magento2 – Magento 2.2.8: MailChimp can not be installed

I have Magento 2.2.8 and can NOT install MailChimp in any way. I tried the manual installation, but it said:

(ReflectionException) Class Mailchimp does not exist

I tried the installation with the composer in many ways, but many warnings / exceptions were found.
When I try to install the latest version that is compatible with my version (101.2.34), the installation will go through but at the end the following error will be displayed:

The following modules are outdated:
Ebizmarts_MailChimp db schema version: defined in codebase - 101.2.34, currently installed - 102.3.37
Ebizmarts_MailChimp db data version: defined in codebase - 101.2.34, currently installed - 101.2.37 () ()

So I tried to install the version 101.2.37 (which should only be compatible with Magento 3). In fact, the installation does not work out and I got this mistake from the composer:

  Problem 1
    - mailchimp/mc-magento2 102.3.37 requires magento/framework 102.0.* -> no matching package found.
    - mailchimp/mc-magento2 102.3.36 requires magento/framework 102.0.* -> no matching package found.
    - mailchimp/mc-magento2 102.3.35 requires magento/framework 102.0.* -> no matching package found.
    - mailchimp/mc-magento2 102.3.34 requires magento/framework 102.0.* -> no matching package found.
    - Installation request for mailchimp/mc-magento2 ^102.3 -> satisfiable by mailchimp/mc-magento2(102.3.34, 102.3.35, 102.3.36, 102.3.37).

I tried to install ALL earlier versions over Composer, but it always shows me that the modules are outdated.
I also tried to run the Composer update, but it did not fix the problem.

This thing is very annoying and I really do not know how to find out. I really need to install MailChimp.

Please help me!
Thank you very much

Plugins – Users do not synchronize with the MailChimp list

User Sync Plugin (part of MailChimp for WP Plugins) does not sync subscribers with the specified MailChimp list. I tried everything I could find online, and it still does not work. When I try the Manual Sync button, I can see the progress screen going through all the subscribers (not many, 38). then the green DONE message will be displayed and that was & # 39; s. Nothing was updated back to MailChimp … I'm not sure what the problem is. The only thing I can think about is that subscribers are not real subscribers? … I'm new to this thing, so I wonder if these emails are not real people … How would I know?

E-Mail – Can Mailchimp perform automatic retries?

I'm trying to create a mailchimp automation for a gated asset / lead magnet. The problem is recurrent visitors. I've set up simple automation for users who are already subscribed, and again ask for the asset that has a profile update trigger based on groups.

It looks like Mailchimp can only send this automation once. Mailchimp support has confirmed that there is no way to trigger automations repeatedly, although a reminder e-mail can be sent to anyone who has not received an e-mail. I'm not 100% sure I believe them.

Am I missing something here? Is there a workaround?

Why does my Mailchimp Welcome Automation send only an e-mail and delete participant data?

I've set up an automation workflow with two emails and a landing page with a welcome trigger. The first email contains a link to the landing page. The landing page contains a form that must be completed and the email address checked. The second e-mail should be sent after completing the form.

The problem is that the second email is not sent. I can see that completing the form deletes all mailchimp group data related to the subscriber. This means that the second email is not sent because I segment by group membership.

Removing the segmentation should receive the second e-mail to send. Will this cause a problem with other list subscribers who might receive the second email in the workflow?

And why does the form remove the group membership information instead of updating the record? The first login is not done with a mailchimp form, but with another solution (RSForm! Pro for Joomla), which is synchronized with Mailchimp. Could that cause the problem?

WordPress Multisite – How do I import emails from all admins in MailChimp?

The setup is pretty simple:

  • WordPress multisite network
  • 100+ sub-blogs are already running on the network
  • New sub-blogs are being created, which are even expected daily

I still have to find out how it works best automatically Import the e-mail address of everything the admins of the partial blogs in MailChimp. As I outlined above, the network consists of more than 100 sub-blogs, and although I could technically export their admins' emails only to a CSV file to import into MailChimp, I do not like this half-thing. baked approach. Especially considering that I need to know the email address of the administrator and edit it manually everything and everyone newly created subblog on the network.

I do not have much experience with MailChimp, but there is someone responsible for creating and managing the email marketing campaigns. All I need is a bullet proof solution to the above problem.

forms – MailChimp: To collect only the country and not the full address on the landing page

I am trying to create a simple signup page for a mailing list using MailChimp "Landing Pages".

I want the user's country, but I do not want the full address. (It's a pain for a user to enter everything.)

Anyway, except for a custom form that is not automatically merged with the country field of Mailchimp?

E-mail – Will Mailchimp be notified when unsubscribed?

I've had a few acquaintances + clients over the years who have included me in their mailchimp newsletter without my permission, and I could really reduce the number of emails that end up in my inbox.

If I unsubscribe from the newsletter, will they be notified by Mailchimp? I feel like it would only notify them if I had actively subscribed to their newsletter myself, but I thought I assure myself first.