTP server requires 2-factor authentication

I used the Send Mail As feature to use the Gmail interface for my business email instead of Outlook. My workstation now has two-factor authentication required for single sign-on. If I add my password in the SMTP configuration, the error "Authentication failed" will be displayed because I do not have the option to add the second factor. Is there a way to get around this?

Enter image description here

AOL Mail

AOL Mail – Sign in to your AOL email account at or and manage AOL email. You can also reset AOL login, AOL login, AOL password.

Efficiently deploy your direct mail campaign using variable data printing

By definition, variable data printing (VDP) is a form of print readiness that retrieves records from a particular database to personalize text and photos from one printed piece to the next, without affecting or slowing down the printing method.

Sounds like a bite, but is actually a simple concept when it matters.

VDP is not always a new concept. It has been in circulation for just over a decade, but is becoming increasingly popular as marketers are looking for ways to make their junk mail campaigns the most effective.

With VDP, entrepreneurs can customize their own requirements Current mailing database in many different ways. The simplest and most famous form is the personalization of the salutation (ie H. Dear Mary). As the era progresses, alternatives evolve and customization becomes even more complex. Now you could ….
(Image: Canadian-CTOs-CIOs-Email-Lists.png)
• Assign unique promotional codes to specific companies
• Personalize offers for a selected demographic group
• Apply personalized URLs (Purls)
• Adjust your message based primarily on past purchases and prediction of fate needs
• Personalize snapshots (eg, "Mary" on a photograph of clouds, a sandy shore, a structure, a path signal, etc.).

Actually, the elections have grown to be unlimited.

The latest method in variable fact printing today is the so-called door-to-door mapping. The reputation can not be better served; The door-to-door assignment provides instructions from the "front door" of the receiver to a destination that is distinguished by the use of the sender.

With B-to-B and B-to-C capabilities, door-to-door mapping provides the ability to respond quickly and easily to direct-to-consumer campaigns. As the sender, it is not easy to transmit an excessive impact message, but now it makes it easier for the target audience to respond to your offer by giving them directions for your event. An ideal door-to-door application is an invitation to an event.

Here are some industries to gain by using door-to-door mapping and usage examples:

• Healthcare ….. Recruitment of new stakeholders via a new press center
• Real Estate ….. Invite open residence
• Education ….. Freshman elegance orientation or alumni event
• Production ….. Demonstration of new products or trip to production units
• Financial / Banking ….. Invitation to an Estate Planning Seminar
• Casino ….. lure from the booth "excessive reels"
• Advertising organizations ….. Invitation to the "Dealer Day"
• Restaurant ….. Provide a new location ad and coupon
• Non-profit agencies ….. Invitation to donate

While door-to-door mapping can generate a great deal of responsiveness, as it is a unique and personal form of variable fact printing, the key to success is the ability of the agency to plan in advance. By segmenting your database and maintaining current records, you can re-market your data for greater impact. Although it's time to eat, it's ultimately worth it.

In a time of technological advances, junk mail alternatives are best kept growing and trading as we have seen since door-to-door mapping began. The strengths and blessings of using VDP in direct mail campaigns are enormous, but the downside that marketing professionals need to remember is that the higher the impact, the greater the response.

Email – Mail failed: Return message to sender

Emails sent to a domain are never delivered and my customer receives an email with back

—– Message d & origine —–
De: Mail delivery system
Sent: October 17, 2019 14:39
Item: E-mail delivery failed: return message to sender

This message was automatically generated by the e-mail delivery software.

A message you sent could not be delivered to one or more of them
Receiver. This is a permanent mistake. The following addresses failed:

And in the appendix there is a txt file with:

Reporting MTA: DNS;

Action: failed
Final recipient: rfc822;
Status: 5.0.0

Action: failed
Final recipient: rfc822;
Status: 5.0.0

Any idea what's going on?

JavaScript – Get mail from the custom REST endpoint in Gutenberg

I want to get a post object from a custom REST endpoint in a Gutenberg block. The REST endpoint returns, as part of its JSON payload, an array with a "post" key that matches the contents of the WP_Post PHP object to be returned. Normally I would get contributions with getEntityRecords and withSelect in the JavaScript of the block:

    // ...within gutenberg block...
    edit: withSelect( ( select, props ) => {
        const { attributes } = props;
        const { getEntityRecords, getPostType } = select( 'core' );

        const query = {
            post_id: 5, // this is made up!

        return {
            children: getEntityRecords( 'postType', 'post', query )
    } )( edit ),

… but this only seems to work for the default REST endpoint of WordPress posts. How can I retrieve a post object from a custom REST endpoint in a Gutenberg block? Ideally, I would like to receive a post in a form that corresponds to the one that was retrieved getEntityRecords,